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Primitive Folk Art Black Grim  Reaper Cat!



It was on Halloween night. The Grim Reaper Of Cats prepared herself to go on another night of harvesting cat souls.
Meet ElizaDeath.

But, not to worry, she's a very sweet Grim Reaper Of Cats. She knows how to blend in, gain the trust of the cats and kittens, and then she gently does her job.


You see, normally ElizaDeath looks like this.


However, ElizaDeath dresses like this so she doesn't frighten the impending 'dearly departed'.
There was a vicious rumor a while back that she sucked the breath of the 'dying' as a way to reap the soul, but it simply isn't true.


So, tonight, ElizaDeath will go out for Halloween. She'll take her removable metal primitive cat-face lantern and light the way for the ones she has come for. She even has a little black votive candle, just for the occasion.
There's a little tiny door in the back of the cat-face for placing the candle inside.
It goes without saying that the cat-face lantern needs to be removed from the doll before lighting the candle, otherwise, there may be more than cat-souls gathered from your house.

ElizaDeath is 30 inches tall and completely made of muslin. She's been painted and aged, so she'll look 'worn' and comfortable to innocent eyes. Even her puffy muzzle is made of muslin.

And just look at those wire whiskers.

Her large yellow eyes beckon you to her.


ElizaDeath wears a stained muslin dress, which matches her pantaloons. She also wears a nice pinafore with a hand-stitched pocket and hand-stitched lace along the bottom.


And as an added way to look friendly, ElizaDeath wears a rusty metal bow at the top of her dress. She used to wear a satin ribbon, but the kittens would constantly shred it and bite it and it looked awful.
And attached to her bow is her small rusty metal tag with her name.

ElizaDeath always goes out on Halloween night. There are other Grim Reapers Of Cats, but ElizaDeath is the one that handles the Halloween crowd.


And look! She even has a couple of kittens with her now. But don't worry, you won't hear of some tragic, horrible death that befell them.
Let's just say it had something to do with spare tires and spray paint and I'm still rather confused about the entire incident.

Anyway.....the little white 7 inch tall kitty is named Roger. See his muslin wings? And notice, he's totally smiling.
It can't be all THAT bad, right?
And the next little black 7 inch tall kitty is named Little Baphomet. He's ornery....he doesn't even have a face anymore. He erased it during the tires and paint tragedy. But, he does have wings, and that's what counts.
These cute kittens will be going out with ElizaDeath on Halloween night.
They're so excited.

While out walking the streets with her cat-face lantern and her 'boys', ElizaDeath sees Jeffery. He's the local black and white cat, and he's homeless.
But oh, NO. He was headed right for a car in a driveway. The car hadn't been there long, and it was cold outside. But the engine was still warm.
And you just KNOW where I'm going with this.
That's right, Jeffery thought about going up into the motor to get warm.
ElizaDeath couldn't stand it. There was no way she could let Jeffery do that to himself.

So, she held her metal cat-face lantern straight out and Jeffery caught sight of it. He was like a little deer caught in the headlights. He came closer and closer, feeling the warmth of the candle light. He had been spared of a nasty tragedy.

And being the little smart-butt that he was, Little Baphomet started doing his best Poltergeist movie impersonation...."Go to the light, Carol Ann, go to the light..."
Then Roger and Little Baphomet did kitten giggles and snickers.
ElizaDeath popped them in the back of the head.

Just then, they all caught sight of Tabbie Mae, the neighborhood 'ho cat.
She was a skinny Calico kitty that had been bred so many times her 'milk bag' was dragging the street. She had been attracted to the same driveway, and the same car. She was headed right for the small puddle of anti-freeze.
Again, ElizaDeath just couldn't let Tabbie Mae 'go out' in such a painful way.
Immediately, the four of them, including Jeffery, called out to Tabbie Mae and warned her of the dangers of partaking of the puddle-O-drugs.
Tabbie Mae was very grateful and joined the little group of strange cats. They led her to a nearby saucer of milk that was in someone's garage.

And even though cats are lactose intolerant and she'd probably end up with 'potty problems' later on that night, it was MUCH better than writhing in pain from anti-freeze.
Sometimes you just have to weigh-out the lesser of two evils.

For the rest of the evening the little huddle of cats grew larger and larger because ElizaDeath couldn't bring herself to reaping that night. Every cat that had used up the last of their nine lives was to meet their 'end' in a vicious, violent, horrible way, and ElizaDeath couldn't be a part of it...she just couldn't stand to see such.

So, from that night on ElizaDeath decided that Halloween Night would be Pardon Night...she gave all cats an extra life and spared them of a nasty demise.

Of course, as the little huddle of cats grew larger and got louder, someone called Animal Control and all but ElizaDeath was picked up and taken to animal-jail for being vagrants.
But that's another story.



Copyright September 2, 2004 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


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