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Primitive Goth Raggedy Ann Doll!


"Draggedy Ann"



The huge playroom was full of toys of all kinds. As the years went by, new toys would come and go, and some would end up in the big wooden toy box under the window-seat.

Such was the case of Draggedy Ann.

At one time, when she was new, she looked like any other 27 inch tall Raggedy Ann doll. She had bright colors of red and white and smiled all the time. She was played with so much that the other toys referred to her as Draggedy Ann.
This was because she was dragged everywhere by the children of the house.

She eventually became quite dirty and 'played with'. New toys came into the home on Christmas mornings and various birthdays and pretty soon Draggedy Ann was no longer counted-in among the 'favorite toys'.
She was abandoned to the huge window-seat toy box....
....she was forgotten, left, and she felt deeply betrayed.

As more and more toys made their way to 'the window-seat toy box', Draggedy Ann was mashed and pushed further and further down to the dirty wooden bottom of the box.
It was dark and gloomy and depressing down there. Dirt sifted through the toys and eventually settled onto Draggedy Ann.

Her brightly colored clothes became dark with dirt and general wear 'n tear. In time, her dress and pinafore became totally black, including the lace on the hem of her dress.

The only color remaining on her were her red and white 'ticking' legs, which were sticking out from her black pantaloons that were tied with black cording. And even though some of their color remained, her legs were stained and aged.

As Draggedy Ann went further and further down into the bowels of the toy box, she became cold from the lack of heat and sunlight. At some point she had taken the knit gloves from an old Santa doll and cut the fingers off, thus giving her hands a little more warmth....
.....not to mention how really cool the fingerless black gloves looked on her hands.

Draggedy Ann's doily-thread hair became jet-black from the dirt and it laid flat against her head. She tore some fabric scraps from discarded doll clothes and tied them in her hair, close to her head.
They gave her hair a little more 'lift'.

Her face began to show the affects of the lack of sunlight. Her double-button eyes hollowed-out and had dark circles around them.
It gave her the much-coveted 'heroin chic' look that some of the other dolls had always strived for.

Her hand-stitched flannel nose and mouth became black and her 'smile' took on a more somber appearance.

While dwelling on the bottom of the toy box, Draggedy Ann found an abandoned pair of glossy black Patent Leather Mary Jane's with little black bows. They accentuated her outfit in the most becoming way.

Eventually, Draggedy Ann found an Imosh Cross pendant that came from around the neck of a knight-in-shining-armor doll.
I suppose that the knight lost his battle in the toy world, as well, but his loss was her gain.


One day Draggedy Ann heard the muffled whimper of a lost toy. She looked up and saw a small dirty Chenille teddy bear making his own way to the bottom of the toy box. She reached up and brought him down to her, to protect him from the cruelty of the box and other 'brightly colored' inhabitants.

She knew the minute she saw him that he belonged with her. He was wearing a metal rimmed paper tag that bore the black ink-stamping image of a doll.
He was a discarded teddy bear after her own heart, and Draggedy Ann vowed to protect him.

The toy box could be a very vicious and cruel place to live. The brightly colored toys taunted Draggedy Ann daily, making fun of her sullen appearance and lifestyle. They had formed their own clique of 'glossy and brightly colored toys of acceptance' and it disgusted and nauseated Draggedy Ann to no end.
She was forced to endure the heckling and smirks of the shiny toys as they faced downward, looking down their pointy noses and sneering at her.
After all, Draggedy Ann was a toy box 'bottom dweller'....she lived and lurked in the dark shadows. She didn't look like the other toys, and they made fun of her because of that fact.

But one year, not long before Christmas, the parents of the children who played in the huge playroom decided to gather the discarded toys and take them to the landfill. They were not the type of folks to donate toys to charity, they just threw the old toys away.
Up the spiral wooden stairs they came, armed with large plastic bags. The adults were merciless with their 'rapture' of the toys. Bags were quickly filled, tied, and tossed down the winding stairs in a heap.

The adults ultimately ended up at the window-seat toy box.
The large hamper lid creaked as it was opened. Small beams of sunlight streamed inside as all the dust particles danced about like a well-shook snow globe.

And just as the clique of 'glossy and brightly colored toys of acceptance' were adjusting their eyes to the burst of light, the adults began grabbing them in haste, tossing them into their large plastic hell..... their eternal coffin for the grand landfill.

The clique of 'glossy and brightly colored toys of acceptance' were so easy to spot because of their bright colors. They were the first toys that the adults saw, and the first ones that were grabbed.
The very thing that made them feel so superior to the other 'darker toys' was to be their un-doing.
Oh, the irony.
Believe me, I couldn't have WRITTEN it that good!

Draggedy Ann was completely over-looked and invisible to the adults, as she held onto her dirty friend and stood in the dark shadows of that old toy box.
Her Gothic appearance is what saved her from going to the 'pit of destruction and decay'.....who knew?

But, the best part of all was for Draggedy Ann to see the look of surprise and fear on the faces of those smug toys as they were being grabbed and dragged from their places-of-comfort and thrust into the garbage bags.
The last thing those cruel toys saw was the wry expression on Draggedy Ann's face.

The gathering-of-the-discarded-toys had finally ended with the slamming of the heavy wooden lid of the toy box and the fading footsteps of the 'toy reapers'.
In the dark silence, Draggedy Ann and her new friend felt grateful for being spared from 'the gleaning'.

With the wink of an eye and the gentle squeeze of her hand, Draggedy Ann and her dirty teddy bear continue to sit in the shadows of the window-seat toy box and await the arrival of the new clique of 'glossy and brightly colored toys of acceptance'.

Never underestimate the power of GOTH.


Copyright October 26, 2003 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander

Special thanks to eBay seller imosh for the fantastic cross pendant.


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