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Primitive Goth Black Cat Shelf-Sitter!




I was trying to come up with a new idea for a shelf sitter cat the other day. I decided to do one with a more Goth theme. I LOVE black cats and thought this would be fun.

Cecil and Simon were NOT impressed.
They were giving me dirty looks.

They have issues with other cats.


She wasn't like the other cat shelf sitters I had made before.
I named her Black MoonRaven.

I even attached a baby Raven next to her silk black rose tail. Her tail was to be like a magic wand for Black MoonRaven. It was hand-stitched into place.

She was made of muslin and painted black and sanded down for a more 'aged' look.

Then I set MoonRaven upon two wooden spools that had been painted black.
Black MoonRaven stood about 16 inches tall, from her spools to the tip of her black rose tail.

I gave her beautiful yellow cat eyes and nice eyelids. She also has a pinch-stitched nose.
What a beautiful cat she was turning out to be!



I tied a black lace around her neck, as well as a black cord 'pull string' with a pewter bead on the end.

Then, to add a feminine touch to MoonRaven, I added a nice arrangement of black flowers to the front of her body. The larger flower had a cluster of black beads nestled inside.
Also, a black spider seemed to crawl from the black flowers and rest upon her body, so I stitched it into place.
And if you'll notice, she also has a black broom tucked away in the flowers, just in case.

Then I began to tinker with ideas for a pendant or neck charm.....something to 'set off' her entire look. I tried to attach a rusty jingle bell, but it didn't seem to do her any justice. Next I tried a variety of cat charms and other various ornaments. Then I saw a cross pendant neck charm at the bottom of my trinket seemed to be the perfect thing to adorn the neck of MoonRaven.
I attached the charm to the fabric around her neck. It looked GREAT!
If you prefer something else besides this cross pendant I can exchange it, or you can remove it yourself and replace it with another charm

Well, it goes without saying that Simon and Cecil began to tease and torment poor MoonRaven. They kept laughing at her.
The boys teased her about her big puffy muzzle.
They made fun of her collar and her black rose tail.....they even made fun of the fact that she was friends with a baby Raven, considering how cats are supposed to see them as prey.
I've seen this vicious behavior in my 'boys' before. They have a way of making fun of dolls that are 'different'.
Poor little Goth cat.....
...can't have nothin'......

But something seemed to happen when I hung the cross charm on the neck of MoonRaven. I can't explain it, but I felt as though it breathed 'life' into her.

And just for the sake of a little inspiration, I popped in the DVD of Rosemary's Baby. I LOVE that old movie.
The beginning credits began to roll and Mia Farrow did her creepy singing of 'La la la la' to the movie theme song.
I had to laugh as I began to think that this shelf sitter would have been the perfect 'toy' to have in the nursery of Rosemary's Baby.

I decided to begin work on MoonRaven's story. I thought it would be a great idea to make the baby Raven into her 'friend'.....a bird that whispered spells and charms into the ear of MoonRaven.

As I looked behind me, I saw that Simon and Cecil were continuing their taunting and teasing. This inspired me to give the little baby Raven a rhyme to recite to Black MoonRaven in the story.....a rhyme that would cast a spell on 'the boys'....just for fun.

Laughing Simon!
While you tease,
I can make your laughing FREEZE!

Silly Cecil,
While you play,
I can keep your face that way!

As soon as I typed that 'charm', the black rose tail on Black MoonRaven seemed to move. It also looked as though the baby Raven was communicating telepathically with her.
I turned around to look at 'the boys' because they made a strange sound, and I couldn't believe my eyes!

Poor Simon's mouth had been frozen open....he couldn't close his laughing mouth.
How horrible!!!
And Cecil's face was frozen in the same silly face he was making as he tormented Black MoonRaven!

It was then that I realized that Black MoonRaven was more than an ordinary shelf sitter.
Each little thing that I did in order to create Black MoonRaven was innocent. But when I combined everything into one shelf sitter, a power was born that I hadn't anticipated.
I need to find a new home for her before things get out of hand here.

But here's a warning, DO NOT write little poems and charms for Black MoonRaven.
Refraining from poetry seems to be the only way to harness her mysterious powers.

I wonder how the charms would work if they were written for things like scratch-off tickets, bingo, and the lottery?...perhaps love or revenge...... la la la la la la la la la la la laaaaaaaaa.....


Copyright October 2, 2003 and December 28, 2003 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


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