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"Avery Cornell 'Gator' Scruggs"


Here comes Avery Cornell Scruggs......also called 'Gator'.
He's the nephew of both Clicky Ray and Slimpy Grant Scruggs.
He also resides in the Pleasant View Trailer Park in Possum Kingdom, South Carolina.

Avery Cornell is a typical teenager and engages in all the proverbial redneck teenager things.
He's got a huge Confederate flag covering a window in his trailer bedroom. He also has a few posters on his walls and a velvet painting of know, the one with that one tear falling from one of Elvis' eyes.
Avery Cornell LOVES Elvis.
In fact, ALL the Scruggs boys love Elvis.

Avery Cornell also has NASCAR items in his room, along with Mustang magazines. He would love to own a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT 500... one day.


Avery Cornell Scruggs can tell you anything you want to know about a Ford Mustang. And, as mentioned, he would love to own The Shelby.....
Actually, ANY Mustang would do, but he drools at the thoughts of owning the rarest of all the Mustangs....his DREAM car....the elusive 1968 Cardinal Special.

His eyes grow wide with enthusiasm as he describes it in his slow southern drawl......"She's Candy-Apple red, black interior with a 289 engine with 2 barrel carb and three speed manual transmission.
The emblem on the rear of the car would have a diamond shape with a red Cardinal sitting on a branch with the words 'Cardinal Special' to the right and left of the bird along the inside of the diamond."

Avery Cornell often chokes up when describing his dream car and ultimately has to leave the room for a few minutes to regain his composure.
The hormones of a teenager can be mighty powerful.

However, Avery Cornell Scruggs had to settle for a 1964 powder blue Ford Galaxy 500, 352, automatic. It's dull, the shine is long gone from it's paint, it has a lot of primer on the trunk and hood, and it needs a lot of work.
He bought it from his brother in law, who owns a scrap yard, and for years Avery Cornell's been paying his brother in law with 'lunch money' nearly every afternoon on his way home from school.
He figures that by the time he graduates from school, or gets his GED, it'll be alllll his!


Meanwhile, Avery Cornell Scruggs works on his car on the weekends and spends his Saturday afternoons sitting behind the wheel of his car, wiping down the dash and listening to the Bluegrass radio station.
During the rest of the weekend, he likes to listen to Lynard Skynard and old Bachman-Turner Overdrive 8-tracks. The 8-tracks use to belong to his uncles and still works good. You can't kill those things.


On Sunday mornings Avery Cornell has to attend church at the Suck Creek Baptist Church, over in Chesnee, South Carolina. You can tell he doesn't enjoy going, but he has to. His parents often threaten him with hell-fire and damnation for the rest of eternity if he doesn't attend church regularly.

In about another year his parents won't be able to do a thing with him....he'll fall in love with some little gal over in Fingerville, get her pregnant, they'll move in with his parents, and he'll get a job at the local Winn Dixie bagging groceries and he'll spend his weekends getting drunk with his friends and other chinless members of the Scruggs family ....but for now, he shows up at church.


Avery Cornell Scruggs is ready to go out and work on his car today. He's stands an impressive 26 inches tall, in his blue jeans with the patches on the right knee. His jeans have all hand-stitched pockets.


And there isn't a prouder American alive....just look at Avery Cornell's tee shirt. Yes, he is Proud To Be An American.



He spent the better part of the morning checking out his hair-cut. His aunt Glenna trimmed his hair for him last night and he seems really pleased. He has the classic Mullet hair cut.
Avery Cornell's cousin has a computer and they enjoy visiting , their favorite website. They get great hair-cut ideas from there.


And just look at that 'uni-brow' across his forehead. He sure does take after his father's side of the family. Avery also has the same droopy, half-closed eyes and sculpted nose. His mouth is made from a red potpourri flower, with the one side turned up, just like Elvis.


On the backside of his jeans, his right pocket carries his chain wallet, made from real leather. The leather comes from a place down here near the BMW plant. They make the leather seat covers for BMW's. Avery Cornell's chain goes from the wallet to the front of his jeans.


And speaking of chains........Avery Cornell has a golden chain around his neck. He knows how much the girls love to see that on a guy. He's been taking more of an interest in girls.
Sometimes, Avery Cornell will sit on a stack of old phone books while sitting in his car......that way he looks taller in the seat. He does this on wash-day ....when Patty-Jean hangs her laundry outside. He likes to impress her..... know, by sitting in his 'lunch money' car that won't run......(snicker).

I guess it's better than his uncles....they drive around in a septic tank 'sucker truck' and wave and whistle at girls.



His right front pocket holds his lucky lottery scratch off tickets, and his left pocket holds his prized 'redneck' keychain with the rebel flag, his yellow pocket knife, and his beloved car keys.


Avery Cornell's got his work gloves on and he's ready to get to work on his car.



And just look at Avery Cornell Scruggs' work crate. It's made of wood and has twine carrying handles. Hanging from the front is a work rag. And looking inside of the work crate, we see his array of metal tools. Behind the tools is a green leather bag, for catching all the screws and nuts so he won't lose them.


There's also a square cardboard box with some interesting items sitting on top. There's a small black leather bag, a red paint brush, and a can of Coor's beer. He smuggles them from his dad and uncles. You can't work on a car without beer.


Behind the cardboard box is a flathead screwdriver and a wrench. In front of the box is a Coke, an orange wire-nut, a tape measure, and his favorite sun-glasses.


And, of course, there's a small, paper-wrapped roll of Scott Tissue toilet paper. I've never known a Scruggs to be without toilet paper either in their truck, van, or tool box.

Avery Cornell has to get to work now. The day's ticking by very quickly and he needs to borrow his uncle's dent-pully and get to work.
Tonight there's going to be a BBQ at the far end of the trailer park and everyone will gather around the tire-fire, get drunk, and watch the fireworks.
Ahhhh.......good times at the Pleasant View Trailer Park......a big red Chow will bark endlessly, the smell of hot dogs will waft thick in the air, a fight will break out, and someone will begin to dance to the sounds of a lone harmonica in the dirt yard.



Copyright February 23, 2003 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


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