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'Dogs And Neighbors'


To the annoying neighbors everywhere who think that writing nasty letters to me and signing my guestbook will change my mind , it won't work. Nothing you can scrawl will ever make me see your point of view that your dog or YOU could never be annoying. 

You are wasting your time because I delete your entry from my guestbook, and I 'bounce' your unwanted emails from my MailWasher program, unread.

This is MY website and MY opinion. I'm not interested in YOURS. Go build your own website and tell the world how you and your yapping dog have a right to disturb everyone else's peace and quiet.

For those of you seeking to learn what you can do about neighbors with barking dogs that disturb your right to peace and quiet, read on.....this page may give you hope! There is something you can do about it. My problem has since been solved, hopefully yours will be, too.

I am not a dog person, I am more of a feline / primate / reptile kind of a person, not a dog person. It doesn't mean I don't like them or hate them....I just don't want to own one. They demand a lot of attention, and I am responsible enough to know that I cannot provide all that a dog needs. So, I do not have one. If I can't take care of it....I don't need it. What's the point?

used_to_look2.JPG (26291 bytes)When my ex-husband and I bought this house years ago, we were surrounded by beautiful woods. It was peaceful, quiet, and exactly where we wanted to be. I didn't want to have very close neighbors with loud kids and barking dogs. That is my right....that is my desire. I have had my fill of apartments, neighbors, dogs, noise, all of it. I was finally in a position to live where I 'wanted', not where I 'had' to live. 

On July 10, 1997...on a Thursday afternoon, I discovered that the land that surrounded our home was sold, and going to be turned into 123 lots for pre-fab homes.....TRAILERS.....modular homes....factory built homes.

 Apparently, some company up north decided that they were going to have a 'factory-built-home-haven' and become rich. They knew that the south was famous for trailer homes. The town we live in is the fastest growing community in all of South Carolina. So, these guys thought this was a great investment....uh-huh...

This house, when it was built, was owned by one of the wealthiest people in the county. They owned an impressive amount of land that surrounded the house. As the years went by, things changed. This house used to have more land with it, but not by the time we bought it. The rest of the land now belonged to other members of the same family. It is my understanding that the patriarch of this family always said that he did not want his land sold off when he died. He didn't want a trailer  park on what used to be his land. So, the minute that man died, his greedy kids sold that land to the first person that came their way, and he had a big ol' 'trailer grin' on his face. 

Now, what they should have done is get themselves some land out in Possum Kingdom, or Sugar Tit....maybe in Fingerville, or Una... perhaps in Dark Corner...maybe Due West....yes, those are real places in South Carolina.

house_jan_3_2.jpg (18306 bytes)For the past four years I have been listening to the sounds of chain-saws, tractors, trees falling, motors, dynamite blasts, worker's radios, and hammers. As you can see in this picture, the woods are gone.....and from our deck, all we see now is the ugly pre-fab homes that have taken the place of woods. 

I have had my phone lines cut, by accident, while roads were being cut in. As this project progressed, those beautiful woods were brought down and my wonderful scenery is now the back end of plain, boring trailers. I don't care what you call them, they came in here on wheels....they are trailers!

 But I have not complained about it ...stated my opinion...and you know I do, but I understand progress. I don't have to like it and I don't like having this trailer park behind my house, but I've been a good sport about it all until fairly recently.

And it's not like we were looking at a bare lot when we moved here....there was nothing here but woods. No one saw this coming. Everyone that we knew was stunned at this. And, before I continue, I love telling you that the whole thing isn't as successful as they had hoped (she said gloating and smiling). The trailers were not selling as planned. The developers were to clear the land and this other company had the task of selling the trailers to set on the land....and they were dragging their feet about it. Oh, they have sold some.....but the rest of the land will have 'homes built on it', not drove in on wheels. That's a good thing. Good recovery, don't you think?

There are maybe eight of those trailers here now. And my ex-husband and I started to see a the people moved in, for reasons we don't understand, the first thing these folks did was to go out and get themselves a dog, and tie it up in the back yard. Why? 

