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Primitive Folk Art Ugly Basil's Other Sister Doll!

I recently sold a doll just like this on eBay. I'm using my eBay pictures for this story. The one I have for sale looks just like this.


Basil Hollis and his sisters were new in the neighborhood, and they set out to make friends.

This was not going to be an easy task, as Leethy Hollis was so 'dissimilar'.

For one thing, she didn't look like the other girls on the block.....they all looked like Barbie........but Leethy looked like ...well, 'different'.
Not that there's anything wrong with looking different...... is in the eye of the beholder...'s what's on the 'inside' that counts, blah, blah, blah...
...and all those other philosophical sayings.

Plus, Leethy didn't even have a Barbie....she had a big black baby doll that she named Big Baby Ben. He had a scared face. He had been stuffed, aged and wore a gauze diaper with a rusty safety pin to hold it together.
This upset the other girls in the neighborhood because he didn't fit into Barbie's dream-house.
In fact, Big Baby Ben didn't fit into Barbie's world at all..........
Leethy and Big Baby Ben didn't fit in anywhere.

But this fact didn't make Leethy bitter, evil or mean.
That would be stereotyping her.
That would be implying that all aesthetically-challenged people with huge scared babies were inherently evil.

Still, Leethy persisted in making friends, but to no avail. No matter how hard she tired to join in on the 'reindeer games', the perfect girls shut her out....froze her out...ignored her, merely tossing her the obligatory bone once in a while.
They couldn't have been more obvious in the fact that they just didn't want her around.

One day, on a late summer evening, all the neighborhood girls were gathered in their little clubhouse to play with their beautiful Barbies, along with several of Barbie's dream-houses.

Leethy wanted to try to join in.
At 25 inches tall, she began to prepare herself by dressing in her best blue and white gingham dress. She was also wearing a pair of aged pantaloons.

Of course, Leethy's legs were so attractive that she pulled the pantaloons up high under her dress.

Leethy also wore her favorite apron. It was made from muslin and had been aged appropriately.

Leethy even went as far as to braid her string hair into little braids and hold them in place with wooden clips, so as to attempt to be more attractive.
The really odd thing was, if another girl wore her hair like Leethy's, they were praised and congratulated and had heaps of attention bestowed upon them.
But when Leethy wore her hair in braids and wooden clips, she just fell between the cracks, unnoticed, unappreciated.
She didn't exist.

She gazed at herself in her mirror........her matching black and white double button eyes gleamed with hope. Her red and white 'ticking' fabric mouth was stretched out into a wide smile.


Leethy then picked up Big Baby Ben in her delicate fingers and held him close to her. She ran all the way to the clubhouse to see if the girls would let her in this time.

But, upon arriving to the girl's clubhouse, Leethy Hollis saw that it had been burnt down. There had been an accidental fire and the although all the girls got out safely, all of their beautiful stiff-breasted Barbie's and Barbie's dream-houses were completely destroyed.

The aesthetically-correct girls were covered with soot and water from the water hoses and they looked dreadful and none of them had their beautiful toys anymore.

This made Leethy look really good, right about then.


Suddenly Leethy was surrounded by all the girls. They began to look at Big Baby Ben differently, too..... they had no dolls to play with, and Leethy was generous and agreed to share her doll with everyone.
'Cause things like this happen ALL the time.

What's the moral of this little story?....
Beauty fades.....sometimes it just melts all to hell.
But when that happens, ugly will at last find it's beauty.


Copyright May 5, 2003 and October 3, 2004 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


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