The Catt Box


Night O' The Gum Stimulator!


Night Of The Gum Stimulator. My cats and I have little games we play, for fun. I have an extra gum stimulator, you know, a little metal wand with the rubber tip. And for as long as I can remember, Cecil has really loved to attack it. So I keep it in the computer room in the pencil box. Every once in a while, I'll slip the gum stimulator out of the pencil box and hide it behind my back. I'll ask Cecil if he wants to play Night Of The Gum Stimulator .

Please excuse the mess in the computer room. I sit and work on dolls in here and I have stuff everywhere.


This is the look Cecil has just moments before I begin the games.
Very quietly, I'll start sounding like the theme from Jaws. I'll get louder and louder as I ease the dreaded gum stimulator from behind my back........closer and closer I get to Cecil.....and then he catches sight of the evil rubber-tipped monster......


This is Cecil's reaction as he realizes that the monster has reared it's ugly rubber head from it's hiding place. (enter distance screams here)


Cecil readies himself for 'the battle'.


In a flash, Cecil rises and engages in battle with the rubber-tipped monster, bearing his gums, and preparing to be stimulated.
God, how we love this game.


As you can see, Simon (Va-Vee) stays safely on the floor and away from the unknown instrument of hell.
Of course, the other reason for this is because, sitting right behind Cecil is ....The Dreaded White Heat Monster.

On the next Catt Nips, I'll tell you about the games Pretty Shiny Needle and Stick and Lick.


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