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Gothic Angel Of Hell!




This is the only one of these dolls in existence. I only made one. And believe me, she looks MUCH better in person than in these pictures. It's hard to take photos of all this black.


Christy was the most selfish and annoying girl who ever drew breath.
This doll is NOT named after any of my friends named Chris or Christy.......but she IS named after my annoying younger sister........Christy.

She was oblivious of how other people felt about anything. She did 'her own thing' and didn't concern herself with the impact it had on others.
For example.....if she woke up earlier than anyone else, she was as loud as a bull...slamming things around, making a lot of noise. She was rude and had no manners. Life revolved around Christy and no one else ever mattered. People were always left shaking their heads and sighing.

This behavior of Christy's went on for many years. She had very few friends and people found it hard to tolerate her for any length of time. She was also a chronic liar.
In fact, she lied so much that you couldn't believe her if she asked a question!

She'd lied in order to impress people, or to be the first one with ALLLLLL the information about a situation. She'd lie for attention, approval, and acceptance. Everyone knew of her chronic lying, yet it was obvious that little could ever be done about it. If you 'called her on the carpet' about her lies, she'd lie again, just to get out of it.
So, people didn't even bother.
It was generally accepted that if you held a conversation with Christy, you had to take everything she said with a grain of salt. You had to constantly remind yourself that at least 93% of every word she said was a complete and total lie.
Christy was never going to change.

So, between the chronic lying and being annoying, she was unbearable to be around.
In fact, she was so annoying that other people didn't even annoy her. She could tune out any and everything.

One stormy night (because I love to write stories with storms in them) Christy's family tried to have an intervention with her. They were beyond being annoyed with her and they desperately tried to get her to understand what it was like to be on the receiving end of Christy.
She always assumed that people who allowed themselves to be annoyed at anything were usually the type to over-react. She didn't understand 'being annoyed'.
And although the evening was filled with heartbreak, tears, screaming, cursing, and throwing Kleenex boxes and remote controls, Christy was completely indifferent....she tuned it all out. Everyone was passionate in their efforts to get Christy to take responsibility for her actions, yet it all fell upon deaf ears.
She merely shrugged it all off and went on to bed.

The last of the family members went home and Christy was left alone in her small contemporary home.
Of course, to hear HER talk about it, Christy lived in a massive house with expensive furnishings and Cathedral ceilings.

Without ever seeing it, Christy's work-mates KNEW she was lying about her home, and a great deal more, as well.

The velvety darkness of the night set in and Christy was in her bed, fast asleep. The storm was getting closer and closer until a huge dark cloud settled right over Christy's small contemporary home.

A loud crack of lightening and rolling thunder caused her dog to freak out and jump up on her bed. (Christy is a dog-person.......hates cats).
Christy woke up and was she was very scared. Her dog Nikki had never done this before.

Out of no where, a small black bird appeared in the bedroom and flew around in a circle. It barely 'clipped' the vase of flowers that was sitting on a small accent table.

The vase fell over and the 'fake flowers' spilled out and onto the floor. Christy caught sight of this and before she could gather her thoughts, a dark figure was standing near the spilled flowers, and as the flowers touched the black dress, they turned black and attached themselves to the hem of the dress.

The black bird then came to rest upon the right wrist of the mysterious figure in the shadows.

Christy's eyes were locked onto the bizarre sight standing before her. Just then, two black spiders crawled out from inside of the biggest black flower.

Christy began to let her eyes glance upward.......slowly drinking in the beautiful black lace that was stitched onto the black cotton dress.

It was at that point that Christy actually saw the entire length of the entity in her bedroom......

The dark figure introduced herself as Desdemona, the Angel Of Death And Hell.
Christy nearly fainted.
She couldn't believe she was dead. Did she die of a heart attack?.......Was she struck by lightening from the storm? Why did she die?
The name Desdemona is Greek for misery, unlucky. And that's exactly how Christy was feeling.....miserable and unlucky.

Desdemona stood about 30 inches tall. She was dressed in black from head to hem.

And speaking of her was surrounded by beautiful black feathers, like a huge collar. And just beneath the feathers hung a long cape made of silk-illusion black netting that dripped gracefully over Desdemona's body in an elegant fashion.

Underneath her collar of feathers was Desdemona's feather wings that had been painted black. They looked fierce and menacing and reminded Christy that this wasn't like any angel she had ever imagined.


Desdemona was also wearing a black lace shawl that had been beaded on the long fringe. The fringed edge was tied in a soft knot that hung down the front of the dress. Christy noticed that a length of lace trim had been sewn in place down the front of the dress, as well.

