The Catt Box
Black Coffin Pincushion



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Stitch In Peace!

I loved making this pincushion. It's for all lovers of 'darker art'. The Coffin pincushion!

The coffin is a wooden box with a closure. Inside you will find a pincushion with red lace trim barely peeking up.


The lid has a padded cushion, as well, which would be great to store sewing needles or favorite pins.
There's also a metal skull hand-stitched on the inside of the lid.

The box measures 6 inches long and 3 inches wide, at the widest part. The box has been painted black, sanded, and distressed. There's a label on the front that reads "Stitch In Peace". The back is signed and dated.

It would be wonderful to display opened, standing on it's end, or closed as it keeps it's secrets from prying eyes.
I love that I can use it while traveling and close it up so as not to lose pins and needles. It's the perfect travel companion if you're like me and enjoy sewing while on road trips.

This is a great item to put with your Halloween display, Witch display, or anywhere. You can put some of your favorite pins in it, too.
Lots of possibilities here.

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