The Catt Box

'My Doll'




My passion's like

A gilded doll,

Beneath the tissue papers,

Beneath the yellowed linens,

Adorned in sun-dried Capers.


Her tattered frock

Once radiant,

Her raiment now neglect.

Devoid of life within her,

Her countenance reflects.


She rests in arms

Of Morpheus,

She safe-guards all my stories,

My convoluted tales of love,

My secret allegories.


This repertoire

Of erstwhile love,

Safe-kept in dainty lace,

Was taken out today, once more...

From 'neath her hiding place.


Kissing ribbons

Stained with tears,

I breathed my own perfume,

And once again love WAS alive,

And lade the dim-lit room.


I pushed inside,

My yearn denied,

I staved a chance to love.

While you enjoyed the comity,

It's you whom I beloved.


I never said....

And you don't know....

My silent doll won't speak,

She keeps my secrets deep unscathed,

While whispered on her cheek.


My loves of yore's

Cotillion swayed,

I closed my eyes to savor,

I breached the portals of my soul,

My bastioned heart did quaver.


My memories came,

They heaved in sight,

Inviting me to dance...

So, I released forbearance,

Enraptured by the trance.


How long's it been

Since I've caressed?

Imbibed the wine of passion?

So many years since death did come,

And veer my red to ashen.


I come here for

The glimpse of love's

Forbidden rooms of fire,

Where visceral love is salient,

Breathes life into desire.


I dust her off

To reminisce,

And then she's put away,

Into the dainty lace sojourn,

I ache.... I yearn... to stay.


December 27, 2000  Copyright  Cathy Palmer - Scruggs / Catt Alexander