And we're not talking about people who are responsible dog owners....we're talking about people who put the dog out, tie it up, and have no shelter....we see no water or food bowls....and it's hot down here. And they are all you know how much puppies bark and whine?

We have other neighbors that moved in not far from us, and they have a puppy out in the yard, too, and it barks, but not as bad as some. However, I can't say anything on this page about them at all. Although we've had no trouble from them, if I mention the fact that they are black, everyone will automatically think that I am singling them out 'because they are black'. So, I'll just stick to talking about the 'white trash' that lives near me. But I do want to go on record as stating that I do NOT have trouble with the black neighbors. 

Well, I will admit that it is unsightly to see that their method of drying their clothes includes draping them over the parked cars on the property instead of using a clothesline. You look out and you see that they have clothes laid across everything. But....can't say anything...I'll be called a raciest. God forbid I point out anything that I see. It's okay for THEM to say anything they want about WHITE people, but I'm not 'allowed' to say a word about THEIR culture and how it clashes with OURS. 

Of course now we have a different problem...they pay absolutely NO attention to their dog at all, and they also never, ever 'clean up' after their dog. That dog has been in the exact same spot for a few months now and the 'dog do' is so bad that the smell is wafting over to our place, .and just walking up to the front of our door is enough to gag you.

I mean, it would make you sick to your stomach. Plus, their pup is a full-fledged 'Blab-a-dor'.....all he does is yap, yap, yap....all day and all night, and most of the time it has no food or water. 

So, as usual, it's up to Les and I to call Animal Control and report it....everyone else in the neighborhood has their own tail between their legs and is afraid to say anything. No one wants to be accused of 'starting anything'.

 I do want to say this.....we have a family that lives directly in back of us. They have three dogs, and we never hear them. These people are the 'poster children' of what a responsible dog owner is. They REALLY take care of their animals. They can be seen walking their dogs all the time. The dogs live in the house with the family. We also see them in their back yard cleaning up the 'dog do'. We could not ask for nicer people. I am so glad that they are the ones that moved in right behind us. So, anything I may say in this story DOES NOT include them. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about them. But I can't say that about the rest of the neighbors.

On Wednesday, June 7th, Les and I awoke to the sound of explosions. Our neighbors, the ones who had loud domestic disputes occasionally, were at it again...only this time, the man set his wife's car on fire. So, being the ghouls that we are, we got out of our beds and went outside to stand in the front of our yard and watch the car blow up and burn the side of the trailer. Les called 911. 

We live maybe a quarter of a mile from the fire house, so, the fire trucks arrived very quickly. I just knew that when the fire was put out that there would be a dead body in the front seat. But there wasn't one died that night. No, this man waited until he was in front of the judge to threaten to kill his wife. We do not live in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood anymore. No, we live in front of a trailer park now....and this is, I guess, typical southern trailer park entertainment.

bad_neighbor.jpg (72911 bytes) 

These people have a dog, too. They kept in inside, but once in a while they would tie it up to a tree outside and let it bark it's little head off. But, they are moving now....the man is still in jail and we see evidence that they won't be a part of the neighborhood. I shudder to think of what or who will move in next. It's your classic 'garden variety' double wide. That in itself can be attractive to a number of people down here. And I have no idea as to why. I mean, we live at the tip of 'Tornado Alley'.....I bought a house with a basement....for that reason. I feel like one else around here has a basement.

Then came 'the neighborhood idiot'.....the epitome of white trash...the kind of person that no one wants in their neighborhood...and he was now a proud owner of one of the new 'Cape' trailers...that's right, a 'two story' model. And he went right out and put all of the proper 'accessories' in his back yard....the huge trampoline, the swing-set, the above-ground pool, and he even had some cement poured around a tree and trenched it out to make a moat....don't ask...I heard that he wanted to put gold-fish in it soon. (Don't get me started on that one) 

He also has a 'wind sock' hanging on the porch and a 'country-style' bench to sit on....and no one sits on it. And at any given week, you can see another vehicle in his yard....always 'new to him'...someone else's junky car or truck. He has several. I'm just waiting for the truck-tire flower beds and aluminum can collection in clear plastic garbage bags.

