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Primitive Handmade Halloween Gypsy Fortune Teller Greeting Cards!

I'm presenting a set of 6 of my handmade cards. This is a set of Gypsy Fortune Teller cards for this Halloween season.
And I did want to mention, it takes about as long to make 6 of these cards as it does to make one of my dolls.
These are incredibly time-consuming. So, I won't have cards all the time.
I am making some more cards with other themes. 

These cards come with 'aged' over-sized envelopes.


These cards are made with black cardboard. The inside of the card has an area provided for your personal message.

There's also an image that I've placed on the inside of the cards, as well. The cards contain the images above and can vary.

The back of each card has my own message.


Each card is tied with a single piece of black Raffia and the various 'do-dads' are hand-stitched into place.

These cards are with the theme of Gypsy Fortune Teller....

These cards make nice gifts for special people, or as an addition to your own display.
I recommend that these cards not be mailed unless you mail them inside a bubble-mailer for protection.
Each of these cards is an original. I don't always have more of the same things that I choose to put with these cards, which makes them very unique.


Copyright September 12, 2004 and September 5, 2005 Cathy Palmer- Scruggs / Catt Alexander



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