The Catt Box

Miscellaneous Things!


Sunday morning fun with 'the boys'.




Cecil loves to lay in my big mixing bowls on sunny days.


Simon never lays in that particular bowl.




Cecil's head is burred-up. Cecil loves having his head scratched. While scratching his head, I'm really messing his hair up.....making it 'burr up' in the back. Then I laugh at him. Cecil totally likes laughter.


See how Cecil laughs?



Back in April of 2000, we took a few pictures of Cecil and Simon sleeping together. Cecil was very maternal, and he still is. He mothered Simon as soon as we brought him home.


We knew right from the beginning that there was something very 'odd' about Cecil. We'd often find him sleeping in his litter box, or digging his 'pencils' out and batting them all over the house. No matter how many toys we provided for him, he always returned to the catbox for his entertainment.



Spoiled. I know, we spoil our boys rotten. They have their own lounge chair.


Forbidden Furniture. Cecil's favorite game is Forbidden Furniture. He will sit or lay on forbidden furniture and just beg you to yell at him or try to make him leave the forbidden furniture. I've never seen a cat so bent on upsetting people in my life. He is constantly pushing the envelope. He's a drama junkie.


For the love of GOD........WHY????


Cursor Boy. As a kitten, Simon discovers the cursor. He still does this.


More fun on Sunday morning.



Dutch-Rubbing. Cecil loves to have his head Dutch-Rubbed. He'll sit for as long as you want to do it, too.



If his back feet are open, he has to tend to them. That's right, it's a cat rule. If you take your finger and open Cecil's back toes, he automatically thinks he's grooming and that it's time to tend to his feet. He does it every time.


Simon does not observe this cat rule.


Simon has big puppy feet.


We never told Simon how close he was to the Shop-Vac when this picture was taken, bless his heart.
See Simon's innocent face?
See the Shop-Vac hose?
(shaking my head)


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