And Idiot classic....he's a know, long-waisted, with an inseam of about 12 inches. Huge belly, and no shoulders....his neck goes right into his waist....he has that 'sausage casing body' and he wears those long shorts...I hate those things....they make an already bad physique look even worse. (I have never seen those kind of shorts to look good on anyone. Just because it's in style doesn't mean it looks good) And he'll have on either a muscle shirt or an over-size tee shirt. And slow.....let me tell you, if he was any slower when he walked, you'd have to check his pulse. He's like a slow, southern slug. And you know it's bad when I can look out of my bathroom window and see the hair on his back........eeeeewwwwww.

So, what else did he need to put in his small back yard?.....that's right, what home would be complete without the 'neglected dog'? So, he ties this black dog up to the little wooden bridge in his back yard. The bridge was built over the creek that runs along his back yard. And now he had his dog tied up to it without any other means of shelter. And that dog barked his head off all day long. And it's not just a's a shrill, loud,  'bust-your-ear-drum' kind of a bark. The one that pierces through your ears, penetrates your brain and exits your eyes.

Idiot ended up losing his job, so, he just meandered around his property in full view of his barking dog and continued to neglect it. He would feed it maybe once a day, or when he was good and ready.

My ex-husband approached him five different times about his dog barking because it was annoying us. Les tried to reason with him and talked to him very nice about it all.  And it wasn't because  his dog was just's the 'kind' of was that 'neglected dog' kind of barking. I can understand that a dog will bark, but I can also tell you that any dog that is tied up and neglected will turn into a chronic barker. That's not fun for the REST of us who have to listen to it day in and day out while the owners tune it out.

I couldn't raise my windows and enjoy the nice breeze this spring.....all I could hear was that dog. Any dog that is tied up is bored and lonely, and desperate. They turn their water bowl over, they are hungry, they are in their own fecal matter, urine, and they are flea-infested...and the Carolinas are notorious for ticks from the vast amount of pine trees. 

Plus, they see their owners out walking around and they want to be with them. This guy didn't care. He could tune that dog's barking out as though it wasn't making a sound. He spent his days wandering around his property, aimlessly, setting his dog off.

You remember the Son Of Sam, don't you? And what was it that was pushing him over the edge.....THE BARKING DOG. I really wanted to tell Idiot that he must do something with his dog....that it was 'barking instructions' to me to go on a killing spree.

I was getting so fed up with him. He would be sitting outside or just walking around and tuning his dog's barking out. Then he was calling Les and I 'cry-babies' because we said something to him about it. I couldn't even go out in the sun or sit on the deck and write.....bark, bark, bark.....that's all I heard all day long.

 And I'm writing a book...I'd love to work on the rough drafts out on the deck, but I can't. Three years ago Les and I built a great deck...put a fireplace on it and everything. It's heavenly out there, but not anymore.

What else were we supposed to do? His right to have a dog was encroaching on my right to peace and quiet. I chose not to have a dog, why did I have to put up with his? He was not working, his wife never leaves the house...they have one child (thank God...stupid people should never breed)....why couldn't he spend more time with his dog? Why did he neglect it all the time? What possible excuse could he have? And just like our 'good neighbors' said,  Idiot is robbing himself of the joys of a good pet. He's missing out on the best part of having a dog, the wonderful companionship.

Which brings us to the fact that I had worked at the Spartanburg Animal Shelter for two years. I knew every animal control officer there the city of Spartanburg, and in the county. I also knew something about rights and nuisance laws, as well. I used to have to answer the phone every day and talk to irate people who had noisy dogs in the neighborhood. I had to advise them as to what to do, what not to do, and who to call. And Les and I knew exactly who to good buddy Cherie....she was in charge of my particular area...and she told us what needed to be done. 

And let me tell you about Cherie...she was the first girl I met at the shelter on the day of my interview. She didn't readily smile...I didn't even know she had teeth! She's a big girl, too..... And she has the sides of her head shaved, the rest of her hair is long, and she has 30 tattoos. She means what she says....says what she means. 

