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The old regular Mummy sprang from the tombs of Egypt. Everyone has heard of the curse of The Mummy.
Movies have been made.
Books have been written.
Warnings and whispers have been heard.
But you never hear about The Gothic Mummy.

You may ask yourself what The Gothic Mummy is, and where did he come from?
Would it shock you to learn that he came from the very shadows of the original Mummy?
It's true!
While the regular Mummy was out spooking and frightening people, reminding them of the curse of the tombs from Pharaohs and stuff, no one was paying attention to the shadows of the regular Mummy.
And it was there in the shadows that The Gothic Mummy was born.

And right about now you're wondering if this is a true story.
It is.
And you're wondering why you haven't heard of The Gothic Mummy before.
I have no clue.
But more than likely, you HAVE seen him, you just didn't recognize him.

Take a good look at The Gothic Mummy. You know him well.
How about late at night when you are laying in bed and you can't sleep? There's that temptation to open your eyes....or at least one eye. And in the back of your mind you have second thoughts.....don't do it.....don't do it....for the love of GOD....DON'T DO IT.

But, just like that person in the scary movies that goes up the stairs and opens a closed door, you do it anyway. You open your eyes.
Big mistake.

You recognize nothing in your room. Strange shadows have appeared. Piles of clothing look like people sitting and staring at you.
The opened closet door makes you second guess if YOU opened the closet door, or if it's easing open on it's own.
And every few moments you dim your eyes just slightly and try to see if the closet door is it wider now? about now? But you continue to look around the room in spite of your wild imagination, don't you?

And then it always does. You will finally set your eyes upon something in the room that has two reflections close enough to resemble eyes.
You keep staring at it...squinting your eyes, just to be sure. You move your head around on the pillow, hoping that shifting your eyes will somehow make the scary 'eyes' go away.
But it doesn't.

Try to guess who those eyes belong to.
That's right.
The Gothic Mummy.
I know you don't want to believe it, but I told you, he came from the shadows. He DWELLS in the shadows.

And it's right about that time you decide to look away. Perhaps it's just THAT particular object that looks like scary yellow eyes.
Yeah, that's it. Keep telling yourself that.
But it's not working.
You continue to see the scary yellow eyes nearly everywhere you look. And now the strange shapes you see are starting to appear like the silhouette of a man. A man that seems to be all one color.
(helllloooooooo.....the silhouette of a BANDAGED man)

Your heart begins to beat faster. You feel perspiration forming on your face. Your hair begins to stick to the sides of your face. Your breathing picks up pace. And your entire body is safely under the blankets.
There's NO WAY you'd let your foot or hand peek out from the blankets NOW.

For some strange reason you think that if you don't expose your arms and legs, you'll be safe. He won't know you're there. And you may not admit it to anyone, but sometimes you even put your head under the blankets.
Then you really sweat. And you can hear your own breathing.

And if you lay there long enough, you realize that the 30 inch tall, black hand-dyed cheesecloth covered man with the yellow eyes isn't going to 'get you'.
After all, where would he take you? What would he do with you? And how would he even GET you there?....he's only 30 inches tall.

Why do monsters wait till the middle of the night to 'spook' you?
I'll tell you why...because just like The Gothic Mummy, they live in the shadows...usually the shadows of your own mind and imagination.
The regular Mummy doesn't appear in your room in the dead of night. The bandages are too visible.
But The Gothic Mummy does appear in your room in the dead of night. He blends in with the shadows.

However....morning's coming, and he'll disappear again.
Meanwhile, if I were you, I'd go ahead and put all those piles of clothes away. Shut the closet door. And don't place dolls and action figures where you can see them at night.
In fact, I'd remove ALL the dolls from your room. You've got to be INSANE to keep a doll in your the night.... especially one of my dolls!

Oh, and this Gothic Mummy will come with a wooden stand. At least this way you can confine him to one area. The Mummy AND the stand are very heavy.

Copyright September 14, 2004 and October 16, 2005 Cathy Palmer- Scruggs / Catt Alexander


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