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Primitive Halloween Gothic Black And Red Evil Clown....the Witch's favorite doll!

Introducing: Evil, Scary Clown of HELL.
This adorable Evil, Scary Clown of HELL is about 16 inches tall. His body is made of muslin and stuffed. His legs and arms are skeletal!

And, as much as I love making these dolls, they are more expensive for me to make, especially the skeletal dolls. I have more 'overhead' in making the bonies.

And, as you can see, his head is a clown head...and it's an evil plastic head.
Also, he has pom-pom hair.
He even has a black and red paper hand-made collar. He also has a little black 'bat' jingle bell around his neck. And doesn't it all look great with his black and red pants and shirt?
And, he has tiny glass skulls on the front of his shirt..

You know, I heard that this is the Witch's favorite doll.
I'm just saying.....

Here...I thought you'd like to see his legs and arms.

And this Evil, Scary Clown of HELL carries around a little skull ornament everywhere he goes. He's partial to Bony / skeletal things.

And here he is sitting down with his legs crossed.

Wouldn't he look great with your collection of other strange dolls, especially other Catt dolls? And think of how great he'll look with the rest of your Halloween stuff this year.

Or put him under someone's bed and scare the you-know-what out of 'em...hehehehe

I just wanted to mention....this little devil bead cost me $5.00.
Seriously....I hold back nothing in making and bringing my dolls to you. I do my very best and never produce a sub-standard product.

Copyright September 22, 2007 Catt Alexander

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