I used to ride with her to and from work every day. I got to know her real well....and I also know what she doesn't like.....guys like Idiot. 

When you work at the shelter, you see guys like Idiot all the time and they make you dislike them and their 'narrow-minded' thinking. It didn't take Cherie and I long to realize that there was a difference between being ignorant and refusing to be taught. 

Idiot refused to be taught.

Steps had to be taken. For one thing, it helps your case when other people lodge a complaint, as well. That way it doesn't look like a personal thing between you and the offending neighbor. Did we have neighborhood support? one said a word. No one wanted to complain. Oh, they complained to 'each other' and even to us, behind Idiot's back, but not to his face. Pack of chickens, they were.

Cherie went down there anyway and told him what was and was not tolerated with dogs in a residential neighborhood. Animal control is there to protect my rights, as well as the welfare of animals. Guys like 'Idiot' can't just move in and let his dog bark all the time. He has to think of the rights of his neighbors , they like to have peace and quiet. And like I said, I understand that a dog will bark, but not like this. Guys like him are a nightmare. There is a big difference between a dog that is barking because it's happy and excited and a dog that is frustrated from neglect. 

After the animal control officer had visited with him, Idiot went out and got himself THREE MORE PUPPIES and let them run loose in his yard. I guess I don't need to tell you that he does not have a fence. 

The neighbors said that the puppies were going into their yards, too. This was spite. This was direct revenge towards us for calling animal control. Hey, at least I called the proper authorities and didn't take matters into my own hands, like shoot him with my high-powered BB gun or something. Not that I have one or anything.....  (she says with an evil grin)

But this is how stupid he is.....animal control told him the consequences for breaking the leash laws and nuisance laws....$125.00 fine for the nuisance law...each time....$250.00 fine for not having the proper vaccinations, like a rabies shot and visible tag, $450.00 fine for animal cruelty, if he did not get his dog a dog house or acceptable means of shelter, etc. And what does he do when animal control visits him because of ONE barking dog? He goes out and acquires THREE MORE PUPPIES. Yeah, he sure is going to show us, isn't he? No one is going to tell HIM what he can and cannot do.

We get animal control back out here again...and she talks to him, again. He promises to build three more dog houses by that coming weekend. At this point he had one dog house, finally, and thought it was alright to tie all the dogs up to the same tiny dog house. Not the brightest bulb in the hallway, is he?

Now we had to listen to all of them bark all the time. The neighbors were complaining to each other, but not to him. They didn't want to 'start anything'......hey, WE didn't want to start anything either. We wanted to 'end' it....HE'S the one who started it by disrupting our peace and quiet with his neglected dogs. 

  • You know, not everyone enjoys hearing a barking dog. 

  • Not everyone thinks it's alright if your dog comes in the yard and destroys your things. 

  • Not everyone wants a dog tearing into the trash and putting it all over the yard. 

  • Not everyone wants to walk around in their yard cleaning up dog-do. When you choose to move into a residential neighborhood, you have to think of the neighbors, not just yourself. You are responsible for your children and your animals. 

  • Not everyone wants to share your responsibilities. Les and I didn't  choose to live in a residential was built around us three years after we moved in. And even so, the new neighbors have to be responsible for those around them....and that includes us. 

We also noticed that it didn't take long for Idiot to move the dog house close to the fringes of the woods and away from his house. Oh, don't tell me that now HE was turning into a cry baby. Did the puppies barking somehow disturb him? Well, this time he went a step farther....he tied all three puppies up to cinder blocks on the other side of his yard, well away from his house, and they had no shelter, no food, no water. We could see them as plain as day from our deck and our bathroom window. The sun was hot and there wasn't even a tree for them to go under. That was on a Sunday. It rained Sunday afternoon. Surely, Idiot will put those puppies somewhere....nope! Still, no food, no water, no shelter.

And what really disgusts me is that every neighbor we have saw the same thing and not one person called animal control. WE  had to do it. We could not just stand by and see something like that and not say anything. The neighbors were upset by it, too, but not enough to say anything about it. 

