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'My Biography'


This biography isn't about 'pride'....but it's about who I am and where I come from....the good, the bad, and the embarrassing, but it's who I am. 


This is my mother and father. My mother was pregnant with me in this picture. I was born 29 days later.

skippy_and_ethel.jpg (4637 bytes)

My mother and father.

May they both rest in peace.

Mom died March 17, 2005.

I guess I should start where "I" started.....I was born in the small town of Elkton, Maryland in  1956....the first of three children that were to be born of Robert and Ethel. 

In this black and white photo my mom is eight months pregnant with me. I was to be born one month and two days later. She was celebrating her birthday. 

My father's nick-name was Skippy. My name was Catherine or Kathleen....just old_baby_doll.jpg (11105 bytes) the nick-name Cathy. There were several generations of girls with the middle name of Frances.  Anyway, the name 'Cathy' came from my mom's first doll...she had named it Cathy. When I was born, she gave me that name. Through the years I acquired some called me Katrina, Miss Bones (because I was so skinny), and others called me Catt. The name Catt has stuck with me all of my life.

On my mother's side of the family we are Cherokee....from Bladen County North Carolina. We're from the Cherokees with lighter skin, but boy can we tan! My great-great grandfather had to change his name in order to give his family a surname when he married. 

My daddy's side of the family.....I come from a long line of wife-beaters, drug addicts, alcoholics, and boot-leggers. This was the more 'interesting' side of my family. My father was shot and killed while boot-legging whiskey, in Edgewood, Maryland.....I was five years old. He was known as 'The North East Bandit' .He was buried in an unmarked grave in North East, Maryland. So, I guess my mom married the 'bad boy'....much to the horror of her family. 

sewing_box_1.jpg (14905 bytes)sewing_box_2.jpg (13659 bytes)Three weeks before my father was killed my parents had  celebrated their wedding anniversary. I don't know which wedding anniversary they were celebrating...there are conflicting stories and dates and my mom or her side of the family do not talk about anything. Anyway, my father gave my mom a little red and white music / sewing box. Ironically, it played the tune "The Merry Widow Waltz". I have that little sewing box in my possession and I treasure it. 

I was very, very close to my father's side of the spite of their 'colorful' background, they were the most loving people towards me that I knew. Mom-mom taught me so much, in between my hospital stays. I will go into more of that in another section of this site. Mom-mom used to tell me how she got through the 'prohibition' days.....she would drink pure vanilla extract, as a way of getting her 'alcohol'. I loved her stories of her wild youth and all the things she she did them. You couldn't drag anything out of my mom's side of the family....they kept things to themselves and will go to the grave with their secrets. 

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This is a picture of my 'mom-mom' favorite person in the world while growing up. 

I don't need to go into the birth defect on this I won't. There are other sections of my site that explain all of that. But I lived at the Johns Hopkins Children's Hospital for the biggest part of the first five years of my life. No bonding time with the family...and definitely not with my mother.

My mother re-married when I was going on eight years old, to a man only eleven years older than me. My brother Alan was five years old at this time and my parents immediately sent him off to a boy's school...Milton Hershey School For Boys. Back then they only allowed boys to live it's totally different. He spent the next eleven years of his life there, coming home only three times a year. I was very close to my brother. He wanted nothing more than to get to come home and live with us, but my parents wouldn't let him. 

After four years of marriage my parents adopted a little four month old girl....the 'princess' of the family. This really confused my brother and I can understand why. I was very close to my sister Cindy...we were only 14 months apart in age.

I spent nine years of my life living in Perryville, Maryland with some of the most cruel children you could ever imagine. The world was different back then, but the scars I have will last for a lifetime. I went to Perryville High School from the seventh grade to the tenth grade. I had some wonderful friends from there, but not many. Most of the kids were not nice to me at all....or they ignored me. 

Between the hell I went through at home, on a daily basis, and what it was like in school, I was not a happy kid. The last two years of high school were spent in other schools, and the children were totally different towards me. They made my last two years of school my very best. I graduated from Rising Sun High School in 1975. 

john_palmer_1.jpg (15649 bytes)john_and_catt.jpg (22178 bytes)Two weeks after graduation I married John. That marriage lasted only a year. We never had any children together. But John was my first real boyfriend and met when I was 16 years old. We married when I was 19 years old. We were really good friends and should not have married, but he was a very nice anything for anyone and everyone liked him. We were just too young.

Even after our divorce we'd continue to go to dinner to celebrate what WOULD have been our wedding anniversary, which was June 21, 1975. And we'd also go to dinner and celebrate our divorce anniversary, which was October 10, 1977.

He used to come over and drink some beers with my 'then' new husband Leslie Scruggs. This was back in 1985 and 1986.

We stayed good friends right up till I moved down here to South Carolina in 1987. John had remarried and was step father to four boys. He really was happy in his marriage. 

Unfortunately, John Palmer passed away on December 14, 2008 from cancer. 

Rest in peace, John, you were a good man and I was lucky to have known you.

On March 15, 1986 I married Leslie Gerald Scruggs. He was from Spartanburg, SC. He had moved up to Maryland to get a job as an electrician. He moved next door to me. Within six months of meeting each other we were married. A year after we were married we moved down here to Spartanburg, SC. I've been here ever since.

After 17 years of marriage Les announced that he wasn't sure he wanted to be married anymore. Ten months after that he left me. I found out later on that he left me for another woman. Classic.

So, on September 1, 2006 we were finally divorced. I went on with my life. We were separated for a few years and during that time I met and fell in love with Tom Hickman. 

