The Catt Box

Goofy Pictures!

My silly boys. We love taking goofy pictures of them. This one is of Cecil in a pile of 40 tiny primitives that I made one week.


It's hard to catch Simon when wanting to take pictures of him, but this was a priceless yawn picture.


Just look at Cecil's treat sack. Yesterday morning, while fixing my tea, Cecil jumped up onto the counter while I was putting the milk away. When I returned to my tea, Cecil was stepping over my mug and he dragged his big ol' treat sack right through my tea.
Silly cat.


Sometimes, Simon sings to us.


And they're so talented. They make primitive dolls in my basement and sell them on eBay.


They are very judicious, too. They hold court and decide which dolls are evil, and which ones are nice.


Sometimes, while taking pictures of dolls, the boys will jump into the picture and start laughing and hamming it up. (rolling my eyes)


Cecil is just a show-off.


And Simon is a little angel.


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