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Primitive Folk Art Gothic Doll!

This doll has been a long time in the making...both figuratively, and materially. She's a follow up doll of a doll I made back on August 8, 2004. My soon-to-be-ex husband had just left me and I was devastated. So, as a way to channel all that hurt I made a doll and named her Devastated Kate.

Flash forward to now, April 11, 2007. Things sure are different today. So, pour yourself some tea, get comfortable, and let me update you.

When Devastated Kate was made she came with a sad story...and the beginning of the story had a short poem. It was this:

"Daddy won't be coming home",
She told the cats, then cried.
"He said he'd never go away",
Apparently, he lied.

Crying till her eyes fell out,
She holds her broken heart.
Her life will never be the same,
And neither will her art.

"I really tried to make it work..."
She told her Gothic Duck,
And if I want to sell this doll,
I'll change this word to LUCK.

Poor Devastated Kate. If you will remember, and I'm sure some of my long-time customers will remember her, Devastated Kate had no eyes, she had cried them all out.

Also, Devastated Kate carried a little heart-shaped pillow. It had a small knife plunged into the middle of the heart.

And, to add to her sadness, she carried a small black rubber duck. It was so Goth. And along with the picture of the duck on Devastated Kate's auction page, I had written this...
Her cats are also depressed. They sit and wait for 'soul-mate' to come home.
But he's never coming home again.
Devastated Kate turns her head to look breaks her heart even more to see innocent cats taking it so hard.
So she holds her black Gothic Duck. The duck isn't's dead.
It has white "X" eyes and a spot of blood from it's beak.

Doesn't that just break your heart?

As a last ditch effort to find her a new home, Devastated Kate had this to say....
Devastated Kate needs to take her broken heart and her dead duck and move on. She needs to go somewhere where she's loved and wanted and needed.

She comes to you complete with emotional baggage, scars, turmoil, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, a grudge, bitterness, distrust, abandonment issues, anger, sadness, depression, devastation, despondency, a Borderline Personality Disorder, irrational projection, and a fear of waterfalls and clowns.

But that was then, and this is now. Things sure are a lot better here in CattLand.
I would now like to introduce to you...

You slammed the door and drove away,
But soon I dried my eyes.
You'll never make me cry again,
'Cause now my strength's been tried.

I worked my fingers to the bone,
I knew my luck would change.
My heart did mend, and life got good,
But I'm a little strange.

What goes around will come around,
And you sure got it good.
And now you wish you stayed at home,
But that won't happen, dude!

Devastated Kate changed her name to Elated Kate...and she has a lot to be elated about these days.
She might be Goth, but her mood sure is sunny. It's enough to make you gag.

Elated Kate has a new best friend....New Soul Mate. That's the reason she's so happy. Now her cats have a new daddy. When he comes here to visit and Elated Kate yells out, "Daddy's home! Daddy's home!", the cats come running to the door. They love their new daddy.
Evil Old Soul Mate used to never give them the time of day.

Elated Kate and New Soul Mate are very happy together. And just like back when she was Devastated Kate, she still wears black, her BEST black clothes.
He likes her black clothes.

And, at 28 inches, Elated Kate stands tall. She wears a beautiful spider web skirt with a crushed black velvet bodice. It's adorned in black applique and black ribbon trim, much like she wore on the day of her divorce, which was September 1, 2006, from Evil Old Soul Mate.
Evil Old Soul Mate showed up at divorce court with a $400 an-hour lawyer. Devastated Kate couldn't afford a lawyer, so she had to do some research on the internet, plus engage in a great phone conversation with a friend named Blondiea, and she represented HERSELF.

Elated Kate was ready to do battle with The Devil, and his 'hired' Devil. She dressed herself in her best Gothic outfit. She wore a push-up bra and heaved her big chest out proudly.

And, to keep the Devils from staring at her ample breasts, she hung a big cross around her neck. She even put a swatch of black mesh across her breasts....a swatch that looked like a spider web and big red spider.
Besides, Devils, and even paid-for Devils, are usually afraid of Christian symbols, like crosses.

