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'Doll House'


In December of 1990 I began a life-long dream of finally building a doll house. I my_first_dollhouse.jpg (18590 bytes) had  been given one  when I was a little was metal and nothing in it would move.  (I was the one hiding behind the doll house....I hated having my picture taken) 

I would see, very rarely, a doll house in a movie, or a magazine, and would marvel at the miniatures and their details. Buy the way, I do have Plexi-glass doors on my doll house...I don't want to keep up with the dust of two houses!

The doll house I built took about seven years and I am still not finished. I was doll_house_full_view.jpg (37671 bytes) telling someone the other day that I don't think I want to finish it. And I'm not quite ready to take on the challenge of another one...yet. I still have wall paper to put up, and baseboards...painting and curtains, and all kinds of endless details before I can say that I am finished. But I still put all my little things in it.

These photos that I have were taken a few years ago, before I bought my good camera. I need to go in and take all new pictures and I will do this very soon. But for now,  I have these to show you. I have done more work to the doll house, even since these pictures were taken, and it's killing me that you aren't going to see the way it looks now, but you will.

And have you seen the prices of doll house furnishings? Needless to say, I made a lot of things's amazing what you can make out of ordinary things...a toothpaste cap can be a lamp shade...a smaller cap becomes a smoke detector...carpet tacks become candles, complete with stands. I have so much fun inventing things for my doll house. There is a doll house store in the next town and I like to go there and look at what they have and come home and make it.



This is my very favorite room in the doll house, and it looks a lot like my own kitchen...I love a country house and a big, cozy kitchen. I even have pet bowls in the kitchen in front of the refrigerator. doll_house_kitchen_straight_in.jpg (40657 bytes) For the water in the bowl I used a couple drops of hot glue. When it dries it looks like water. On the back of the kitchen wall you see a black and white 'Kit Kat Clock'. I have a real one and I made this one out of Play-Doh and then I painted it to match mine. I made a cuckoo clock in much the same way and did fancy painting on it. On the kitchen sink you will notice a little wooden drain board for the dishes...I made that from toothpicks. And I hand carved the bar of soap from real soap. I also hand-painted my dishes with Pennsylvania Dutch Tole work.

 doll_house_sink_area.jpg (37086 bytes) doll_house_kitchen_right_side.jpg (40834 bytes)



This was another favorite room to decorate and make things for. I even have Listerine and floss. I used doll_house_bathroom_front.jpg (26724 bytes) miniature wooden spools and wound real strips of toilet paper around them to make rolls of toilet paper. There is even a kitty in the cat box. That is a hot water bottle on the wall...what were you thinking? I made Q-tips and towels and even the back brush. You'd be surprised at the things that you can make yourself.

You have to have the hands of a surgeon and the patience of Job to make a doll house. I wouldn't let my mama_cleaning.jpg (24146 bytes)ex-husband near it. He has HUGE hands that look like a pack of Ball Park Franks hot dogs. One time he got around my doll house, bumped into it, and knocked a lot of things over. He thought he could fix it back. When I got home and looked at it, it looked like it had been robbed and trashed. I also won't let him wash my sweaters. Children can wear some of the clothes that used to fit me before my ex washed them.

 doll_house_bathroom_sink.jpg (44831 bytes) bathroom_boy.jpg (44263 bytes) doll_house_bathroom_left.jpg (38662 bytes)



I'm not happy with these photos at all, but you do get the idea of how they look. The living room has much more in it. The hard wood floors were done one board at a time...very time-consuming. On the master bedroom floor you can see the cuckoo clock I made. I hadn't hung it up yet when the pictures were taken. A girlfriend of mine was visiting London, England and bought a miniature suit of armor for my doll house. I treasure that. I hadn't received it  yet when the pictures were taken, so that's why you don't see it.

doll_house_living_room.jpg (30415 bytes) living_room_couch.jpg (28603 bytes)

bedroom_left_corner.jpg (32998 bytes) doll_house_bedroom_bed.jpg (30375 bytes)



The attic and sewing room needs a ton of work done to it. I have more that I have done to this section now, but I still have a lot to do. In my own house my sewing room is a lot bigger than this room...and because I am a seamstress, I would have to have a large sewing room in my doll house. 

Next we have my precious Maytag washer. I paid $42.00 for this washer. It has real rubber hoses and doll_house_washer.jpg (23844 bytes) wheels and all the little parts move. And it is metal...very well made....well, it's a Maytag! And because I live in the south, I knew to roll it out on the porch. This is my most prized possession for my doll house.


doll_house_more_sewing_room.jpg (35460 bytes) doll_house_sewing_room.jpg (32324 bytes)


 doll_house_deed.jpg (60925 bytes)I even have a deed for my doll house. I used to call the house 'Scruggwood'. But since my divorce I now call it 'Alexander Manor'.

I read a story one time that an elderly man, in his retirement, made his wife a doll house. It was an exact replica of their own home. The doll house meant the world to the woman. She and her husband made out their wills and the children, all daughters, wondered who would inherit this treasure. When the woman passed away her husband burned the doll house, as his wife requested. They had decided that the house was for her and her alone. 


'The General Store'

 general_store.jpg (40233 bytes)  

Before I ever built my doll house I built a little General Store. This was sort of like a practice run for me. The gen.store_left.jpg (37254 bytes) nice thing about having these things is that you can always move things around and buy things to add to them. Both the doll house and the General Store are built on a one inch scale. The little glass jars filled with food are actually empty vaccine vials from when I worked at the animal clinic. I would just clean them up, instead of throwing them away, and put real food in them. They resemble large apothecary jars.



gen._store_inside_right.jpg (27294 bytes) gen._store_back_wall.jpg (37143 bytes)

gen._store_inside_left.jpg (34256 bytes)      


I will replace these photos with ones that are up-to-date very soon!