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Primitive Goth CinderHella Doll!





This is the only one of these dolls I made.

There once was a man who was very wealthy. He had a beautiful wife and a beautiful daughter and lots of land.
The entire family enjoyed being in a dark house with dark furnishings and keeping to themselves. They usually slept most of the day and stayed up late at night writing short stories, poetry, and playing musical instruments.
They were 'night owls' and could focus better in the wee hours of the night.

One day in the early autumn the wealthy man's wife took sick and lay in her bed dying. She told her daughter to never forget who she was and to be a good person and that all good things will come to her, eventually.
Then she expired and the wealthy man and his daughter were very sad for the rest of the winter.

By the time springtime arrived, the wealthy man was feeling lonely and depressed, but not in a good way.
Sometimes being dark and sullen can work against you.
The wealthy man met a pretty widow with two unattractive daughters. Apparently, she had been feeling lonely and depressed, they married and moved into the wealthy man's house.

Enter: the blended family.
The wealthy man's beautiful daughter was horrified at the transformation of her life. Her father seemed to be resigned and indifferent to the changes.
He obviously had low testosterone levels and a thyroid situation and rendered himself to be little more than a neutered dog in the bushes. The beautiful daughter was all alone in her protests against the abrupt changes in their home. Her father wouldn't get involved and wouldn't make waves against his new family. He just went with the flow.

The pretty widow and two unattractive daughters liked 'bright' things and pastel colors and lots of light. They also slept at night and woke up at 6:00 every morning.
They took down the dark velvet drapes and added pale yellow Dotted Swiss
They installed white shag carpet throughout the entire house and bought five Apricot Miniature Poodles that never stopped barking....ever.
They painted all the walls white and never seemed to be depressed.
The father spent his days in the garden and stayed away from everyone.

It didn't take long before the two unattractive daughters began to taunt and tease the beautiful daughter. They hid her dark clothes and replaced them with pajamas with 'daily affirmations' printed on them. They forced her to wear pony tails and chew pink bubble gum, even though she didn't like gum.
They also made fun of her dark poetry and scary stories.
Eventually the the two unattractive daughters became the wicked stepbitches. The pretty widow began to treat the beautiful daughter poorly, as well.
They bleached the beautiful daughter's hair, cut it short, and made her wear a perm.

The mean women even forced the beautiful daughter from her own bed. So, late at night she'd sit at the fireplace and try to write her dark poetry and stories by the light of the fire. She was always dirty from the cinders and looked like the women started calling her CinderHella. Even her emasculated father began to call her CinderHella.
CinderHella was sinking further into depression and Prozac, Xananx, and therapy hadn't even been invented yet.

A ray of hope entered into the house one day. A special stack of envelopes arrived in the mail. It was an invitation to all the beautiful women in the land to attend a fancy Ball so that the dark Prince of Darkness could choose a bride.
The wicked stepbitches were excited and already discussing what they would be wearing to this major event.
Lord knows why.....I mean, the invitation was sent out for all the BEAUTIFUL women of the land.......helllooooooooo.....

However, CinderHella didn't receive an invitation to the Ball. I guess no one really knew she existed, considering the 'night owl' life she used to lead, and the 'pushed into the shadows' life she was now living, she was never seen.

During the excitement of all the conversation about the Ball, CinderHella meekly expressed an interest in attending the Ball.
A moment of silence befell the room. The stepbitches and their pretty widow mother looked at each other for a few seconds and then fell-out laughing hysterically.
"CinderHella, are you insane? You can't go to the ball. You have nothing to wear, you have black cinder-dust all over you, and we would DIE of embarrassment to be seen with you. You don't stand a chance of becoming the wife of the Prince Of Darkness, so save yourself the frustration. Besides, you'll be too busy making OUR dresses and helping US prepare for the Ball. Now, go away, you're depressing us and you're causing our faces to frown."
Needless to say, Botox wasn't around back then, either.

CinderHella hung her head and left the room. She was cursing the stepbitches under her breath for their cruelty. As a tear slid down her pale face, 'the neutered-one' merely shrugged his shoulders in helplessness and went out into the garden to be by himself.
CinderHella felt so alone and defeated.

At long last the night of the fancy Ball arrived. The stepbitches and pretty widow mother spent two days preparing themselves. CinderHella was exhausted from all the work it took to help the vicious sisters look their best. They were wearing creamy pastel chiffon dresses and flowers in their hair and white hose on their legs.
No one in the land had ever seen the Prince Of Darkness, but they had heard he was quite handsome, very wealthy, and would be the king one day. So, all the women in the land were putting their best foot forward, so to speak.

