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Over a hundred years ago, Loralie was the most beautiful young girl in town. She had it all, including the promise of marriage to a man that wasn't all that handsome, but he had a nice personality.
Loralie was clearly the envy of every woman who knew her. She had beautiful looks, brains, and great abs.

On the night before her wedding, which was to be held in the family mansion, Loralie's mother gave her a beautiful wedding gown that had been in the family for several generations.
But, along with that beautiful gown also came the stark warning..... if her fiancé saw a glimpse of her in the wedding gown before the marriage...... the marriage would NEVER take place.

In her haste to try on the dress and begin her day-dreams of how beautiful she'd look, she quickly agreed to the curse.....and didn't give her mother's warning another thought.

Big mistake.

Her mother kept pressing her and urging her to pay attention to the warnings, but Loralie's thoughts were not with her mother.....she was distracted with envisioning herself in that dress.......when all eyes would be upon her. She had thoughts of the wedding portrait and how jealous all the other girls would be of her. She closed her eyes and imagined herself walking down the glorious staircase in the family home.....standing 31 inches tall......and into the waiting arms of her fiancé, Leslie Gerald.
What a wonderful life she would have.

But, what Loralie's mother didn't know was that Loralie and her fiancé had been meeting secretly. Leslie Gerald would climb the rose trellis late at night and Loralie would raise the window and invite her lover in. Their passion was like a consuming fire, and this night would be no different......for tomorrow, she would be his wife.

The mother sensed that her daughter was not listening to her, and left the room to tend to other duties before the big day. Loralie hummed the tune of the wedding song she longed to hear on the big pipe organ in the parlor.
She picked up the dress, and held it up in front of her. Her image in the mirror nearly took her breath away....she looked beautiful.
She slipped the ancient dress on and it draped her body as if it were made for her. It was a perfect fit. She whirled and twirled in delight.....

Loralie smoothed the wrinkles down, admiring herself, and her mind took her far away.......her tea-stained and sun-dried dress was made from parts of a real vintage wedding dress. A ribbon, tied high above her waist, hung down the front of her dress. The inside portion of her dress was made of satin, and the 'shell' of the dress was of vintage lace.

She carefully tied down the sleeves of her wedding dress with satin ribbon on the lower part of her sleeves. And then came the moment she waited for.
Already, her formerly beautiful blue eyes welled with tears.

Her mouth began to long last, she picked up the veil, and placed it upon her blonde wool roving hair.
Her veil was made from aged cheesecloth and a white flower that had been heavily stained and aged.

It nearly took her breath away to see how beautiful she looked. The fragile veil spilled down all around her her body like a kiss from a cloud. And atop that beautiful veil sat a flower with leaves. It complimented the veil and caressed her like a gentle hug.
This wedding dress was made for her.

Loralie then picked up the bouquet of flowers, tied together with satin ribbons, and held them against her....their gentle fragrance filling her mind with thoughts of a field of flowers....and she imagined herself in that field with her new husband.

Then Loralie tied some ribbon around her gathering of flowers. She looked complete. She looked exactly as she had always wanted to look on her wedding day.

Just then she heard a noise at the window. She had been so caught up with enjoying her wedding dress that she forgot about the time......and she also forgot the fact that this would be her lover's last night to visit her before becoming his wife.

Her head turned quickly towards the window and there he was.....standing on the ladder.....their eyes met and for a moment the beauty of Loralie was over-whelming.

It was in that precise moment that Loralie suddenly remembered her mother's warnings.....the words stinging her mind.....and Loralie was rendered speechless!

Just then, Leslie Gerald screamed and a look of terror was frozen on his face. Loralie glanced into her tall mirror and was shocked at the image......Loralie's image was that of a 100 year old woman in a torn and tattered wedding dress with a skeleton face......she was hideous.....her reflection in the mirror took on the appearance of a rotting corpse.

Leslie Gerald, in his fright, fell to his death!
There would be no wedding tomorrow.
In her carelessness, Loralie disregarded the warnings of her mother and allowed her fiancé to see her in her wedding dress.
(At least she wouldn't have what she thought was a nice marriage, only to be abanonded when her husband hit midlife)

For the remainder of her years, Loralie never removed her wedding dress from upon her body.....she aged very quickly and never left her family home. She would spend hours standing at the bottom of the glorious stairway.....waiting for a wedding that would never be.

A single tear had slid down her face and attached itself to her veil, turning into a rusty snowflake.


Also, her beautiful bouquet of flowers turned into black flowers.......the sign of death and mourning.


Her delicate Canadian Paula Scott collar was adorned with a pendant in memory of the bride and her husband in death. It was a heart with two skulls, linked by a chain...forever in death, eternally apart.
.....and spared of midlife hell..

She eventually died and was buried in her beloved wedding dress. The curse of the wedding dress was never to be passed along to anyone else, but, Loralie continues to haunt the family home. She can be seen standing at the end of the stairway on some nights.....a ghostly figure...standing where she should have been married to her lover......and she is now cursed for eternity to look just like the image in the mirror on that horrible night

What is the moral of this story? To always heed warnings.



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Copyright © April 6, 2003 and January 23, 2005 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander

Special thanks to Paula Scott and Whisper.


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