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Primitive Franken-Goth Doll!


The cross around her neck is a little different, but really cool just the same!



There were many members of the Franken-Baby family. Some of the Franken-Babies even formed a little clique of Franken-Hussies.


And even though they were an 'elite' group, several odd Franken-Babies were eventually Franken-Angel.


Franken-Baby-Clear-Eye even found a certain acceptance in the fold.


Franken-Mammy was also accepted, which was a landmark moment in the world of Franken-Babies. The 'de-ugly-ation' was a step in the right direction.


However, just as in all other social circles and forms of life, there are those who find 'approval' much harder to attain.
Such is the case with Franken-Goth.


Franken-Goth didn't understand the shunning. She was just as tall as the rest of the Franken-Babies....around 26 inches tall. She wore a dress, just like the rest of them. So what if it was black, with matching black pantaloons.
Big deal.
Have these other dolls never heard of the color black?

And she had hair, just like the rest of the Franken-Hussies. And it stood straight up on top of her head. In fact, Franken-Goth's hair looked even better because she had little black rags tied tight to the roots of her hair.....her BLACK hair.


And just look at her face. What was so different about her face? Did she not have busy little button eyes? Did she not have a red and white ticking cloth mouth?
Was it really a huge sin to wear black eye shadow?


In fact, Franken-Goth went a step further in refining her own fashion. She sported nice aged bobby-socks and beautiful black Patent Leather Mary Janes.
And there were wicked-cool Goth Gargoyle beads on her shoes!
None of the other Franken-Hussies ever wore shoes before.
The other Franken-Babies just stared at her feet, confused, yet snickering.
They were merely being Franken-Bitches.


But, instead of letting the other Franken-Babies intimidate her, Franken-Goth began to play-up the whole Goth thing. She wore a large Gothic scary cross pendant around her neck. It hung down low to her waist.
The Franken-Girls gasped and pointed.


One day, while the Franken-Gossips were huddled in their circle of comfort, Franken-Goth got an idea.


She marched herself in front of the girls and stood there for a moment. The very instant that she had their attention, she reached up and ripped the head from her sock-doll.


Boy, talk about Franken-Freak-Out. The girls were stunned. They collectively took a step back. A silence fell over the trembling Franken-Scared and someone fainted. A glass of Franken-Aid hit the floor...shattered glass tinkled, and a Franken-Baby coughed.


It wasn't long after that when all the Franken-Babies left. They moved out and went to live with other families. They just couldn't accept Franken-Goth. They feared her. They knew I had doll jewelry here, and they were scared to death of Franken-Goth donning an inverted cross or some other scary piece of jewelry.
But trust me, if she DID wear that kind of jewelry, it would have only been done to freak the others out.
They were soooooo easy.


Poor little Franken-Goth has no one left to mess with. She needs to go to a home where other dolls will accept her and her headless doll with the death eyes.


Copyright October 26, 2003 and July 21, 2004 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


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