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Primitive Malice In Wonderland Doll!





There once was a little girl named Malice. She was mean and ornery and always caused trouble wherever she went.
Needless to say, Malice spent a lot of time in her bedroom because she was constantly being sent to her room for bad behavior.

One day, when Malice was being punished, she entered her bedroom and found a strange doll on her bed. It was a black cat doll, about 7 inches tall, and it was grinning wickedly. It was made of painted and sanded fabric. She was frightened of it and she tossed it across the room, hitting her big wicker mirror.
Oddly, the cat doll disappeared into the mirror!
Malice had never seen anything like that before. She went to the mirror and as she touched it, her hand went right through the glass. Suddenly, something grabbed her hand and pulled her through to the other side.

The first thing she saw was that same black cat doll.
And it spoke to her!!

The black cat doll introduced himself to her as Nevar. Then he said he had a riddle for her to answer and that if she ever wanted to see her home again she needed to find the answer to the riddle. He also told her to pay keen attention to everything...........that everything's of pertinence.

But before Malice could utter a word, she saw a Raven and he was flying straight towards her. And as she went to scream, the Raven dropped a magic Psilocybe mushroom into her mouth.
She swallowed it with a surprised gulp. And as the Raven flew around her head, he kept saying, "Food for thought! Food for thought! Find the answer to the riddle through the mind of a shroom!"

Malice immediately began to feel the affect of the mushroom. At first it was horribly scary and she saw frightening things. But that soon passed and then she was merely feeling mellow and calm.
Her eyes began to feel tired and heavy and she blinked very slowly. When her eyes opened again she found herself in a strange place.
The entire room looked like it was an M.C. Escher drawing, with impossible angles and climbs and optical illusions.

She recognized nothing, except for Nevar... that little black grinning cat. But just then, she recognized something else......the black Raven that gave her the mushroom. He was now affixed onto the front of her pinafore.

Malice looked back up at Nevar was then that he asked her if she was ready to hear the riddle. She said that she was ready and then he began to recite the riddle to her....
"Why is a Raven like a writing desk?"
Nevar began to laugh through his teeth. It was a sinister laugh, and Malice wasn't sure she could ever trust him.
But he did reassure her that the key to going home would be to solve the riddle, and that in some way, he could possibly help her.

Malice took hold of Nevar and vowed to never let him out of her sight.

Malice began to notice other changes in herself. She now stood only 27 inches tall, and she was wearing a very full-skirted blue floral print dress. Covering her dress was a heavily stained pinafore with frilly sleeves.

As she stepped forward, she heard the clicking of her shoes. When she entered this strange place, she was bare-footed. But now she was wearing little black Patent Leather shoes with tiny socks.

Suddenly, Malice looked down at her pinafore and she saw a little gray Dormouse!
And then he spoke to her...."Be careful of the Black Army Ants. Eat another mushroom, you have plenty.......feed your head and discover the map to your home."

Just then, as if THAT wasn't strange enough, the Black Army Ants arrived and climbed up to rest on the lower section of her pinafore.
"We're here to feed the Raven."......they said in their high-pitched voices.

But why did she need to be careful of them, she wondered?
The Dormouse seemed to know what she was thinking and he responded, "If you chase away the Black Army Ants, the Raven can't eat them. If the Raven can't eat, the Raven dies, and so does your clue to going home. This could be a long journey.....feed your head again."

Then there was music........softly at first.....a snare drum.......then a base was a familiar song.....White Rabbit, by Jefferson Airplane. It grew louder and louder.
The words in the song were coming to life!
A huge black and white floor appeared beneath her feet, and a white knight chess piece jumped up and attached himself to her pinafore.
And he really WAS talking backwards!


Malice began to feel her right arm grow heavy. She looked down and found a wooden, distressed bucket with a twine handle in her hand.

There it was....the words of the White Rabbit song, lived out in her wooden container. She saw the White Rabbit himself....but he was dead. He was nothing more than a useless, lifeless toy.

Surrounding the White Rabbit were lots of magic mushrooms. The Dormouse beckoned her to eat another mushroom, to feed her she did.

There were all the cards.....including the Red Queen Of Hearts, the King Of Hearts, and even the Knave. The Two, Five, and Seven of Spades were in-between them all, as they were in trouble and being guarded.


The slightest puff of smoke was coming up from the wooden container and then Malice saw him.......the infamous Hooka smoking Caterpillar.
He had a very "high" look to his face and he was toking on his Hooka. He was made of Terra Cotta.

The metal Hooka was sitting on top of one of the many mushrooms in the container. And sitting beside the Hooka was a glass Lady Bug and a small skull.

The Lady Bug was a symbol of all things nice and pleasant.

