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What if Mary Poppins had a darker side to her?
What if I told you that the REAL story behind the flying nanny was kept from the public?
What if I told you that Disney was afraid of frightening children, so Mary Gothins was a well guarded secret?
Well, at long last, the story can be told.


The year was 1913....a very 'lucky' year for the Blank family. They were drab and plain and... well, BLANK.
They needed some excitement.
They needed some Goth in their lives.
What they got was.......

It all started with the Blank family's need for a nanny. Father Blank was busy with his work. Mother Blank was in rehab for vanilla extract abuse, and the children were very over-indulged to compensate for their parent's busy lives.

Father Blank ran an ad in the local newspaper for a semi-strict nanny. The children read the ad and decided to write their OWN ad.
They didn't want a strict nanny.
They wanted someone who was interesting, not too religious, and not too 'puffy'.

You might be asking yourself what 'puffy' is. Let me explain.
The Blank children, as well as myself, call 'safe' things 'puffy'. You know, things like forest animals riding bicycles while wearing Victorian hats with puffy cheeks and banners with daily affirmations written upon them. *gag*
Or little chubby cheeked children doing pretty much the same thing.
Puffy. Safe. Cutesy. Cartoonish.
The Blank children were bored with puffy.

So, the children wrote their 'nanny wishes' upon some parchment paper. They left the paper out in plain view so that God, or Fairies, Goddesses, or Goblins would find their request and grant them their wish.
The children weren't particularly religious, but they wanted to cover all their bases, just in case.
Father Blank saw the request and lit the paper on fire. The paper fragments and smoke disappeared up into the chimney.
The children ran outside to watch the paper fall from the top of the chimney like snow.
But, instead of white paper, the paper was as black as soot and looked just like the background of this auction. And a spec of black paper floated down, down, down...and the closer to the earth it came, the bigger it grew.





Suddenly, a bright red umbrella appeared and the black spec floated down and turned into a woman....a woman who was 39 inches tall from the bottom of her feet to the top of her beautiful handmade black satin hat.



There were tall plumes of feathers standing up from the back of the hat. And there were long pieces of silk illusion black netting hanging down the back of her dress. And inside of the top of the hat were many black flowers.



Without so much as a smile the woman gazed upon the children with her ice blue eyes. Her black hair nearly hid her eyes, but she liked it like that.



The Blank children could merely stand in astonishment and stare at the entity before them.
She introduced herself to them as Mary Gothins.
They took a step back, frightened, yet intrigued.




She had wicked-cool little real bone skulls on the front of her fully lined black satin jacket. And she even had skulls on the inside area of her Leg-O-Mutton sleeves.
Or, as I like to call them, Lizzie Borden sleeves.



The children's eyes looked down at her matching black satin skirt with the red satin pleats. She was certainly well co-ordinated.



A slight gust of wind caught Mary Gothin's skirt and blew it up enough to reveal her shapely legs with the 'bat' theme nylons. And look! She was wearing an adorable pair of black Patent Leather Mary Jane shoes.
She used to have pointed shoes that seemed to jut straight out like Witch shoes, but Teresa, a little girl she used to know, was freaked out by those shoes and wouldn't come near her.



As Mary Gothins bent down to set her black suitcase at her feet, the children caught sight of Mary's black enamel cross that rested on the Jabot on her red satin blouse.
She assured them that it was very GOTH and not necessarily a sign that she was overly religious.



And wow....what a nice zippered suitcase! It was black with red trim, just like her outfit.
Inside the suitcase is a round tin of Blueberry tea bags.
And the suitcase also had a small black luggage tag with Mary Gothin's name.



The Blank children were a little creeped out by her purse, though. It had a tiny little metal spider on the front.


Mary Gothins introduced the Blank family to a whole new way of life. For one thing, they all learned better eye-lining techniques. They also listened to Gregorian Chants for hours.
Mary also schooled the entire family in Humanistic, Historical, and Ecclesiastical Sciences.
They also became vegetarian.


Mary Gothins also sang songs to the children, but they were slow, dark....foreboding.
And whenever the children had to take medicine, Mary Gothins would let them chase the medicine with a spoonful of sugar.

Why? Because she knew that in 20 minutes the children would crash from their sugar-high and go right off to sleep.

Mary Gothins also had a friend that was a chimney sweeper. She liked guys with dark, black, Gothic jobs. They liked to sing and 'soot' themselves.

The entire Blank family fell under the enchanting spell of Mary Gothins. Mr. Blank spent less time at work and more time brooding and reflecting on reality and not just his money. Mrs. Blank was soon released from rehab but quickly developed a sugar addiction from all the children's 'medicine' she enjoyed.
The children no longer lived as indulged brats.

As I've stated before...never underestimate the power of GOTH.


Copyright January 7, 2005 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


Another super special thanks to eBay seller imosh for the tiny metal spider on the purse.



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