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"Clicky Ray Scruggs"


It's almost Christmas time.........can you think of a better time to introduce my new line of dolls?
Please meet Clicky Ray Scruggs.
He's a resident of the Pleasant View Trailer Park in Possum Kingdom, South Carolina.
He's just one of several residents I plan to present to you, along with a continuing story, just like with the Nick-A-Penny dolls.


Clicky Ray Scruggs lives in a fine trailer in the back section of the park. And as you can see, he's getting ready to string up the Christmas lights all along his trailer roof. He didn't like being woke up from the couch, but he'll make an effort, just the same.


Clicky Ray Scruggs' wife Ethel has to light a fire under his butt in order to get him to do anything.
He is what's called 'motivationally challenged'.
At the moment, she's managed to get him to take out the trash before putting the decorations up.


She has many plans for Clicky Ray today. He's got his work gloves on and he's ready to get the day behind him. The tractor-tire flower beds need re-painting, and she needs help moving that old washing machine out onto the porch, and it's time to cash-in the aluminum cans. Beer money doesn't come easy in the Scruggs' home.


But as cranky as Clicky Ray is at the moment, this is usually not a problem.
Ain't but three things that will get the dander up on Clicky Ray.........talking against Elvis, his mama, and his Chow dog named Bear.
Those are the most important things in his life.
He's always known who the King, the Queen, and man's best friend were.
What more could you ask for in this world?


And just look at him standing there. He yawns and stretches and pulls those over-alls up over his beer-belly.
His white button eyes are still half closed, due to just being woke up. His twisted red flower potpourri mouth is frozen in a 'scowl'. His nose is sculpted in and his hair consists of two wooly tufts on the side of his head.
Of course, his uni-brow matches his hair, as well.....and judging by that 5:00 shadow, he totally needs a shave.


He dons a red Santa's hat with a rusty jingle bell hanging on the tapered end. You can see the white part of his hat peeking up from behind his head.
It's his attempt to do the 'Santa thing' this year. Besides, Ethel Scruggs gets giddy as a school-girl when she sees him dressed as Santa.
You don't EVEN want to go there....


Clicky Ray Scruggs is proud to be an American, too, just look at that tee shirt. He loves his 'merican flag' on the front.


And hanging over his shirt is a small strand of Christmas lights. Hopefully he can get them along the roof of his trailer in one day.
He really resents having to put them up at all. The last strand of lights that were there lasted 11 years. But the tornado this past spring blew them over into Sugar Tit, South Carolina.


And just look at Clicky Ray Scruggs' feet. He's wearing the Santa slippers his kids gave him last Christmas. He says that besides his work boots, they are the most comfortable things he's ever worn.
He calls 'em his 'drinkin' slippers'.

Clicky Ray Scruggs is a plumber. I know, you'd never know it to look at him.
At first glance, from behind, you see that he has no butt......he has a back with a crack in it.
But, just let him bend over ANYwhere, like when he plugs in the tree this year, and oh, boy........plumber's crack galore.


He 'lives' in his denim over-alls. He's had them for so long that they've been patched several times. In his front right pocket he has a few tools that he plans to use today.......a hammer, a screwdriver, and a wrench. He never goes anywhere without his tools.



Clicky Ray Scruggs also keeps a work rag in his back pocket. And he has his biker's wallet in his left back pocket. The chain comes around and attaches to the front left pocket of his over-alls.


Clicky Ray Scruggs wants to decorate the trailer a little different this year, and hopefully, things will stay in place during the next tornado season.
He wants to nail this rusty sled to the roof of his trailer and use it as a display for his plastic geese with fake snow on them.
It's just not Christmas without snow covered geese!




But he's got a nice surprise for you.......he's giving you a red wooden sleigh full of treats.....



1 red wooden sleigh (painted and sanded by me) with rope handle 10 " long X 4 " wide
1 Christmas theme memo tablet
A small box of Whitman's Choclolate Candy
A tube of Apple & Cinnamon Incense
6 Small Candy Canes
2 Red holiday scent votive candles
1 Green holiday scent votive candle
1 Purple holiday scent votive candle
1 Small green floating candle
2 Blueberry Tea bags (individually wrapped)
1 Flip-Flop keychain
1 Deck of cards keychain
1 Small bag of holiday Potpourri "Nutcracker Berries"

He may look a bit grouchy now, but after he drinks that case of Black Label beer, he'll be dry-dancing a jig in those bedroom music, just dry-dancing.
Of course, he'd like some music.......his all time favorite thing to do is dance a jig on a hard wood floor with his work boots on, while someone plays the harmonica.
Good times..........good times!!
Did you get a good mental image of that?


Clicky Ray Scruggs is going to go ahead and take the garbage out back, and while he's out here, give him a 'once-over' and see what you think.
Bring some down-home metal-housing fun into your own household!!


Copyright November 12, 2002 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


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