Red Devil Doll



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Wow, look who just appeared! A Devil Doll!


He hangs there in all his glory at 22 inches tall. He has a hang string at the back of his black cape so you can hang him up. He can also sit somewhere very nicely.

He's made of muslin and stuffed firmly. His head is made of soft vinyl. His hands and 'boots' have been painted black, sanded, 'aged' and waxed. I love the way 'waxed' items look. It goes without saying that all of my items look MUCH better in person.

And get THIS....his rich velvet clothing is made from a vintage Christian Dior bathrobe.
I know, don't you love the irony?...hehehehe.
There's real elastic in the sleeves and pants. Everything is finely finished and top-stitched.

His midriff belt has been made of muslin, painted, 'aged', sanded, and waxed, as well. It's laced up with black satin ribbon. And hanging from the 'ties' are tiny 'real bone' skulls.

His collar is paper, but intensely gathered and topped off with a heavy metal pendant.

His I LOVE his cape. It's made of black acetate lining fabric....and it's lined completely. His collar was made of muslin which has been painted, sanded, 'aged', and waxed. And I made him a double collar at that!...part red, part black.

He has a chipwood black tag that reads "Something wicked this way comes" and there's a small ceramic devil bead stitched into place on the tag.

What a great addition to your demented doll collection, or for Halloween. Either way, if I were you, I wouldn't put him in your bedroom.

Copyright September 7, 2010 Catt Alexander

Many thanks to Imosh for the pendant.


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