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Tom and I have been together since 2006. 

His name is Tom, I'm Catt, so, we're TomCatt.

He's going to graduate from Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina in May 2009 and he'll finally have his Ph.D in Chemistry. I'm so proud of him. 

Tom is very active in Martial Arts and recently he was awarded his Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In the picture above Tom is shown with Roberto Traven from his Atlanta, Georgia Academy and Blake Wood, with the Spartanburg Martial Arts. 

Tom also takes Judo classes and works out at the gym regularly. He takes Judo classes in Clemson, SC and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Spartanburg, SC when he's here on weekends.

Every night, since Tom lives a little over an hour away from me, he calls me. He NEVER fails to call me, and I love that. He's not the kind of man who will say he'll call, then never does. Every night he calls me and we watch TV and chat together on the phone. Then we spend every weekend together. Tom LOVES to shop, so we spend a lot of time poking around in the stores.

As you can tell, I'm a HUGE, HUGE UFC and MMA fan. That's Ultimate Fight Championship and Mixed Martial Arts for those not familiar with all that. My boyfriend is into martial arts, in particular, Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as I mentioned above.

Among my favorite fighters are Fedor Emelianenko, Matt Hughes, any of the Gracie brothers, Forrest Griffin, Josh Koscheck, Kenny Florian, Josh, Barnett, George St. Pierre, B. J. Penn, Anderson Silva, etc.

Tom and I watch these fights every chance we get, which is every week, almost every night. There's nothing better than a good Saturday night PPV fight, especially when it's a fight with Fedor in it. 

We miss the old Pride fights, but Dana White, the president of UFC, bought it out and then killed it. It doesn't even exist anymore.

Tom and I are NOT fans of Dana White. We no longer watch his fights when they are on PPV (Pay Per View). 

But, Affliction is really giving him a run for his money and hopefully they'll surpass UFC. We'll GLADLY pay to see a PPV for Affliction.

I love music.....I play the organ and piano, and I really love the Hammond B-3 organ with a Leslie speaker. And sing, sing, sing....I love to sing. I haven't played much in the way of musical instruments for awhile, but the voice is always in shape. I used to be in bands off and on through the years, and I really enjoyed that. I can sing a lot of different songs, and can sound like Stevie favorite female singer. 

I listen to a variety of music, but I don't care for rap or R&B at all. I love Fleetwood Mac, StevieNicks, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Metallica , Madonna, Lorena McKennitt, Uriah HeepCarly Simon,U2,Three Dog Night and way too many more to even mention. 

I love documentaries and biographies. I love to learn things that I'm interested in and I stay busy doing something all the time. I like movies that surprise me, not predictable 'fish out of water' movies and slap stick. My mind needs more stimulation than anything that John Malcovich does is stimulating to me! He's among my favorite actors. I am also a big fan of Tommy Lee Jones, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Rodney Grant (favorite Native American actor), Vincent Spano, and Christopher name just a few.

I am a Ford girl to the bone....I love Mustangs and a Ford Galaxy 500. I recently met a woman who has one....the Galaxy 500. I have some mechanics in the family and learned to love a Ford early just can't kill the things. I had a 1986 Ford Taurus, and finally sold it for $100 in 2008....yes, I have hand-controls

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 newtruck7.jpg (55227 bytes) newtruck1.jpg (47959 bytes)

Now I drive a wonderful 1990 Ford Ranger. My boyfriend Tom bought it for me.

I don't drink that very often at all....just a few times a year...I don't get drunk, (well...not any more....I out-grew that stuff) but when I do have a drink, it HAS to be Jack Daniels, straight, with a little water to chase. Never got the taste for beer and I'm allergic to wine. And I'm not one for the mixed drinks. And I do not smoke cigarettes or use recreational drugs....neither does my boyfriend.

I am totally into the space program....NASA...I have to watch every shuttle launch and enjoy watching different things on the live space cams, or different live cams at NASA. I follow the space program pretty well and visited NASA in Florida several years ago. I get choked up and teary eyed with every launch and every landing. And now that I have a computer, I can watch the activities of the space program on the internet...very exciting to me. As I type this I am watching another documentary on the space program....I am addicted to it. 

I also enjoy anything on The Blue Angels and their F18's and anything on aircraft carriers, especially my favorite...the USS Theodore Roosevelt. I had a brother and he got me interested in things that most girls don't care for...but they do fascinate me. I even played Combat, pitched knives, and shot guns when I was growing up. Now I just shoot darts. And I'm good! I use steel tip darts, heavy gram. I also love the Baltimore Orioles and Cal Ripken. I really hated to see him retire.

I really enjoy writing and reading. I used to write poems, but I was very discouraged about writing poems when my poetry book was stolen by a guy I used to make stage clothes for. He really liked a few of my poems and wanted to buy them as lyrics for his songs. I refused. He came over one day to pick up a pair of leather pants I had mended for him and my poetry book disappeared....never to be seen again. I never saw or heard from him again, either. So, I haven't really had my heart into writing poetry. But I do love to write things....short stories, anything like that. I do write poetry sometimes, just not as often as I used to. I also enjoy oil painting and crocheting and other 'artistic' things.

I am currently writing a book. I have kept journals since I was eleven years old and I still write in one every day. I want the world to know that the thing with my legs has been the least of my problems.....the very least. This time it's my turn.....I have a story to tell....and I'm going to tell it!     

As I can think of things that might be of interest to you I'll include it on this page, but this will give you a beginning of who I am.