The skull was a direct symbol of the dangers that are ever-present, even in the nicest of things.


And all of these things were sitting upon a black and white checked tablecloth.......which, in reality, was the black and white chess-board floor that had been rolled up and placed into the bottom of the wooden container.
The floor / tablecloth symbolized the basis of all things......the foundation........the thing upon which all other things rest.

The journey was becoming long. Malice looked down and saw that only three Black Army Ants were left on her pinafore. The Dormouse spoke again......encouraging her to feed her head.
The song White Rabbit was playing over and over again.........

Sure enough, as the opening words to White Rabbit were being sung, the pill vials began to appear on the outside of the wooden container.

The first vial held the pills that make you Larger.

The second vial held the pills that make you Small.

And the third vial held the pills mother gave her........they Don't Do Anything At All.


As Malice was looking at the glass vials of pills, she heard an argument....
"I bet she's smart enough to take the pills."
"No, no, I bet she's dumb enough to take the pills."
"You're wrong, if she was smart, she'd take the pills to see how dumb it all is."
"No, YOU'RE wrong, if she was dumb enough, she'd take the pills to see that it wasn't a very smart thing to do."

They were the Tweedle Brothers........TweedleEric and TweedleLes.......two of the dumbest people in all of this Wonderland. They were constantly arguing about things, and they had no clue how much they sounded alike, no matter what they were saying.
With the Tweedle Brothers it was like having six of one thing and half a dozen of another. The never-ending circle of the TweedleNightMare.
Malice didn't even bother trying to have a conversation with her eyes, they were totally clueless and would be of absolutely no help to her at all in getting back to a normal life.

Just then, the White Knight chess piece began to talk to her again, this time it was telling her to go back to the mirror. However, the only way she could get there was to be 'led' there by the other chess pieces. They had to tell her which way to go.

When Malice finally found the mirror again, she paused to look at her appearance. She still had her long blonde wool 'roving' hair, with the stained blue ribbon tied on top of her head.
She also observed her heavy eyelids over her matching button eyes. Her mouth, the red potpourri flower, was turned up in a scowl, just like normal.

After all, tripping or not tripping, she had ALWAYS been a bad little girl.
But she at least had some color in her cheeks.
The mushrooms probably raised her blood pressure.

Just then, while looking into the mirror at herself, the Raven flew from his resting area on her pinafore and he was screeching. And as the White Knight chess piece was talking backwards, she noticed that in the reflection in the mirror, all the words came out the right way.
They began to make sense to her!
And all spoken words were appearing upon the glass of the mirror in written sentences.

She wanted to call this to the attention to Nevar, the grinning cat. And as she spoke his name out loud, it appeared on the mirror......Nevar, spelled backwards is.....


Malice began to think out loud....."Who knew? Nevar is Raven! And I was wearing a Raven on my pinafore. What does this mean?"

Suddenly, Nevar blurted out, "E.O.P.......E.O.P.........E.O.P....Everything Of Pertinence."

Malice knew that all the words that Nevar spoke out loud would be on the mirror, and she looked up and saw the letters E.O.P.........but backwards, they spelled....


She began to put the clues together......remembering Nevar's words of Everything Of Pertinence.......that all things would be appropriate, relevant.........that there would somehow be a connection of all these things.


Malice began to think of the riddle again.....
"Why is a Raven like a writing desk?"
During this strange wonderland journey, she had two experiences with Ravens........Nevar and the Raven on her pinafore. And then there was the cryptic message that Nevar was saying to her......E.O.P.........
Yet, in the mirror, E.O.P. spelled P.O.E.........

"I've got it!", exclaimed Malice.......
"POE........Edgar Allan Poe.......Why is a Raven like a writing desk?......


Poe wrote on a writing desk AND he wrote on Ravens........."


Just then, the grinning cat said, in a low voice, "Quoth the Raven, Nevarmore......."
And Nevar let loose a sinister laugh through his teeth.

Malice closed her eyes tightly, wanting to wake up from this strange nightmare.......either that, or she could take another mushroom and ride it out a bit longer......but this was all getting to be a bit overwhelming.

When she opened her eyes slowly, she found herself back in her own bedroom again......holding onto that strange grinning cat.
Suddenly, a huge storm began to build. Malice looked outside and saw a massive tornado. She grabbed her grinning cat and her little dog and.......
No wait..........that's ANOTHER doll and ANOTHER story for some OTHER time....

Oh, and just in case you are wondering... NO, I do NOT take recreational drugs, I don't drink, and I don't even smoke cigarettes.
The strongest thing I drink is tea......and I do that every day with the Mad Hatter.


Copyright April 20, 2003 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander



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