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'A Lady, A Snake, And The Color Yellow'

I dreamt I was homeless. I was suddenly homeless and it was a shock to me even in my dream. I was wondering the streets of Havre de Grace, Maryland and all that I had in this world were the clothes I was wearing. I walked past a row of small homes when I came upon the house of an old woman. It seems that I had heard of her from somewhere and that she was very old, very nice, lived alone, and would help me.

I went up onto her front was narrow, crowded with junk and old newspapers, and I could smell that she had a lot of animals. Cat spray...I believe that it was a strong odor of cat spray.

She came to the door and I started a conversation with her. I finally came right out and asked her if I could stay there with her for a while, that I had no home. She agreed and then said that she'd fix some supper. While she did that I looked at her crowded, tiny house. There were doilies everywhere, old carpeting, tons of old home-made, miss-matched pillows, tacky little crocheted crafts, and most of everything she had was yellow...many different shades of yellow.

Dinner was finally finished. I don't think she talked too much. She had fixed fried chicken legs, with the feet still intact, baked potatoes, and green beans. The table was very small and had a yellow floral table cloth on it with stains everywhere. I was sitting near the sink and I was pushed so far back up against it that I remember feeling the coldness of the sink across my back.

I small talked awhile and then asked her if I could use her phone. She very sweetly explained to me, in a frail voice, that several men had robbed her of her phone a few months back, at gun point.

I went to walk back into the living room out of the corner of my eye I saw something was a huge snake, and it was yellow, too, and he looked like he was ready to attack me. But, before he could, he vomited up the woman's phone, which was yellow, and then he turned into a pencil.

I felt something move on was my belly...I suddenly looked to be about five months pregnant. Then people appeared out of no-where and they were telling me that I was going to have a baby boy and that it's legs were perfect. I didn't know what to think. I didn't know how I came to be pregnant or who could have gotten me this way.

Just then, a black female cat came and laid down beside me. She went into labor, only, SHE was having my baby boy FOR me. While laying on her side, out popped a little white boy kitten with just a little black hair on his chin. And I remember feeling so happy that it was no longer my baby. I wasn't pregnant anymore. I was glad because I didn't want to have a baby. I cried out of joy and relief.

I know, I know....


February 2, 1998 Copyright Cathy Palmer - Scruggs / Catt Alexander



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