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Primitive Gaggle Of Misfit Dolls!


"Catt's Raggedy Misfits"


At this time I won't be repeating these dolls.

In spite of yet another Raggedy sacrilege, here's The Catt's Collection Of Raggedy Misfits. These were the dolls that never made it to an auction listing, before now.
Some are dead, some are evil, and some are just 'odd'.
....special thanks to all the Raggedy Ann lovers who have written and who totally see the HUMOR in my Raggedy dolls, and don't have a melt-down......OVER MY DOLLS.


Just look at this passel of 12 misfit dolls..... a chorus line of disturbed dolls. They look like rejects from the animated movie "Toy Story", or a crowd of angry villagers.
After cleaning out the studio and digging to the bottom of bags and drawers, I've decided to present the ne're do wells.....
They are each about 13 inches tall, with the exception of one.
We'll get to that one later.

By the way, I just made these dolls recently. I'm pretending they were made long's just some creative liberties I'm taking for the story.

The first sad doll in this unique collection is Raggedy Burn. She was the tragic result of a terrible space heater incident.
This is what happens when dolls are left unattended in front of a space heater to dry. She is now more than 'grunged'.
She's also dead.

Next we have the Headless Raggedy. It all started when I made a Lizzie Borden doll. As soon as I stitched the hatchet into her hand and set her aside, she began to wield it against my smaller dolls. I understood that heads were gonna roll, so I had to forget the Lizzie Borden doll idea.
I placed the Headless Raggedy in a bag, hidden away from the rest of the dolls. Lizzy was destroyed and I never told the other dolls of the dangers in which they had been spared.

Presenting....Inharmonious Raggedy. This is a very sad tale. I had been experimenting with updating the traditional Raggedy Ann doll.
It didn't work out too well.
She ended up with green hair, and blue and white 'ticking' legs, instead of red and white. Her mouth was crooked and her button eyes were totally wrong.
I couldn't find a good use for her. The other dolls ostracized her into hiding in the back of the closet.
Well, she's out now.

Now we see the angelic Host Of Heaven Raggedy.
I have no clue where she came from or how she got into my house.

The Raggedy Voodoo. This is a spooky version of Raggedy Ann. A few of my dolls had been fighting and jealousy was running rampant. The next thing I know, a 20 inch Voodoo Raggedy was made.
Seven of my favorite dolls died on the spot, one went up in flames by spontaneous combustion, and two dolls STILL scream every time I try to finish them. I can't touch them with a needle.
This is a powerful doll and should be kept away from other dolls.

And this one is Raggedy Hell. You just KNOW that this is the force behind all the evil my dolls exhibit. She is a red devil-doll with a devil tail, 'flaming' devil hair, and a ceramic devil bead on her dress.
I think Raggedy Hell is in league with Raggedy Voodoo.
Keep those two separated, if you can.

And now we see Raggedy Lamb. This doll must have been made during my Franken-Catt phase.
What an abomination!
What a complete perversion of all that is natural in the doll world..... a lamb's head on a Raggedy's body!
What was I THINKING?
Perhaps I was going for that Anubis thing.... who knows?

Next we see Raggedy Bland. This is another sad tale of yet another dead doll. I made her too plain...too bland. She had no personality, no character, no 'life'. Even her facial features were the same color as everything else on her body.
In her despair she eventually committed Ragicide with a noose.

And now we have Raggedy Deceased. She has gone to that big stuffing bag up in the sky....the big rag-drawer.....
She's deprived of life, gone the way of all 'muslin', gone to her reward, (can't really say she's gone to meet her maker...), she's out of her misery, gone to a better place, she's with the saints, beneath the sod, numbered with the dead, bereft of life, asleep in the Lord, resting in peace, gone to glory, she's bought the farm, kicked the bucket, dead as a doornail, done for, gone west, snuffed out, erased, gone home in a box, pushing up daisies, put to bed with a shovel, grounded for good, gone the way of the worm, and washed up.
Totally dead.

We also have Gothic Raggedy.....the depressed one. She's a bit more pale, compared to the other dolls. She was supposed to go with a Goth doll that I was making last year, but she didn't make it. A last minute creativity change rendered her useless in the doll world.
Her silence scares the other dolls.

And no doll collection would be complete without a Punk Raggedy doll with a safety pin in her nose.
What can I say, some dolls really enjoy the needles and pins and razor blades.
Like the small razor blade charm beneath her neck.

Finally, we have Politically Incorrect Raggedy.
Her tiny braids have little watermelon buttons tied into them.
You can only imagine the controversy that would have been raised if this doll had ever made it to auction.

I'm sure you can find a good home for these Raga-Muffins. They deserve to be proudly displayed, in spite of how 'odd' they are.
They can't help it.
It's not their fault.


Copyright February 1, 2004 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander

A special thanks to Julie!

A super special thanks to eBay seller imosh for the inverted cross and razor blade charms.


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