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Look at Simon's face and 'think it'..... The face of Simon is so innocent. So cute.
And just by looking at him, you'd never know that whenever it rains, he goes down into the basement and finds some type of 'earth worm' and brings it upstairs. He might even bring several upstairs in the course of a single night. He'll eat about half of it, and leave the other half on the kitchen floor. Sometimes we wake up to 'worm parts' in different areas of the kitchen.
Go ahead......look at his little mouth and 'think it'.....he puts worms in his mouth.
...don't even get me started on the horrid beetles he brings up from the bowels of the basement and sets loose in my kitchen so he can play BIG GAME HUNTER.

Simon also never cleans his own butt. 

Simon finds another type of bug, too. There are some real odd looking Spider / Cricket sort of mutations. I have no clue what they are.....but we call them Spickets.....(Spider / Cricket Mutants).
Anyway....Simon will bring these Spicket bug things upstairs. He never eats them, not that we know of, but he brings them upstairs from the basement and leaves them in the kitchen or computer room.
Their legs are usually pretty mangled up, and they are always dead.

Simon brings a variety of things upstairs from the basement....and it's hilarious to see him coming through his pet door with something in his mouth. He even Brings Les' socks back upstairs.
I mean, it's hard enough to get my husband to even take his dirty clothes downstairs.......but the cat will literally bring them back upstairs and put them in the kitchen.
It drives me crazy when I see my husband's socks on the floor and he insists that he DID take them downstairs to the basement, and I know he's right. He can actually get away with blaming it on the cat.

Just think.......somewhere in the world....some teenager or husband is reading this and contemplating on blaming things on the family cat.



If you have a cat, then you know what it's like to change the sheets or set out a clean blanket or a freshly washing 'throw' in the living room. Cats cannot wait to defile the clean blankets or linens. No matter what it is...if it's clean or new, they HAVE to defile it......they HAVE to.


Waiting for daddy. Every day, in at least one of three three different areas of the house, the boys will wait for daddy. They know exactly what time Les is due home, and they'll sit and wait in their designated place du jour.
And when I catch sight of Les' van, I'll yell out to the boys, "Daddy's home! Daddy's home!".....and they'll race to the front door and sit in their designated spots and wait for Les to come in the house.
Simon will take one look at Les' feet and bolt to the basement because he's always been afraid of Les' work boots. I mean, he wears a size 13........
Cecil, on the other hand, wants to attack Les' feet and play with and all.
If Les is out of town or he's working late, they will wait in that one area for about 45 minutes to an hour...either at the door or at the windows.....and they'll look so sad.
If they see another white van on the road, they become alert and start to raise up, until they realize it's not Les' white van....then they ease back down into place and continue to wait.
It would break your heart to watch them....bless their little hearts.


The Paper Snake

Cute, isn't he?
But if you try to touch Cecil when he looks like this, you'll draw back a nub.
There are times when Cecil can't distinguish between 'playing' and 'it moved, I have to kill it'.

Cecil LOVES shredding paper of any kind. He bites and gouges it to pieces. In this picture, he's shredding the paper that came in a box of my ex-husband's new work shoes.
His boots are so huge that I think they should come wrapped and boxed in small wonder Simon is so afraid of's like watching Les walk around with small buildings on his feet.
And as cute as this is, watching Cecil shred the paper, it also works against me. If I've got tissue paper anywhere within his reach, he shreds it. I use tissue paper to wrap my dolls in when I pack them. Cecil knows where I keep the tissue paper and I have to remember to shut the door to that room when I'm finished, or I'll come back to a total mess of shredded paper.


OH NOOOOO! A few years ago, I was mending a tear in a goose-down comforter. I had accidentally snagged the comforter on a nail one day and I finally got around to mending it. I had started to clear away the feathers and I was being as careful as possible. You can imagine the nightmare this would have been if I had to sneeze or cough or breathe wrong. I reached a stopping point and went down to the basement to put in a load of clothes in the washer. Then I made some tea. When I returned to the studio to finish the mending, CECIL WAS SITTING IN THE COMFORTER ON THE LOOSE GOOSE-DOWN FEATHERS.
I was stunned....afraid to move.....and I certainly wasn't going to alarm His Highness. So I got my camera.
I figured that if the worst happened and Cecil went manic on me, this would be the last picture of the last moments of Cecil, and the evidence of what sent me over the edge, before me AND Cecil ended up at the Rainbow Bridge.

Obviously, we lived through that day.
I talked real nice to Cecil and approached him slowly. I picked him up from the millions of feathers and set him on the floor. He began eating the feathers that were falling from his body to the floor. Then I removed Cecil from the room and shut the door so I could finish working.
I go through this same dread and nightmare when working with beads or anything else that Cecil could destroy.


Construction Cat 

Cecil is afraid of nothing. Several years ago, not long after we first got him, My ex husband and I built our deck. Cecil was by our side the entire time. He's not afraid of tools, not even power tools. We've done all the remodeling in our house ourselves and Cecil has never missed a beat. if we wouldn't see him there.


God help you if you've been a 'bad kitty' in THIS house.

Simon, freaking-out Scrooge again.


Long after his death, and for reasons not known to others, the cats of the neighborhood continued to hate Scrooge.


Life in this house, with this cat, is never a dull moment.




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