From what I've seen and learned at the animal shelter and from dealing with idiots and apathetic neighbors, if someone sees animal abuse and cruelty like this and says and does nothing .....they are just as guilty. 

A friend of mine has a really good saying..."If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything"....and that is so true. No one here was making a stand against this kind of neglect and cruelty. They wanted to complain about it, but only in the form of gossip. They wanted to appear to really be concerned for the animal's welfare, but they wanted to say and do nothing to the proper authorities in order to get something done. 

I have no use for people like that......they are cowards.

Well, come Monday morning, it was thundering, lightening, and raining. It was a summer storm and I could not believe my eyes. There they were, those poor unprotected puppies, out in that storm...still no food or water or shelter. 

Les called animal control immediately and Cherie was here in no time. What a sight that must have animal control officer's dream day.....Monday morning...puppies tied up to a cinder block with no food, water, or shelter....wet puppies in the rain....IN A THUNDERSTORM.....

And to add insult to injury,  Idiot was upstairs in his house asleep, sleeping in on a Monday morning...rain hitting the roof....nice dry bed....he was probably laying there all swelled up....comfortable...and Cherie was outside on his porch knocking on that door. Woke him right up. That's right....I wasn't missing a thing. I was on the phone with Les and telling him everything that was going on....standing at my bathroom window.

When Idiot came to the door, he was scary. He had 'bed-head', was half asleep, and I saw Cherie,( who was soaking wet from going around and seeing the sinful deed for herself), standing on the porch and reading him the 'animal rights act'. He sat down on the bench that is never sat in and just hung his head. I was up here yelling and laughing at him....of course, no one heard me but Les. I was elated, to say the least. 

"Ol' puppy man....puppy-boy....gonna teach the Scruggs a lesson....gonna show us, aren't you, you dog-neglector?"

Then I saw Idiot and Cherie walk back behind the house and carry the wet puppies under their arms. Idiot carried two of them and he was headed to the animal control truck. You do the math, if Cherie hadn't taken some puppies with her that day, imagine the cost of this fine! It was 'pay the fines' or 'give up the puppies'.

They hung onto one of them.....Idiot's wife insisted on keeping "that thar fluffy one". Cherie made them promise to keep it in the house, and no where else, until they got it a dog house. 

No, I do not feel guilty that they went to the dog shelter. They had a better chance there than with Idiot. At least they wouldn't be suffering and going without food, water, and shelter. At least being puppies they had a better chance of being adopted to a family that could take better care of them. Cherie called us later and told us what had transpired between her and Idiot....filling in the details. 

And wouldn't you know, Idiot did it again in a few days. He sure did, he had that puppy tied up in the exact same place as when they were all in the thunderstorm. Animal control was called again. This time, they gave up the black dog, the original dog from the beginning. Now the dog house was freed up to put the puppy in. Can you imagine what the carpet in that trailer must have been like after several days? 

We won!  

"Ha, ha, Idiot! You don't get to move in MY neighborhood and bring it down to your level. You don't get to destroy MY peace and quiet with your neglected dogs. You don't get to abuse your animals and not have something done about it". 

It's up to Les and I to set the standard in this neighborhood. We are at the top of the hill....I feel like a sentinel.  We can't do anything about that trailer park being dropped in behind us like this, but we can work within the law to keep it tolerable. It's a much quieter place to live now, sort of like it used to be before Idiot and the Pyromaniac moved in.

It still disgusts me how many cowards live around us. They all saw the neglect and abuse....they got a better view of it than we did...and they did nothing about it. They just talked among themselves about it  and how awful it was....blah, blah, blah. They are just as guilty as Idiot. 

By their silence they are condoning it. How can people look out and see that and say and do nothing? I have no respect for any of them...I haven't even waved at any of them....well, okay, I waved, but not with all of my fingers.

There is a house being built right beside of Idiot...and they are an elderly couple...and when they first bought the property and met Idiot, they asked him right away what he was going to do about his barking dog....they didn't want to live next door to a barking dog. 

Who does? 

