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Introducing: The Witch's Coffin of Seven Charming Love Spells!

This delightful kit comes to you in a black cardboard coffin shaped box. 

Here's a view of the inside of the coffin, once the lid is removed. There's some Victorian wrapping paper protecting all the goodies inside.

Inside this coffin there's most of the items needed for 7 easy love spells. There are a few items you need to provide yourself, but they are very simple, common items. I have provided most of them for you.

And here are the items for the spells!

A closer look reveals several candles in the preferred colors. There's also a black wooden needle box, a black candle stick holder, various rose petals in pink and black, a few bay leaves, and some ribbons.

In this picture you can see Cinnamon stick, a red ballpoint pen, more candles, a sachet of Bath Salts, and more items you'll need for these spells. You can also see a scroll of all 7 spells and their directions.

These spells would be great for yourself, or for a friend. The spell kit makes a nice gift, or even as a conversation piece. 


Copyright August 21, 2008 Catt Alexander

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