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Goth Black Witch Cat From Hell Doll!


"Damon Drim"


I've been having a good time digging out older store patterns and "Gothing" them up, as well as adding my own spin on them.

The old Witch in the deepest part of the forest died one day. Everyone had been too scared to go near her home to check on her or her creatures.
Eventually, even her creatures and familiars died....and the village was especially glad when her evil black cat Damon Drim died and went on his way to live in Hell.... his final resting place.
I mean, he was such an evil cat that he wasn't going to Hell for punishment, he was going to Hell to be a part of the minion.

And just like when he was alive, Damon Drim entered Hell with a bang. He stood only about 20 inches tall, but if you weren't looking at him, he gave the impression of being 6 foot tall.
Damon Drim looked different than the other HellCats. He liked the suave Edwardian style of clothing....Shakespearean.
In the realm of HellCatts, he was like a Teddy Boy!


Damon Drim was made of black flannel fabric. The soles of his feet and the inside of his ears were made of black 'brushed' satin. And the inside of his ears had been 'blushed' with enough 'pink' to make him look somewhat friendly.

The other HellCats stood in awe at his presence. He was swishing his black marabou tail and dimming his mean yellow eyes at everyone, daring them to comment.

His dark gray mouth and nose didn't move a muscle. He could hear the gathering of HellCats gasp as he finally twitched his wire whiskers at them.




In his right paw, Damon Drim carried his 'skeleton' key. It wasn't a traditional key, but it was his 'key' to hell. A larger resin skull with surrounding black beads hung on a piece of black satin cording. Hanging below the skull was a black 'wire jointed' skeleton with red eyes.

(the small black skeleton isn't missing an arm, it was just flipped back behind him and I didn't notice when we were taking pictures)


The other HellCats couldn't help but to notice the muscular build of Damon. He was so shapely. He had a great butt, thick thighs, bulbous feet, muscular arms, and a waist that most folks would DIE to have.
You can see his name tag in the top picture. Even his nose and muzzle were incredibly detailed and needle sculpted for prominence.

His black tailored jacket fit him perfectly. The sleeves were made of black lace and black floral print. The bodice section was made of rich black velvet, and the peplum was made of 'brushed' black satin. The jacket was fully lined with beautiful Morie Taffeta and the peplum was lined in 'brushed' black satin.

The peplum was also embellished with hand-stitched floral motifs and then beaded. There were several heavy-weight leaf-beads, as well.
The leaf-beads were slightly iridescent in the light from the fires of Hell.
The other HellCats had never seen 'evil' packaged so beautifully.


The front of the jacket closure was made of black metal eyelets and laced with black satin cording. And hanging from under the lacing was Damon Drim's weapon...his beloved small 'skull and crossbone' sword.



And finally, the most elegant part of Damon's clothing was his black lace collar. If any other HellCat had even attempted to wear something like that, they've have been kicked out of Hell. But somehow, Damon Drim made it look menacing, and wicked cool.
You don't even want to know how many hours this 'three-yards-of-lace' collar took for me to hand-stitch and steam pleat into shape........

And, as you can see by the black beads on the end of the lacing from his bodice, he was NOT neutered.


In spite of how appropriate it was for Damon to land in Hell, he was asked to leave in no time. He was TOO bad. He sprayed everywhere, marking his territory, which greatly distressed the dark one.
He constantly sat on the dark one's chair and left 'flannel fuzz' on the velvet cushions.
He also left his 'mark' by 'sharpening' his wicked claws on all of the furniture in Hell.
Clearly, he was there to rule and take over.

So, Damon Drim needs to find a home. It goes without saying that wherever he goes, he'll rule over felines and dolls alike.
It's his nature.
It's what he does.

Damon Drim comes with his own doll stand so you can display him properly.



Copyright January 7, 2004 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


A super special thanks to eBay seller imosh for the sword pendant.
Also thanks to Julie!


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