Just because Idiot can tune it out doesn't mean that WE can. So, this is what I like about it, the house is almost finished and I know that Idiot is living right next door to his future complainers....our back-up, our fellow supporters. I couldn't write it this good!

There are a lot of people out there who are forced to hear dogs barking in residential neighborhoods. The owners of the dogs turn them loose to run the neighborhood and destroy property and be a nuisance. 

My wonderful cat Rock was killed by a pack of dogs that were allowed to roam the neighborhood. Or, the owners tie the dogs up in the back yard and neglect them....creating the 'chronic barking dog'. A lot of people don't think that anything can be done about it....but something can be done about it. All they have to do is call the local animal shelter or animal control. They can find out what the laws are and what steps to take. When the proper authorities are called they can get the irresponsible dog owners right in the wallet...and with court appearances and fines.....then maybe  something can get done about it. 

And talk to your other neighbors about the situation...see if any of them have a back-bone and will lend their support. The more people you have to support you in your complaint, the faster things will be taken care of.....

I just want you all to know that the idiots don't have to win. Our village idiot didn't win.

Idiot is moving!!!

On July 20, 2000 at shortly after 3:00 in the afternoon, I looked out of my window and there it was....a big U-haul was backed up to the front door of Idiot's house and it was being loaded with his stuff.....gone, buh-bye. His wife left him, packed up everything and left him. He is losing his house, which is something that I wouldn't wish on anyone, but I'm just happy to see him go. I have learned that he plans to stay in the house until the bank MAKES him move. 

Plus, I have also learned that the wife-beating pyromaniac is out of jail, and he, too, is losing his house. I heard that he is doing the same thing....he is staying until the bank MAKES him leave.  Both he and Idiot have lost their jobs, their wives, and now their houses. I just hope that one of them doesn't take the notion to do some kind of a stand a shoot out...torch the neighborhood...take a hostage.

And.....the 'pyromaniac' also moved out. He's gone.

Another update is that the black neighbors that we have finally got rid of their dog. The smell emitting from their yard was awful. We called animal control and they came out and had a talk with them. Why did they even have a dog? We never once saw them give it any was just tied up and left there. I guess when they realized that animal control was going to hit them in their wallet, they re-thought their decision to have a dog. And now we don't have to hear that dog bark all day or smell the stench from where they are too lazy to clean up after it. 

It is now September 2000.....and this past weekend my husband and I were able to go out onto our deck, cook out some hamburgers, and enjoy the peace and quiet barking smell of fecal matter wafting over towards our property, because of people who are too stupid and lazy to clean up after their was nirvana! 

And this is the way the neighborhood should be. Oh, sure, there are still dog owners here, but they are responsible. They do not neglect their dogs...and their dogs are not chronic barkers. We never hear their dogs.


Of Interest To Those Who Own Dogs!

I have site trackers on my site so I can monitor my success on the search engines. I take note of the keywords in which my site is found. You would be stunned to know how many people are typing in things on the search engines in order to find ways to kill their neighbor's dogs. That's how annoying and frustrating it is to live next door to a yapping dog. 

I also see where they are typing in ways of plotting revenge on neighbors who allow the peace and quiet of the neighborhood to be ruined just because of a neglected dog. People are taking these things into their own hands. It's not fair for a person to have their right to peace and quiet ripped away from them. Think of how it would be if it were the other way around. 

This world is getting really out of hand with folks who take things into their own hands....and let me tell you, you never know if you are living next door to one of those people who could just 'snap' and take everyone's something to think about.

What if you live next door to someone who just lost his job, maybe his wife, too....what if he just snaps one day and decides he's had enough of everything, including that yapping dog? What if he starts with the dog and just ends up taking everything and everyone with him? You know the news we hear can happen. You just never know who is at the end of his rope. 

Well, on June 2001 and we noticed that the black folks beside us have not learned their lesson in how to be a better dog owner. These people have gotten themselves another puppy, and it's not quiet, and it has no shelter. We went through all of this earlier in the year and animal control had to deal with them...and here they are, sticking another neglected puppy in their yard. Some folks just never learn.

