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New Primitive Gothic Christmas Greeting Cards for 2009

Introducing, my first set of Gothic Christmas cards in many years! I'm so happy with these cards, they are the best I've ever done.

Included in each set will be 4 large cards with a different picture on the front of each card. They are each tied with a different color of Raffia.

Then, each card comes in it's own merchandise bag 'envelope'. These bags are perfect for these cards. And if it gives you any idea of how big my cards are, the bag measures 11 inches by 7 inches. And the card fits perfectly! I couldn't be happier with these bags.


And this is the back of my cards. All of them have the same bits of information, but placed differently, which makes each of my cards unique.

This is the inside of one of the cards, opened out. I wanted you to be able to see both top and bottom of the inside. 

This is the lower portion of the inside of one of the cards. All cards come with an area where you can write your own message to the recipient, if you wish. And as I said above, each card is different in it's own way, inside and out. I change things up and rearrange them. Some of the things are in the shape of Christmas ornaments, like round and oval shapes.


Card 1

All the 'embellishments' are hand-stitched into place.


Card 2

The little strand of Christmas lights are also hand-stitched into place. And you know what, if a bulb or two disappears or gets lost, don't fret, I think it makes it look even BETTER, considering the theme of the card.


Card 3

This card has a strand of the Christmas lights and even a rusty snowflake hand-stitched into place.


Card 4

This card has little black beads that spell out 'XMAS BEER', instead of XMAS CHEER. Also, there's a tiny 'razor blade' pendant stitched into place. The razor comes to us courtesy of You can also see a little rusty star.


As always, if you send these in the mail to someone, please use a bubble mailer in order to protect the hand-stitched embellishments on the fronts of the cards. 

If you would like more than one doll from my website please email me and let me know so I can send you an invoice for reduced and combined shipping.



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