And adding to the horror was a metal skull with wings that rested upon Desdemona's chest.

Another scary 'decoration' that adorned Desdemona was her cat Lucy Fur. It was a demonic looking kitty with a little black dress with a rusty star on the front, and dark black painted feather wings. Her 'leash' was a black satin ribbon that hung from Desdemona's hand, and her facial features were the result of an ink-stamping.
And to add to the whole nightmare, if someone wasn't a 'cat person', and they were known to annoy cats, they had Hell to pay with Lucy Fur.

And Desdemona's face.........whoa......Desdemona was NOT a pretty angel. She had brown wool hair and bushy wool eyebrows. Her eyes were scary yellow 'cat eyes' with heavy lids.


She also had black horns on her head!!
She had a long nose and pointy chin and a pale piece of potpourri flower for a mouth that had been stitched into place.

Desdemona explained that she was there to take Christy to Hell......but not just Hell.....she was to be taken to a special section of Hell.....a section devoted to annoying people.
Again, that brought out the 'indifferent' side of Christy.......or so she thought.

Christy was known to be able to 'tune out' everything around shut down and drown out anything that didn't concern her. But not so with THIS place.

Desdemona floated down an old brick hallway, with Christy following closely behind her. There were antiques and 'country' decorations everywhere, and also tons and tons of primitive decorations.
This just flew all over Christy....after all, she decorated strictly with contemporary items. She hated clutter and 'busy' and 'stuff' in general. She didn't appreciate decorating with a lot of 'unnecessary' junk, as she'd describe it.
She's the type to have four things in a room and call it 'decorated'.
It was at this point that Christy knew she was in Hell, indeed.

Christy looked down and noticed that she was walking on hard wood floors.....another thing Christy didn't like. She loved carpet....she even had it in her bathroom. This entire experience was a nightmare to her.
But when she looked back up, Desdemona was gone.....vanished. Christy then noticed endless walls of doors......big, heavy wooden doors with Gothic hinges of black iron. She decided to open a door.

The door creaked eerily and Christy walked through.
OH, was a huge room that was filled with dark blue velvet furniture and dark blue plush carpet. Christy looked down and noticed that suddenly she was wearing all black clothing. Just then, the room filled itself with long-haired white cats. They were everywhere....including ON CHRISTY.....she was freaking.....white hair permeated the place.

Christy finally reached the door and ran out. She had white cat hair all over her clothing and all in her mouth.
Something tells me that trying to get all the cat hair off of her and out of her mouth was rather.........annoying.
At that moment Christy could hear the high-pitched giggle of Lucy Fur echoing down the hall.

Christy reached another door and entered. It was a huge movie theatre. There were hundreds and hundreds of seats. A man in a uniform appeared and directed Christy to her seat. He also said that when the movie started, a secret message would be stated during the movie.....she was to listen carefully because it would be instructions on how to get out of this section of Hell.
However, as soon as the movie started, the theatre filled with people.....there were yakking teenagers who constantly changed seats, crying babies, whining toddlers, and general 'talkers'. Cell phones began to go off, as well as beepers. Then, people came down her isle and stepped on her feet. A few people behind her propped their feet on the back of her chair and pushed her seat. A small child sat on a seat and kicked his feet, over and over again, against the seat in front of him. Other people were throwing food and laughing loudly. Again, teenagers seemed to be playing 'musical chairs', wanting to make sure they were seen, noticed, and becoming the center of attention as they preened themselves.

Christy began to panic.....she couldn't hear the special instructions. There was too much noise and too many distractions.
These people were, dare I say, annoying!

Christy got up from her seat and ran out of the theatre. She came upon another door and entered. It was a massive living room, filled with couches and lounge chairs. There were also big-screen TV's everywhere. Suddenly, all the TV's began showing sports shows, namely, football. And then, all of the furniture filled up with men.......
They were burping and scratching themselves.....several of them were asleep and snoring. They were all ignoring her.

Several other men kicked off their work boots....a stench rose up from their feet. Pretty soon, they were rubbing their dry feet together.....rub, rub, rub.....just like crickets......over and over and over again......rub, rub, rub.....scrape, scrape, scrape.....rub, scrape, scratch...........the sounds of dry feet were incredible.
Christy looked around and all of a sudden, all the men grew back-hair......they looked like they were wearing sweaters. They all had uni-brows, too, and food was stuck in their teeth.
The room was FULL of pig-men.

Christy went to walk over to a TV and change the channel, but the men began to complain.......then Christy noticed she was walking on potato chips and cheese puffs. Beer cans were everywhere......and someone had really bad gas.
These men were soooooo annoying.