After a little over a year of dealing with the barking dog, the black neighbors finally got rid of the dog....probably around June 2002, give or take.'s where justice comes in.....there are new neighbors living next to the black folks, they moved into the pyromaniac's old trailer. The new neighbors have a dog, and it barks, and I hope it's driving those folks crazy. I hope they now know what it was like to deal with THEIR dog. I love that we can't really hear the new neighbor's dog, but the black folks sure can. They deserve it!

What goes around, comes around.


More Updates and Adventures With Dogs!

I moved into a new place in November 2006, a duplex. This is the most bucolic, peaceful neighborhood I've ever lived in. I'm amazed at how quiet it is here. 

I rent this duplex from my girlfriend. And beside my duplex is another duplex that was being built. My girlfriend said they had been working on it for years and probably wouldn't be finished for another few years. 

Well, exactly one year to the very month of my moving in, that duplex was not only finished being built, but it was marketed, sold, rented, and the new renters put two little Yorkies in a penned area in that tiny backyard.


No kidding. And to make matters even worse, I had just broken my femur. I had been in the hospital and had surgery. Eleven days later I was released to go home. And it was THAT VERY WEEKEND that the dogs were put into the backyard.

I could tell the dogs had never been outside like this before. Also, they are NOT 'outside' dogs. They are small and delicate.

So, guess what I had to deal with? Bark, bark, bark ALL damned day. And there were TWO.

No kidding, one of the dogs would take a dump and the other one would turn around and bark at it. I was being driven insane with this. There was NO PEACE in the neighborhood.

And, the owner of the dogs was a smoker. However, the landlord over there will not allow animals OR smoking in that duplex. So, that meant that every time that woman wanted to smoke, she had to come outside, and that only set her dogs off even MORE. 

I'm VERY close to that duplex. I heard those dogs every time they opened their mouths, which was all the time. You know how small dogs are.

Well, one day I called Animal Control. I hadn't had to call and complain about dogs in YEARS...not since that problem I had at the beginning of this page.

And guess what...Cherie was the Animal Control Officer  of THIS area, as well as the area I used to live in. How cool is THAT!

She had a talk with them AND gave them a fine. After all, those yapping dogs were destroying the peace and quiet in this neighborhood. They don't get to do that. Me and all my neighbors are NOT going to resign to the fact that 'that's what dogs do'. We have no dogs because we like the peace and quiet. None of us have dogs.

And it's not that we're against dogs...we're against dogs that bark all day long and disrupt OUR peace and quiet because the dogs are being neglected. Why should WE suffer? 

If people want dogs, they need to take care of them. You can't just get a dog, park it in the back yard, tune it out, and let your neighbors suffer with all the non-stop barking. We have a right to peace and quiet. And another person's right to a dog doesn't get to step all over OUR rights.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the dog people from hell, THEY were dealing with a black family that was giving them grief. You could look outside on any given day and see drug deals right in the front yard.

Plus, at night, and sometimes during the day, you could expect the cops to show up because the men were beating their women. They were running out of the house screaming, etc.

They also washed all their cars, and their friend's cars in the front yard. They played their loud music as loud as they could from all the vehicles...and each vehicle had a different song going.

It was a nightmare for everyone.

The 'dog people' and the blacks got into it one day because of all the noises and nightly beatings. They were sick of it. No one could get any sleep, the drug deals were scary, etc.

Next thing you know, the 'dog people's' cat was poisoned and it died. How horrible! The blacks had threatened to do something to the 'dog people's' pets, and they made good on their word. The 'dog people' were scared to death that the dogs would be next.

So, 'dog people' were breaking their lease and moving out early.

YAY! I finally got my neighborhood back! The black folks were booted out, too. 

So, now there are new neighbors on both sides of that duplex. They are both black families, but they are so nice and respectable. They don't behave the way the other black people behaved. They are neat and clean and quiet. They give a friendly wave and disturb no one.

THIS is how a neighborhood should be. 

I'm glad glad to have my quiet neighborhood back again. I can go out and enjoy the deck and have meals out there once again. No barking dogs yapping all day and night. 

