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Primitive Victorian Ice-Skater Doll!


"Mary CranBerry"



It's just about wintertime and we all can get a case of the 'blues' now and then.
And it's no different with cats.
My 'boys' (the cats) were bored and had the blues one day. They had been sitting at the window yawning and staring out at the snow.
Suddenly, they saw a figure walking towards the house. She paused at the window and waved at them. They were 'taken' by this act of friendliness and begged me to let her in.
So I did.

She introduced herself as Mary CranBerry......the Victorian Ice-Skating Girl of Winter. The cats were delighted with her. They explained how bored and blue they had been lately. She told them that she was there to cure that situation.
Mary CranBerry said that her job was to visit the homes of people with 'the blues' and to help them to have fun.
Cecil and Simon were thrilled!

Mary CranBerry said that the first thing on her list of 'fun things to do in the winter' was to go out and skate on a frozen pond.......'the boys' were excited and couldn't wait to try out this winter sport.
They had never been outside before.....never been cold, never felt ice, never skated.
This was going to be good. I ran and got my camera.......I had to see this.

Mary CranBerry coached the cats on safety and then they headed out to the pond.
Mary CranBerry was dressed in her authentic vintage Cranberry wool coat / dress, with her sleeves tied down with black 1/4 inch ribbon.
Her coat / dress was made from an old 1940's wool coat.


She was dressed so warmly, right down to her black gloves. And under her coat / dress were her black pantaloons and her black petticoat with the pink cotton eyelet trim that had been hand-stitched into place.

At 27 inches tall, she stood as a very proper well-dressed Victorian Girl. Her coat / dress had a real mink fur collar that fit snuggly around her neck. The mink had come from the same old 1940's coat.


And on the mink collar there was a beautiful old earring.

Mary CranBerry's face was so pure looking, with those rosy cheeks. She had blonde 'wool roving' hair that was put up into a bun and tucked neatly under her black hat. Her antique button eyes would sparkle as she looked at the snow. She loved the snow.

Her lips were made of a red potpourri flower, and her nose was small and sculpted with pinch-stitching.

Mary CranBerry's black hat was adorned with a nice metal cluster of grapes with leaves, and a black ribbon on the side of the hat. And tucked into the black ribbon was a dainty sprig of holly leaves and berries. (the holly leaves and berries can be easily removed, if you don't want them)

She adjusted her real mink fur muff, with the black ribbon strap, and motioned for the boys to follow her out into the wonderful winter wonderland that awaited them.

She also made sure her ice-skates were laced and ready to go.


Cecil was quick to rush outside.....he loved the snow. Simon was hesitant and offended by the snow, but eventually gave in and joined Cecil and Mary CranBerry.

The three of them scampered out into the great outdoors........Mary CranBerry, Cecil, and Simon.
From where I was standing, I could see their warm breath as it met the cold air. I could also see that it stunned 'the boys' a little. They were not used to this cold feeling.

They ran down to the frozen pond and Mary CranBerry stood along the sidelines and told the boys to 'go for it'.
Mary CranBerry was already wearing her ice skates.
The cats knew NOT what they were getting into.

Off they went.........Cecil and Simon hit that ice with their two back feet and you should have seen them.
They freaked.

The little pansies were all over the place, barely keeping their balance, and they were screaming like girl-cats.

They began begging for Mary CranBerry to take them back into the house, they did NOT like ice-skating.
Cats cannot ice-skate.

So, back into the house they came. Cecil and Simon were shivering and whining and swearing to never go outside again. They couldn't wait to get in front of the fireplace and thaw their little feet out.


Just then, Mary CranBerry presented the boys with a small gift. She gave them a little wooden hamper basket filled with a Blueberry votive candle and two Blueberry tea bags, individually wrapped.

Cecil and Simon sipped Blueberry tea and smelled the wonderful scent of the Blueberry candle and talked of their big ice-skating adventure.

Mary CranBerry's work was done here. The cats were no longer bored and 'down with the blues'. They had finally had an adventure and now they could spend hours talking about it......not to mention the priceless picture I have for the scrapbook.

With a smile and the wink of an eye, Mary CranBerry was gone from our lives. She is now looking for another home where people have 'the blues'.
Look around........are there sad faces in your house?
When's the last time you were on a frozen pond?
When's the last time you saw a few cats on a frozen pond?

Copyright October 14, 2003 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander

Special thanks to Tracy.



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