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Gothic Vampire Cat!


"Vlad DracuCat"


This is the only other DracuCat I made for this year.

It all began during the last full moon we had..... in the middle of the night.......around 'dark-thirty', or so. There was a knock on our front door.
In the distance, a dog barked.
(don't they always?)

My cats, (Cecil and Simon) were entertaining a girl kitty that night. She was a friend and was sleeping over.
My cats are 'fixed', so it was strictly a platonic relationship.
The girl kitty, however, had NOT been fixed. (she would have been spayed, if she were my cat)

Les and I stumbled sleepily to the door and the cats followed closely behind.
The door opened by itself!
We could see the huge yellow moon behind a shadowy figure that stood there, motionless.
The cats immediately sensed that something wasn't right. They began to bow and swell up, trying to appear to be more intimidating..... if.


Slowly, the mysterious figure stepped forward and a wispy fog rolled in and around his feet. We were all scared, except for Les. He just went back to bed.
....he would.....


Just then, the dark figure spoke. The odd thing was.....he didn't have a Transylvanian accent, like I expected. Instead, he sounded more like The Godfather.
He said his name was Vlad DracuCat.
At that very moment a wolf howled, the door slammed shut, and Simon voided himself.


Vlad DracuCat was as handsome as he was scary. He was at least 29 inches tall. He was made of muslin and painted black and sanded down.


His eyes were a deep orange and half covered with heavy eyelids. His nose had been sculpted and he had a puffy pom-pom muzzle that sprouted sleek black whiskers.


But we couldn't help noticing that his white wooden fangs were unusually long and hung well past his puffy black muzzle.
We should have realized right then and there that he wasn't like 'normal' cats.


We also noted that jutting out from around his head was a stiff black collar.......a collar that was attached to a long black cape that cascaded over his shoulders like the night itself.


The black cape was tied with two small pieces of black ribbon at the collar section of his white heavily stained shirt.
The shirt's collar was tall around his neck and the tips of the collar was tacked down to the front of his shirt.


And there, in the center of his upper shirt, was a metal neck pendant in the shape of a BAT.
That was yet another clue that he was of a darker world than ours.
This is a picture of the actual pendant on this doll.


Neatly covering Vlad DracuCat's shirt was a fine black, lined, six-button vest. And beneath his vest was his red cummerbund. His black pants completed his very GQ look and I swear I heard the girl kitty swoon.



He was quite tailored, right down to his gloves and svelte cuffs and red-jewel cuff links.

It was evident that Vlad DracuCat took a lot of pride in his appearance.


While drinking in DracuCat's suave attire, we heard very rapid panting.
(more like very rabid panting.....)
And there, hanging from DracuCat's left hand, was his pet BAT!!!


We couldn't help but to wonder what evils we had invited into our home.


Suddenly, it became very clear that the only one in our home that was falling under the spell of Vlad DracuCat was my cat's friend....the swooning kitty. Since Les had gone on to bed earlier, that only left HER to be the only one who hadn't been fixed.
You see where the moral of this story is going, don't you?


We've GOT to get Vlad DracuCat out of this house. Cecil is beginning to change. He's Drac'ing......see his fangs?
He's such a show off.....

Copyright September 21, 2003 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


Special thanks to eBay seller imosh for the fantastic Bat pendant.


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