Then, Elated Kate put on her black lace fingerless gloves. And, taking those same delicate hands, she smoothed down her sexy spider web legs. She also placed her favorite black Patent Leather Mary Jane shoes upon her dainty feet.

Then, Elated Kate put on her make up and 'did' her black Alpaca wool roving hair. Just before walking out the door she grabbed her Gothic black rubber duck, and her black heart pillow.

Elated Kate felt somewhat intimidated in court, at first, but then she gathered strength. She was steadfast and knew what she wanted.
There would be no compromises.

That was the day that changed everything for Devastated Kate.
That's the day she truly became Elated Kate.
What a grand day of liberation, freedom, and a new start in life.
Evil Old Soul Mate and his paid-for Devil came there to see how much they'd lose.
Elated Kate came there to find out how much she'd win.
And what did she win?

Elated Kate nearly smiled at the thought of how well she did in court that day.
How well did she do?
Her divorce was granted.
She got her maiden name back.
The house was to be sold and she gets all the equity. Evil Old Soul Mate was to do all repairs necessary in order to put the house on the market.
She got every cent of the 401K, and Evil Old Soul Mate was to pay all the taxes and penalties.
She got to keep everything inside and outside the home.
She gets a life insurance policy that is to be taken out on Evil Old Soul Mate and Evil Old Soul Mate is to make all the premiums. AND, no one else can be named beneficiary.
She also got permanent alimony...more than what Evil Old Soul Mate wanted to pay.

And did I mention, Evil Old Soul Mate cried and cried the entire day.
Elated Kate did not. There was nothing to cry about.
It was all good in KateLand.

Elated Kate left court that day, elated. She took her black satin heart with the hand-crocheted trim, and she carefully wrapped it in barbed wire so it could be protected against being hurt again.
However, New Soul Mate was waiting in the wings with a big pair of wire cutters.

And, even though Elated Kate had to lose her dream home of 15 years, it all worked out in THAT area, too. A few hours after her divorce court, Elated Kate's girlfriend called and offered her a duplex for a GREAT low price.
She accepted her friend's offer.

Then, because Elated Kate's home was so big, it was full of stuff she couldn't take with her. So, she had the mother lode of all yard sales and made a vulgar amount of money from unwanted junk.
So, New Soul Mate took Elated Kate shopping and she bought all brand new appliances.

Elated Kate now lives in Spartanburg, South Carolina and she spends her weekends with her New Soul Mate and her cats and her Gothic black rubber duck. They are all happy.

And, because Elated Kate now gets some alimony, she doesn't have to work her fingers to the bone on dolls to sell on eBay. She took a long, long break from work. She no longer has to depend on eBay sales in order to buy milk for her tea and kitty litter for her cats, if she was lucky. Sales still pretty much suck, but it's not like she depends on it like she was doing for so long.

Anyway....Elated Kate and New Soul Mate continue to have small hills of melted candle wax on the floor in front of the fireplace, lovely nights spent in front of a warm crackling fire, kissing by the amber glow of candle light, writing sad poetry together, reading passages from the many works of Edgar Allan Poe, and painting their fingernails black. They also watch a great deal of Fox News every night and discuss the important issues of the day.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Greenville, South Carolina, Evil Old Soul Mate is living with a bitter, jealous, possessive, evil Souless woman.
There IS a GOD.
He had to sell all of his belongings in order to move into her house, which he did a year ago. He's not allowed to have anything that he had with me, even though we were married for 20 years.
He can't have photographs, furniture, or even the clothes I made for him.
He isn't allowed to listen to the music of Fleetwood Mac, U2, or any music that Evil Old Soul Mate and I liked, or concerts that we attended during our marriage.
He's miserable, and he's even told me such. He's trapped and can't afford to leave her.

The irony is, he left me so he could 'be happier'. But I'M the one who ended up VERY happy.

Elated Kate's boys are very happy now. They love their new home.

So, what's the moral of this story? There are several.......Be careful what you wish for.....What goes around comes around.....Sometimes you just don't need an expensive lawyer......Some things are worth waiting for, like waiting 20 years to be THIS happy....and, NEVER underestimate the power of GOTH!

Copyright April 11, 2007 Catt Alexander


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