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Little Bo Creep was so upset. Her sheep had gone missing yet AGAIN.
What was WRONG with them?

I'll tell you exactly what was wrong with them.
They were followers.
They weren't just sheep, they were sheeple.
(you know, people who follow others blindly like sheep with no mind of their own)
They loved taking the road most traveled, staying on the beaten path, and doing all things necessary in order to be approved by the masses.
Little Bo Creep gagged at the thought

I mean, Little Bo Creep would take them into the meadow and before she knew it the entire herd would disappear....vanish.
After diligent searching the sheep could be found in local coffee shops. Some of them had acquired cell phones and had begun trading stock and discussing track housing and hunter green vehicles.
What a mess!



One day Little Bo Creep got an idea. She'd make them more like HER.
You see, Little Bo Creep was different than the other shepherdesses. They wore bright pastels and lots of yellow with tons of frills and lace.
Little Bo Creep didn't follow the norm.

Bo Creep LOVED wearing black clothes. Her favorite dress was made of black Moiré Taffeta for the under skirting and black Satin for the upper skirting and sleeves. And her underskirt had beautiful lace and black Satin trim along the hemline.


There were black tassels and black lace and black leather elbow-length gloves. And the beautiful Satin sleeves were dripping with more beautiful black lace.
Her waist was squeezed into a leather bodice and laced with black Satin ribbon.
And even the neckline of the dress was adorned with black hand-crochet trim.


Under the dress was a pair of black bloomers with Satin bows. And wow....those shapely legs. They were covered with spider web lace with red spiders. And she wore black Mary Jane shoes.


And that face!
Little Bo Creep had the prettiest green eyes in the land. Her thick black hair was piled up on top of her head and secured with a black Satin ribbon. Her black lips rarely smiled.


Bo Creep also wore a beautiful cross chocker around her neck.


Little Bo Creep knew how the town folks thought of her. They shrank back and avoided all contact. They were frightened of how different she looked from everyone else.


Then, one day, when the sheep were returning from another yuppie-fest, Little Bo Creep hypnotized them with her dangling ornate cross. They fell deep into her spell.
They would...they were always so easily swayed.


Once she had the sheep right where she wanted them she did her handy work.
She dyed all the sheep's wool black. Then she replaced their eyes with wooden buttons so they could no longer blindly follow anyone. (excuse the pun)
Then she dressed the sheep in the best Gothic frilly dresses she could find. Then she 'marked' the sheep as her own by placing a small metal cross around their necks.
They were so Goth!

Little Bo Creep stood tall.....about 29 inches tall, including her hair....and she proudly paraded her blind button-eyed Goth sheep everywhere.
She never had problems with the sheep wandering off with the yuppies again.

Little Bo Creep Has Gothed her sheep,
And no one can understand it.

Leave us alone,
'Cause we're not clones,
Stop treating us all like bandits.


Copyright © February 19, 2005 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander

A super special thanks to eBay seller imosh for the large cross pendant.

Also, big hugs and very special thanks to Tracey for the inspiration to make this doll, and to Whisper, Elizalouwho, and to Amy.



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