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'Friendship Reunions'


This is a fun section to my friendship reunions, and the year 2001 seemed to be the year for reunions for me. 

First of all, I was reunited with a long lost pen pal of mine. We had lost touch and hadn't heard from each other in about 30 years. To read this story, go to the section 'Reunited''s a good read. You won't believe how we were reunited, considering I'm in South Carolina, USA, and Peter Scott is in South Africa.

My next reunion came by way of if you haven't signed up with them yet, you might want to look into it. You'd be surprised who you could find. 



I found Debbie Diffenderfer, a real close friend of mine all through my years at Perryville High School in Perryville, Maryland, through the website and, with reuniting with Debbie, I was also reunited with Debbie's best friend Hattie...the three of us were friends back in high school. 

They not only stayed in close contact with each other all these years, but they had recently published their first book together. 

Debbie, Hattie and I and our husbands all met for lunch in Columbia, South Carolina on September 6, 2001. We had such a great time.....all we did for three hours is laugh. We took along some of our old year books and compared notes and old year book signings. It was so much fun. Here is what we looked like in the early 70's in high school...

catt_in_school.jpg (7286 bytes) debbie_in_school.jpg (11868 bytes) hattie_in_school.jpg (11027 bytes) 

debbie_in_6th_grade.jpg (11462 bytes)

A picture I took of Debbie during a 6th grade school trip to Annapolis, Md.



While we were in the restaurant, the girls sold a book to a gentleman and my husband was able to get a picture of Debbie signing it for him. 

catt_debbie_and_hattie.jpg (19487 bytes) debbie_and_jack_rosenkrans.jpg (15105 bytes)

jack_hattie_and_charles.jpg (15499 bytes) debbie_signing_book.jpg (16524 bytes)

group_shot_1.jpg (26549 bytes) group_shot_2.jpg (23641 bytes)

We certainly hope to meet again as soon as we can all arrange it. We had so much fun talking about the good old days and the latest gossip on the people we went to school with.



My next reunion happened by way of, of my best friends from childhood, Pat Hopps, contacted me. We used to live right up the street from each other and spent a lot of time together after school and as much as we could on weekends. We were the first two girls to have The Shag hair-cut in our school. 

We wrote back and forth a few weeks and then met each other halfway between South Carolina, where I live, and Maryland, where she lives.....we spent a weekend in Lake Gaston, Virginia together, with our husbands. We hadn't seen each other in 24 years.

Here's our high school pictures from the very early 70's.....

pat_in_school.jpg (6750 bytes) catt_in_school.jpg (7710 bytes)



Before we left for our weekend, I made a CD of some of our favorite songs we used to listen to back when we were giggling teenagers. I put our school pictures on the cd cover.

And here are the songs included on this CD...


1.)    Heart Of Gold - Neil Young
2.)    Mother And Child Reunion - Paul Simon
3.)    Ride, Captain Ride - Blues Image
4.)    Gypsy Woman - Brian Hyland
5.)    Superstar - The Carpenters
6.)    Hair - Cowsills
7.)    The Rain, The Park, And Other Things - Cowsills
8.)    Love Child - Supremes
9.)    Someday We'll Be Together - Supremes
10.)  Patches - Dickie Lee
11.)  Signs - Five Man Electrical Band
12.)  Hitchin' A Ride - Vanity Fare
13.)  Do You Know What I Mean - Lee Michaels
14.)  Words - Monkees
15.)  Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted - The Partridge Family
16.)  I Think I Love You - The Partridge Family
17.)  Indian Reservation - Paul Revere And The Raiders
18.)  Which Way You Goin' Billy? - The Poppy Family
19.)  San Francisco - Scott McKenzie
20.)  Venus - Shocking Blue
21.)  Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves - Cher
22.)  I'm Livin' In Shame - Supremes
23.)  Liar - Three Dog Night
24.)  One - Three Dog Night
25.)  A Lover's Concerto - The Toys

Our husbands went fishing for the day and Pat and I listened to this CD and looked through the yearbooks and caught up on things. I made a CD for Pat to take home with her, too. It was great listening to all those old songs really inspired memories.


pat_and_catt_6.jpg (13184 bytes)

pats_pics_3.jpg (21367 bytes) pats_pics_1.jpg (13433 bytes) pats_pics_2.jpg (30096 bytes)

It is so interesting to meet friends from the past and see who we have become through the years. It's great to compare notes and find out all that we've done in our lives. These friends are among the first people to hear our dreams and hopes..........





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