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robert_alexander.jpg (23711 bytes)My biological father, Robert "Skippy"Auburn Alexander, was killed when I was only five years old, February 1961. It was his mother, Mom-Mom, whom I was the closest to. I look more like my father and his side of the family, than I do my mother. I remember when he was alive and I remember when he died. He is in an unmarked grave in North East, Maryland. 


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These are pictures of my Mom-Mom and one picture of Pop-Pop holding my brother Alan. I can still remember all the stories Mom-Mom would tell me. She was a drinker...loved her beer...and she would tell me of the 'Speak Easies' back in the prohibition times. She used to win the 'Charleston dance' contests. I loved her stories and treasure that I still remember them so well. She taught me how to bake bread when I was very young....and now I win blue ribbons for my home-made bread....and I use all the secrets she taught me. I'm going to include that recipe on this site.....




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These pictures are of Billy, one of which was taken when he was in the Marines.


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These are my children...Billy, who was born January 1978, and Bambie, born in June 1981. They are from a previous relationship. These are two pictures of my children's father when we were still together. Both kids are grown and live out on their own in other states.


I used to have pictures of me and my ex-husband in this spot, but since we're not together, OUT with the old, IN with the new. 

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I have a boyfriend and we've been together since 2006. His name is Tom, so, we're TomCatt.

He's going to graduate from Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina in May 2009 and he'll finally have his Ph.D in Chemistry. I'm so proud of him. 

Tom is very active in Martial Arts and recently he was awarded his Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In the picture above Tom is shown with Roberto Traven from his Atlanta, Georgia Academy and Blake Wood, with the Spartanburg Martial Arts. 

Tom also takes Judo classes and works out at the gym regularly. He takes Judo classes in Clemson, SC and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Spartanburg, SC when he's here on weekends.


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And we have two cats....that's right, just two animals. Cecil is like no other cat I've ever had. He's in the first picture. Sad to say, he died on February 14, 2009. I miss him terribly. Be sure to visit his page. 

And Simon is just as his way. He has his own page, too. He's the cat in the middle. We actually call him Va-Vee, which is pronounced like baby, only with V's. 

And we have Oboe, whom we call Bone. He's the newest and youngest. I love that he's solid black, except his white spot under his neck. Bone is also the cat who broke my femur in 2007.  Don't even get me started on THAT nightmare.




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