Christy ran out of the room screaming and shuddering.
She came to another huge door and went inside. As soon as she entered she saw that the room was full of gum-crackers, foot tappers, loud eaters, bedroom slipper-scuffers, paper crinklers, knuckle-crackers, fingernail-strummers, ink-pen clickers, and bottom-of-the-cup straw-suckers..........

Oh, my GOD!!!

Christy bolted from that annoying room-O-Hell.

She came to a huge steel door, entered, and found herself on an 8-lane highway full of slow drivers, fast drivers, exhaust pipe smokers, illegal lane-changers, finger flippers, no-turn-signal idiots, one turn signal idiots, "baby on board" mini-van users, out-of-control 18-wheelers on speed, cell-phone users, and break-riders.
At this point Christy had begun to develop a facial twitch.
"Traffic annoyance" had it's own section in Annoying Hell.

She came up to a huge brightly colored door. She went inside, thinking it might be a more cheerful place to inspect.
What was she thinking?
This room was full of really loud TV's and they were all playing the most annoying commercials known to man......
......and the Oxi-Clean dude was their leader!
Christy was ready to flay a vein right then and there!
Christy ran out of there faster than you could say, "Mama's got the power of Clorox bleach!"

Then Christy came upon a huge green door. From the outside of the door she could hear strange sounds. She opened the door and saw a room full of computers. All of the monitors said the same thing......that she needed to 'click here' in order to find the way to the exit door from Hell. The instructions were on a website.

Immediately Christy ran to the computers, one by one, she was trying to click on the site that would take her to the instructions for how to get out of there. But every time she clicked on something, she'd get a pop up window....she'd get tons of 'em.....she was now in Pop-Up-Hell......and then the browser would crash. She'd go to another computer, and then she'd be bombed with Spam mail. There was no way out of that computer Hell.
Wanting to escape all the "Windows", she left the room and ran back into the hallway.

Christy came to yet another door and stepped inside. It was full of average looking people. There was nothing alarming, nothing that stood out as strange or annoying, not even weird. The only thing that really stood out was that each of them wore a name-tag that said, "Ask me, I can help you get out of here!"

So Christy began to drum up some conversation with these people. They were so eager to talk to her.
It didn't take long for her to realize that they were all lying to her...about EVERYTHING. Every word that rolled out of their mouths was nothing but obvious lies and garbage and bull.
She was becoming so frustrated. She desperately wanted out of this Annoying Hell......but no one would give her a straight or honest answer. She couldn't believe a word anyone said.
Didn't they realize how important this was for her?
Didn't they realize how she counted on the things they could tell her, and all she was getting from them were LIES?

In frustration, Christy left that room. She came upon another door in the endless Hallway-O-Hell and entered it.
It was NOT where she wanted to be at all.
There was super-loud 'Rap' music playing from the inside of hundreds of cars......there were hundreds of screaming two-year olds that were throwing tantrums.....there were dozens of crying babies and barking dogs.......LOTS of barking dogs........
Just then, Barney the purple dinosaur made an appearance and began singing that insipid "I Love You, You Love Me" song........and then, louder than that, the song "Walking On Sunshine" began to play.........that's right, one of THE most annoying songs of the 1980's.........the kind of song that you can't get out of your head all day long, and it makes you mad!!!
Christy finally screamed out.......


Christy ran and ran down the long hallway until she saw Desdemona again. She was actually relieved to see her. Christy began to tell her of all the annoying rooms that were full of all the annoying things in Hell.
Desdemona laughed and told Christy that she herself was the 'Hell' in other people's lives.....that now she understood a little bit of the torment she had put other people through.
Then Desdemona led Christy through a final door. It was a black door. She entered the room and it was completely black. She couldn't see a thing. The door slammed shut, and then a bolt of lightening filled the room with a flash of blue light........the thunder growled like it was angry, and Christy cringed and closed her eyes.

After a few moments, Christy opened her eyes, she was back in her own bed, in her own contemporary bedroom, with her own scared dog. It was still storming outside, the vase was still knocked over, and the flowers were still missing. She wondered if it was all a horrible dream............but how could she explain that the flowers were still missing?
She was so happy to be in her own bed and out of that Annoying Hell that she felt like crying, but she didn't.
She never told a soul about that scary night, even SHE knew no one would believe her.
Did she change? know, like Scrooge?
Nahhh......Christy will NEVER change......she's still annoying as Hell.


Copyright September 28, 2003 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


Special thanks to eBay seller imosh for the fantastic pendant. 

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