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I do NOT know where anyone can buy a monkey. 

I do not answer the letters from those who write and ask me this question. I can't help you.

I couldn't begin to tell you of all the pets I've ever had. At one point, my ex-husband and I had an eight acre farm...but that's another story. I can tell you about my, I don't have them anymore, but I would like to have monkeys again. 

I'm a 'primate / feline / reptile' kind of a person. Several years ago I had to find new homes for my monkeys...I had to simplify my life, at that time. I had four monkeys. Things are back to normal with me now, and I'd love to get a monkey back into my life. 

Back when I was a very young girl, I used to love to look at the ads in the back of my Aunt Carolyn's True Confession magazines. They had ads for little Squirrel Monkeys and you could buy them for $19.95. Ahhh....those were the, those same type of monkeys go for an average of about $1,500...and up. 

Anyway, I can remember that my Mom-Mom would talk to me about them. She knew that I wanted one more than anything in this world. So, she helped me to save some money for one. I began to save pennies and loose change in an old metal Band-Aid box. 

Well, I don't remember how much money I actually had, but my Aunt Carolyn stole my money and that ended my dream. 

But Mom-Mom and I still talked as though I were going to have a Squirrel Monkey some day. We even thought of a name....Squeaky......

Flash forward a few the year 1989, I was reading the 'want ads' of our local newspaper and saw an ad for a Squirrel Monkey and cage for $500....and I was so excited. I knew I was going to buy that monkey, and I did. 

I named her Squeaky, right away....and I even cried. This was more than just a dream come true for me......this was a fulfillment of something that me and my very favorite grandmother had talked about...and now I was actually seeing it all come true.

These first few pictures are of my first monkey, 'Squeaky'.....the pictures give you an idea of the size of Squirrel Monkeys..


squeaky_herself.jpg (13409 bytes) me_and_the_squeak.jpg (21097 bytes) squeak_and_the_cat.jpg (22122 bytes) les_me_and_the_pets.jpg (22859 bytes)

It took some time for me and Squeaky to bond, but we did. Monkeys are very attached to their owners and we needed time for her to get used to me. Once she did bond with me, it was finalized.....I was her favorite human. She was insanely jealous of my ex-husband and anyone else who attempted to get near me. 

My second monkey was a male, 'Spanky'. He was so unusual...hated to get his hands wet or dirty, and soaked everything in his water dish....including his toys and cotton candy. 

Then we got a monkey on loan from Hollywild Animal Park. I baby-sat her for a couple of  years. Her name was Crazy Eddie, for obvious reasons...doesn't she look like Eddie Munster? She had not been handled by humans before and I totally trained her. She was also very attached to me and I was the only one who could touch her.

At last, a baby was born to Squeak, my first monkey. She was pregnant for six months and the birth was very quick. We named the baby boy 'Jo-Jo'.

It was amazing to me how all of the monkeys pitched in to help 'raise' Jo-Jo....though Squeaky was the mom, the other female, Crazy Eddie, would also step in and help 'mother' him. I had no idea how 'maternal' the females would be....Jo-Jo had two moms. 

I learned a lot by watching all of them interact. I even saw the father, Spanky, play with Jo-Jo, much like a father plays with his boy.  The monkeys were very protective of the baby....especially the girls...but Spanky was very protective, as well, though he was more competitive when it came to food. What surprised me was that Squeaky shared her baby with me, as well. I never expected that, but she trusted me with him completely. They were such an interesting community...a little family.


spanky_himself.jpg (27731 bytes) the_girls_eddie_and_squeak.jpg (23217 bytes) eddie_scratching_back.jpg (38971 bytes)

jo-jo_hitches_a_ride.jpg (27292 bytes) traveling_monkeys.jpg (25577 bytes)

beauty_and_the_beast.jpg (30016 bytes) in_the_lamp.jpg (40695 bytes)     


All of the monkeys got along wonderfully. They loved me to death, and were very jealous of ex-husband was attacked more times than he cares to remember, just for kissing me good-bye in the mornings or sitting too close to me in the living room. If the monkeys were out of their cage you couldn't get near me...they would even attack if you laughed too loud, so I couldn't let them out when we had company. I have lots of great monkey stories and unusual things they did. I wish I could tell you everything on this page.

But I can tell you this, if you are thinking of getting a monkey, remember, they require a lot of attention, they demand it. They can become very depressed if they don't get the proper attention. We'd even take out monkeys with us when I would go visit my parents, more than 500 miles away, as it was less stressful for them to go with us than to leave them at home with a sitter. 

Also, monkeys don't like children real well. Monkeys take 'eye contact' and shrill voices and sounds as acts of aggression and children do those things. So, if you're thinking of getting small children a monkey as a pet, it might not be such a good idea......monkeys will and do bite, viciously.