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Primitive Folk Art Gothic Girl Doll!

"Daddy won't be coming home",
She told the cats, then cried.
"He said he'd never go away",
Apparently, he lied.

Crying till her eyes fell out,
She holds her broken heart.
Her life will never be the same,
And neither will her art.

"I really tried to make it work..."
She told her Gothic Duck,
And if I want to sell this doll,
I'll change this word to LUCK.

The Gothic Girl Kate was so devastated. Her best friend in the whole world...her soul-mate, walked out on her.
On any other day she would have welcomed the moroseness, as it often put her closer to her creative side, but not something as drastic as this.


Devastated Kate dressed herself in her darkest clothing. She wore her black glitter-peppered spider-web dress with the four layers of black Tulle netting under the skirt. She tied a wide black satin bow in the front of her dress. The long tails of the black ribbon made the bow look as though it were weeping right along with her.


Devastated Kate decided to also wear her spider-web nylons, her red and white striped cotton socks, and her beautiful Patent Leather Mary Jane shoes with the black bows.


The next thing she did was slip into her black lace fingerless gloves. She wanted to envelope herself in black....the color that fit her mood the best. She could blend into the shadows this way.....the shadows was where she now belonged.

Her self-esteem and self-worth plummeted through the floor-boards beneath her feet.
Her sense of failure and loss consumed her.
She would never trust her heart to someone again.
She would never love again.
A slight smile almost appeared on her face as she thought of her Goth friends and how they would be so jealous if they could see her now. 


Devastated Kate walked to her jewelry chest and carefully lifted the huge metal cross necklace from it's small coffin-shaped box. She then burned the coffin-shaped box, as he knew she would never remove the necklace from around her neck again.
The 'love of her life' had given her the necklace as a symbol of their life together ...the four seasons of life.
Each point of the cross represented the stages of their lives....Birth, Life, Suffering, and Death.
Her lover was so romantic that way. *sigh*
She was sad to think that she'd have to go through the Suffering and Death alone, without her soul-mate.


Devastated Kate would walk the floors of their lair late at night. She was the one who was left alone to dwell with all the memories of their union.


She could merely hang her head and shake it slowly from side to side...still in disbelief that it came to this. She walked past the small hills of candle wax on the floor in front of the fireplace. There were many lovely nights spent in front of the crackling fire and soft amber lights of the black candles.
So many memories of writing sad poetry together, reading Edgar Allan Poe, and painting their fingernails black.
Devastated Kate took a long, deep sigh.


Her days are spent in sessions of deep depression. She walks the lonely house late at night, holding her stabbed and broken heart. It's made of rich blood-red velvet. And to protect her heart she hand-crocheted a row of black lace all around it.
Nothing will ever penetrate her heart again.
And just to make sure she never forgets how painful this is, she has left the small wooden-handle knife deeply embedded into her heart.
May she never forget what can happen when she trusts her heart in the hands of someone else.



And during some of her darkest hours, she cries....but she has cried so much that she has literally cried her eyes out.

Devastated Kate can't stop crying. Her mouth is frozen in a full-on 'ugly cry'....
Sometimes being this sad and depressed isn't attractive.
But some of her Goth friends would kill to have her sullen mood.


Her cats are also depressed. They sit and wait for 'soul-mate' to come home.
But he's never coming home again.
Devastated Kate turns her head to look breaks her heart even more to see innocent cats taking it so hard.
So she holds her black Gothic Duck. The duck isn't's dead.
It has white "X" eyes and a spot of blood from it's beak.


Devastated Kate needs to take her broken heart and her dead duck and move on. She needs to go somewhere where she's loved and wanted and needed.

She comes to you complete with emotional baggage, scars, turmoil, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, a grudge, bitterness, distrust, abandonment issues, anger, sadness, depression, devastation, despondency, a Borderline Personality Disorder, irrational projection, and a fear of waterfalls and clowns.

Copyright August 8, 2004 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


A special thanks to Vic, for the inspiration to do this doll, and also to Les, for providing the broken heart when you walked out on our 18 year marriage.


A super special thanks to eBay seller imosh for the fantastic cross pendant.


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