I'll never understand why so many dog people aren't considerate of their neighbors. I mean, if you move into a neighborhood with no dogs, it's quiet, there are birds singing, and things are peaceful, why on earth do people want to stick a barking dog in the backyard, ignore it, and destroy the peace and quiet in the neighborhood? Why do they never think of all the people who now can't open their windows on nice days and enjoy the breeze because of yapping dogs that never stop?

Why do they never think of all those people who can no longer enjoy their decks? The year I moved in here my boyfriend screened in my deck. It was very expensive to do. We enjoyed every meal out there, rain or shine. 

Then, the 'dog people' moved in next door and all of that changed. We could no longer go out there without those dogs hearing us and seeing us and barking their heads off. No one in the neighborhood could come out on their decks as long as those people lived there. No one could sit on their front porches. Those yapping dogs RUINED this neighborhood.

No one wants to hear all that. We all made the decision to NOT have a barking dog. We WANT it to be quiet. And yet dog people think nothing of moving into a neighborhood like this and ruining it for everyone around them.

Then they wonder why they are so hated and detested. They may have the right to have a dog, but ask any Animal Control officer and they'll tell you, that doesn't mean they have the right to destroy our peace and quiet and disrupt the neighborhood. Their right to have a dog doesn't over-ride OUR right to have a peaceful, quiet neighborhood.


Didn't they notice how nice and quiet it was when they came to look at the house / duplex / apartment? Doesn't that tell them something? And didn't they notice that when they moved in the neighborhood was no longer peaceful and quiet? Did they think we wouldn't notice or wouldn't mind?

Guess again. We ALL called Animal Control in THIS neighborhood. And that's what it takes, unity. Get everyone involved with restoring peace and quiet in the neighborhood.

I did some research and here's what I found on my local Animal Control website. You can research your own city / county and see what laws you have and what you have to do to enforce them.

Leash Law

Spartanburg County requires all animals to be on a leash, or under restraint at all times, when off the owners property or under direct control and obedience to the commands of the owner or handler. They are not allowed on any ones property without the property owners consent.

Animal owners are liable for their pet’s actions. You can prevent your animal from being picked up by keeping it confined to your property, or on a leash and controlled, as required by law. Roaming animals may result in legal or financial problems for you.

Violation of Spartanburg County’s leash law can result in a fine of up to $200.00 plus court costs and cost for impounding the animal.

Nuisance Animals and Wildlife

It is against the law in Spartanburg County for animals to become a public nuisance. This includes excessive barking, molesting passersby, chasing vehicles, attacking other domestic animals, damaging property and trespassing on private property.

If animal control officers do not witness these violations, they cannot act upon them. Citizens however can take some steps to remedy the problem.

First, talk to the owners of the animal. They may not realize the animal is creating a problem.

Second, if the first step is unsuccessful, contact Animal Control to sign a nuisance complaint statement that will allow an animal control officer to contact the owners of the animal to discuss the problem and hopefully, correct the situation.

Third, if all else fails, you have the right to swear out a warrant at the local magistrate’s office and take the owner to court.

In addition, barking dogs bring almost daily complaints to the Spartanburg County SCEED particularly in the warm weather when windows are open. All barking dog complaints are investigated by SCEED Animal Control Officers. Owners of barking dogs may be in violation of the County’s Animal Control Ordinance, if your dog is barking please investigate the cause. To report a dog which barks loudly and excessively contact Animal Control.

Rabies Vaccines and Tags

Rabies is a disease caused by a virus carried in animals infected with the disease. It is spread by the bite of infected animals. Wild animals such as squirrels, foxes, raccoons, bats, and rodents are the most common carriers. These animals, however, sometimes infect household pets and occasionally an unfortunate person.

To protect people and pets, all dogs and cats in Spartanburg County are required by law to be vaccinated against rabies every year. This, of course, is one of the best preventions against the disease. The law also states that rabies identification tags must be worn by dogs and cats at all times. To avoid the spread of rabies Spartanburg County has the right to impound stray pets without a proper rabies tag.


July 9, 2000 Copyright © Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander