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The seas were rough that day....the old ship was bringing the men home after spending 18 months far from land.
The creaking of the boards and the pinching, straining sounds of the large ropes made for an ominous sound as the ship was rocked by rough waves.
The men began to wonder if they'd ever see their loved ones again.

Nervous women and scared children filled the docks and surrounding land, covering themselves from the rain, flinching with each crack of thunder and flash of deadly lightening. They could see the aged schooner getting closer and closer, but it was also being tossed back and forth like a toy boat.

On the far end of the dock was a gathering of soaking wet girl-kitties.....huddled together under old wooden cargo boxes. Their pleading eyes were searching frantically for their hero......
The most gorgeous Tom they'd ever seen......
The father of all 7,000 of their children....
The most brave of the male cats ...the most wild.......
The most fearless Tom cat in the land......
They held their breath for....

The mere mention of his name brought the cries of swooning girl-kitties.

Although Feral Flynn traveled the high seas with some of the roughest men ever born of women, he was never a swashbuckler. No sir.....our handsome Feral Flynn is a lover-kitty......a romantic pirate ....tall and commanding, yet gentle with the lady-cats.

And though Feral Flynn has known many women-cats, he'll never settle down.
He was born feral, he lives feral, and he'll die feral.
He's left more broken hearts behind him than anyone has been able to count.
But he's still the most loved feral Tom in the land.

Soon the ship finally makes it to dock. There's much hurrying about to secure the weathered ship.
Movement becomes a blur, on account of the blinding rain and driving wind. Eventually, the men begin to leave the ship and step onto the docks......into the waiting, loving arms of their loved ones. There are sighs of relief and tears of joy.
The girl-kitties strain their necks to look past the tall men.......waiting.....hoping.


Suddenly, a shriek is heard......"There he is!"
Two girl-kitties faint right away, and the groupie-kitties step over them to make it to the front line.
They were in heat.

Indeed.....there stood the handsome Feral Flynn at last.
The girl-kitties gave out a collective sigh of relief.
Three of the cats, who had been 'heavy with kitten' just before Feral Flynn took to the seas, stood there with their brood. They were pointing their paws, showing their little kittens who their brave daddy was.

Feral Flynn stood about 20 inches tall at the top of the was as though he were savoring the moment......drinking-in the beautiful land, the small gray homes with their smoking chimneys, the generous platters of warm milk that awaited him, in spite of his lactose intolerance...... and all those delicious girl-kitties.


And with that one thought, his long tongue whipped out of his mouth and wetted his whiskers into place.
The girl-kitties swooned once again.
The groupie-kitties began to pant.

Their eyes were moving all over that wonderfully handsome Tom.....
They could see his 'buff' build beneath his clinging muslin shirt and his black Rayon pants.
He was a very important cat upon the great ship.
His job, on the ship, was to control the rats and mice. To keep them from eating all the food and to keep them from over-populating.
He thought of himself as a Rodent Technician.

And everyone could see that Feral Flynn brought a sampling of vermin to share with the girl kitties.

Feral Flynn also brought along a handmade green leather bag that was filled with trinkets and chains and pearls.
Felines LOVE to play with such things....and Feral knew exactly what he was doing.

And now that he was home, he could receive the proper medication for his tapeworm situation.
Rats and mice are 'intermediate hosts' for fleas........Feral Flynn eats the hosts and after ingesting the fleas, becomes the bearer of tapeworms.
They don't present a whole lot of danger, but still, it's gross when the tapeworms slither out and attach themselves to his fine-looking pants.
And that's not at all attractive when he has girl-kitties watching his butt all the time.


Feral Flynn looked out among the masses of girl-kitties and gave a seductive wink with his one 'good' eye. He had a handmade black leather patch over his left eye, and the girl-kitties loved it......they thought it made him look mysterious and dangerous.
Actually, there was nothing wrong with that eye. He accidentally got some cat sand in his eye while on his way back home a few voyages ago. He had to wear the patch for a few weeks.
However, it wasn't long after that when Feral Flynn realized how much the lady-cats loved the look of a patch on his eye.
The rest is history. From that moment on, just before reaching the docks, Feral dons his leather eye patch.
He's been known to have kept many a kitten on the edge of their seats hearing the tale of how he 'lost' his eye.

And once in a the younger kittens would sit spell-bound, hanging on his every word.....Feral Flynn would rip off his eye patch, having already closed his eye lid, and it would freak the kittens out.
They'd hop around, hiss, bow-up, and walk sideways, just out of pure fright.
Feral Flynn got such a kick out of that.
He called them his 'pop-corn-kitties', on account of how they'd 'pop' around when they were scared.
Bless their little frightened hearts.

Feral Flynn is made completely of black flannel. He has an embroidered nose and mouth. His whiskers are made of wire and they almost resemble a sleak mustache, just like the old movie star Errol Flynn.

Feral Flynn wears a stained muslin shirt, and when the wind catches it just right, it clings to his cat chest, which peeks out from the slit in the front of his shirt, and it drives the girl-kitties crazy. And, to make sure the girl-kitties keep an eye on his heaving chest, he wears a beautiful golden chain.

And sitting upon his right arm is a fake feather parrot.
He used to have real parrots, but he kept eating them.
He is a cat, after all.

Feral Flynn also wears a beautiful black and gold sash around his waist. He explains to the girls that it's because it reminds him of the black velvet skies at night...peppered with golden stars.....
Girl kitties LOVE it when he talks that way.
He also has his trusty Pirate's knife with the blue jewel.
And little kittens find themselves attracted to his shirt strings with the real bone skulls on the ends.
Of course, the lady-kitties are watching that particular area for altogether different reasons....and Feral Flynn never forgets that fact.

And speaking of never forgetting the lady-kitties.....we're going to have to end this story right here. Feral Flynn is about to go forth and do things that ought not be written into an eBay auction.
But if you take him home with you, you might be helping to keep the cat population down by the thousands.
It's our only defense against Feral-breeding.

Feral Flynn lives in sin,
He courts the pretty maids...
The only ones that he can't have,
Are ones that you have spayed.


Copyright May 2, 2004 and November 18, 2004 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander

Many thanks to ElizaLouWho for the leather.



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