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'So I'm back to the velvet underground. Back to the floor, that I love...'  --Stevie Nicks


Another of my impersonations...

I am a fan of several great female singers and songwriters....but no one holds a candle to Stevie Nicks. She is a ground breaker for females in rock music. No one has a style like one sings like her....(well, there are those of us who can impersonate her...but it's still her style). She has more than stood the test of time....and she is successful on her own. 

This page isn't 'about' Stevie Nicks....there are tons of sites out there with lots of information on her, and I have nothing new to add, only why "I" like her. So, for information on Stevie herself, you can visit the thousands of sites out there that are made for her. 

Her songs transport you into her world....though it's a familiar world when you arrive. She's the little girl in all of us....the woman we are today, and the women we used to be....she expresses the things we cannot say...and I believe that she has even created a new emotion, somehow. 

She guides us through a world that we have all created and dare not live in.....she lets us escape into that world for a while.....twirling in flowing Chiffon, gazing at nothing, breathing in the aroma of imaginary flowers, embracing you with her gossamer shawls...then disappearing in the mist of her own tears....leaving behind the gold dust that will keep you forever enchanted. That's Stevie....the gypsy that I love.

'To the gypsy that remains, faces freedom....with a little fear.....I have no fear, I have only love'....  ---Stevie Nicks


'To a room with some lace and paper flowers....back to the gypsy that I was.... to the gypsy......that I was.'  ---Stevie Nicks


As far back as the late seventies, my goal was to work for Stevie Nicks. Obviously, that didn't happen. My life took a different turn. But I will never forget where I was standing and what I was listening to the first time I heard Stevie's voice. I was in a sub shop in Rising Sun, Maryland....and looking up at a stereo speaker as the song 'Rhiannon' filled the room. 


'And if I was a child, and the child was enough...enough for me to love...enough to love'.. ---Stevie Nicks


costume_blue_ribbon.jpg (25032 bytes)costume_full_length.jpg (50280 bytes)costume_up_close.jpg (21415 bytes)As I got to know more about her and Fleetwood Mac, I discovered very quickly that I could really relate to her....her style in clothes, her writing ability, everything. Here was this person who, inadvertently, was telling me that it was 'okay' to like the things I liked. She was a mirror image of the things that I liked and appreciated. 

The more popular Stevie became, the more I began to hear that I resembled her. I had some of the same style of clothing as Stevie, long before I knew she existed. I had taught myself to sew and I began to design my own dresses. As the years went on I became more convinced that I could sew for her, given the opportunity. Oh, and in these photos, attached to this paragraph, I am not trying to 'dress up' like Stevie...I had just made this costume and wanted it photographed....that's all. I also won a blue ribbon at the county fair for this costume.

I never got the opportunity to work for Stevie Nicks.....but I would still do it, without another thought! I never wanted to be a star or have a career as a singer or anything, I like working behind the scenes....messing with the wardrobe, the make-up, any of that. I still like playing 'dress-up' every chance I most of my  pictures show. 

I impersonate her, and some of the best times on stage has been while singing her songs. I love to sing all songs, but hers has a certain 'life' to them that no other song has. I love to sing and perform every chance I get. 

But I do this for friends now, not professionally or anything like that. I just like having a good time and entertaining my friends.


'Well, lightening strikes...maybe once, maybe twice.  Ohhh, and it lights up the night..... and you see your gypsy....'   ---Stevie Nicks


Having come from Maryland, I was positioned in the perfect place for going to concerts.....I was close to New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, DC....and I went to more concerts than I can possibly count...and I went to the concerts back when they were very good. However, I did go see Fleetwood Mac seven times and Stevie Nicks, by herself, five times. I started seeing Fleetwood Mac concerts when they were on the Rumours tour. I was blown away. 


'She is dancing away from me now.....she was just a wish, she was just a wish. And a memory is all that's left for you see your gypsy...and it all comes down to you...'  --Stevie Nicks


Not too long ago, while watching an interview on Fleetwood Mac, I learned that one of my favorite songs, "Silver Springs", was named after Silver Spring, Maryland. I lived about 25 minutes from there. 

Stevie said, in the interview, that her and Lindsey Buckingham were driving through the state and she saw the sign 'Silver Springs' and liked it, so she wrote a song and that was the title. When they went on their reunion tour several years ago, the song was finally a hit. A lot of people were under the impression that it was a new song....not so. 

I remember when the Rumours album came out... and this was back in the late 70's...the first single from the album was "Go Your Own Way" and I bought the 45.....'Silver Springs' was on the B side of the 45, having never made it to the album. I was so disappointed when I finally bought the album, a short while later, and discovered that the song was not on the album. Stevie explained the entire situation on the interview. What a bitter-sweet story. 

living_rm_1_hammond.jpg (27906 bytes)living_room11.JPG (19144 bytes) Recently, I bought a Hammond organ and a newer P.A. system....and boy, what a great sound I have in my living room now!! There's nothing like a good sound system.....and there's nothing like the sound of a Hammond organ....with a Leslie speaker! 


living_room4.JPG (24579 bytes)So, this is where I my living room. . There's another large speaker that goes with the organ, but you can barely see it in the's in a far corner across the room from the organ. (yeah, I had the TV on...I always have the TV on)

getting_ready.jpg (27770 bytes)In the summer of 2001 I had a little show to do in Massachusetts for a dear friend. We were in our RV at a nearby campground at Plymouth..... and this is a picture of me getting ready for the show. I was still getting dressed....but my ex husband wanted to take a picture anyway.



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Quotes by Stevie Nicks are from the song 'Gypsy' - 1982