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'Hollywood And Los Angeles'


hollywood_1.jpg (23623 bytes)hollywood_2_capital_records.jpg (19355 bytes)We arrived in Hollywood, California in the late afternoon....had dinner at T.G.I. Friday's and then we went to see some sights. Hollywood was wonderful. It almost had the excitement and energy of New York City. I loved it. In this picture you can barely make out the famous Hollywood sign in the background. I did the best I could....the low-level clouds made it difficult to get a decent picture of it.

hollywood_3_parking_lot.jpg (23468 bytes)We parked the van and then went to Mann's Chinese Theatre to see the famous foot prints and hand prints of some of Hollywood's biggest stars. This picture was taken in the parking lot right next to Mann's Chinese Theatre. The parking lot charged us $8.00 for a little over 15 minutes of parking. Outrageous! But, that was the only way to get to where we wanted to go. Forget about sidewalk parking....this place is crazy.

manns_chinese_theatre.jpg (19565 bytes)

I will never forget the wonderful feeling I had standing and looking at this historical place.....look at the history....think of the stars who have been here. I mean....Marilyn Monroe put her 'signature' here in 1953....three years before I was born...and it's still in pristine condition. And, of course, I was taking pictures. 

I could not believe how rude people could be when they know you are trying to take a picture on the square they are standing on. They would look right at you....and not move a muscle...taking their time. I would mention who they were...but all the 'politically correct people' would get bent out of shape....thinking me 'unfair' to notice what these people do. It sure is hard to ignore it when you have someone shoving you and you can lose your balance real easy. 

Well, I can say this much....every place I have ever been to visit, from California to Paris, France....they were all the same way...and it was the talk of the tour bus when we were at The Grand Canyon, so, I know it's not just me. They are aggressive and shove and bully their way to where they want to go. There was a handicap woman on the tour bus and these 'people' made it so difficult for her to get around that she quit going to some of the look-out points at The Grand Canyon. They nearly knocked her down a flight of stairs. So, those of you who travel will know exactly which group of people I'm talking about...and those of you who don't, you'll just have to guess. 

 charlton_heston_footprints.jpg (19089 bytes) jean_harlow.jpg (14926 bytes) meryl_streep.jpg (17944 bytes) 

tom_hanks.jpg (20694 bytes) jack_nicholson.jpg (18390 bytes) cecil_b_demille.jpg (26073 bytes) 

jane_russell.jpg (18570 bytes) marilyn_monroe_footprints.jpg (17151 bytes) 

These two are from Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell. They had their footprints done on the same day, side by side. Jane's was really hard to pick up with the camera. She has a much lighter etching.

tommy_lee_jones.jpg (22679 bytes) michael_jackson.jpg (22130 bytes) goldman.jpg (25186 bytes)

After seeing all the footprints that I was interested in at the theatre, we stepped back out onto the side walk and there was a 'gold' black thing I saw. I asked him if I could take his picture and he said I could....he had money sticking up out of his pocket. I didn't even think to offer him any money for the picture. He probably thought I was some dumb hick and just let me slide on that one. We walked across the street to the gift shop and I picked up some post cards and such. We were walking along the Walk Of Fame....stars everywhere on the side walks. I only took pictures of two of the stars...we were too busy trying to get from point A to point B. The sun was setting and we wanted to try to make it to the Pacific Ocean before sunset. So, we left.

L.A._1.jpg (10198 bytes) L.A.2.jpg (13913 bytes) santa_monica_sign.jpg (12327 bytes) 

catt_in_the_window.jpg (14529 bytes)  tired_catt.jpg (12268 bytes) 

This completed all the things we planned and talked about...we did all the big stuff we dreamed of. Now we were to go back to the up...and the next day we would begin our journey back home....completely by-passing Akan-hell....


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