With the slamming of the door the hussies were off for their big adventure at the Ball. Before they left they had looked back behind them at the exhausted CinderHella and giggled. They felt so full of themselves. They felt so superior.
CinderHella rolled her eyes at them and thought they looked more like 'cake decorations' than glamorous women attending a serious Ball.

Having nothing else better to do, CinderHella found her way back to her favorite spot at the fireplace hearth and began to cry in despair.
Suddenly, the firewood shifted in the fireplace and an ember rolled out onto the floor. Before CinderHella could get it picked up, it began to emit a powerful black smoke. The smoke was thick and rose up in a cylinder. Then the smoke took on the appearance of an old woman dressed in black. And as scary as that moment was to CinderHella, she didn't sense any danger. The old woman looked kindly.

"Who are you?".... a wide-eyed CinderHella asked.
The old woman replied...."I'm your personal Fairy GothMother, and I'm here to help you. I felt your heart's deepest desire to attend the fancy Ball in hopes of meeting the Prince Of Darkness. He's already destined to be your husband, which is why you felt so strongly about going, so we have to work quickly to get you there in time. I'm going to transform you into a beautiful Princess Of Darkness."

CinderHella was elated at the news. But she was also curious about something, so she asked her Fairy GothMother, "Fairy GothMother, I need to ask you a personal question. If you have all these powers of transformation, why can't you use it on yourself and become younger, more beautiful, and dress in better clothing?"
"My dear child..." replied the soft spoken old woman, "It's one of those mysteries of life that aren't supposed to be understood...much like the mystery as to why there's 8 nipples on a male cat, or why most pictures of Adam and Eve show them as having belly buttons. We can't know the answers to everything."


CinderHella smiled and felt strangely satisfied with the answer to her question.
All of a sudden CinderHella felt an odd sensation on her legs. Tiny spiders had crawled up from the floorboards and began spinning black webs all over her legs.
How cool is THAT!
And then, a beautiful glossy black pair of Patent Leather Mary Jane shoes appeared on her feet.

Next, CinderHella's pastel pajamas melted into a black 'crinkle-pleated' rayon skirt that hung down to the top of her new shoes.
She then felt an embrace on her arms. When she looked, she saw them encased with black lace. It felt divine.


Just then she felt something around her throat. Her bodice was covered with rich black velvet and her collar tightened to 'choker style'. Then a small metal pentagram charm appeared.

And coming up from around the back of her shoulders, a black chain slid it's way down the front of her dress. On the end of that chain was a very nice black inverted cross.

CinderHella felt another 'tightening' sensation, but this time it was around her bodice. A soft black leather corset appeared. She felt the black laces grip her body and then tie themselves into a knot. And with the ease of a glass-blower, the ends of the laces blew-out some black beads.

If this entire thing wasn't so cool to feel and watch, CinderHella could have easily been scared to death of her transformation. But how often does a Fairy GothMother appear and help you dress for a Ball to meet the Prince Of Darkness?
CinderHella was definitely going to ride this thing out and just go with it.

A gentle warming was felt around her arms and shoulders as a beautiful black shawl appeared and hung down her body. There was beaded fringe along the edges and the tie pieces hung down to the hem of her beautiful skirt.

And her hair! Oh, my...CinderHella felt her own hair grow long, just like it used to be before the stepbitches entered her life.
The perm they forced her to wear suddenly fell out, her 100% human hair straightened itself and went back to it's natural color of deep black.


The moment CinderHella's hair was restored to it's natural beauty, she felt a weight upon her head. She rushed to a mirror and was stunned to see a wonderful black top hat.
There were tons of black silk-illusion netting hanging down the entire length of her body, and a soft double-mound of the same netting seemed to float around the back of her head. She watched in amazement as small shoots of black wispy feathers came up from in-between the two clouds of black netting.

And, as if that wasn't beautiful enough, several delicate strands of vintage beading appeared and dangled themselves from the right side of her top hat.



Just then, CinderHella felt her face pale-out. Her deep blue eyes had a twinkle in them. A piece of fireplace cinder floated over to her and carefully applied it's dark cinder-dust to her eyes, encircling them with dark shadows. Her cheeks were also 'shadowed' for that 'heroin chic' look. Her lips were turned to black, and her eyebrows became painted-on for a sleek appearance.



At last, CinderHella was ready to go to the fancy Ball.
Before reaching the door, the Fairy GothMother said that there was another detail that had to be attended to.
Just then, CinderHella felt a coldness in her left fingers. She looked down and saw a metal chain. The chain was attached to a black cardboard invitation. The front of the card was decorated with a sprig of black flowers, a black sealing wax seal with gold touches, and an aged paper area that read CinderHella.
And inside the card was her invitation to attend the Ball for the Prince Of Darkness.
The Fairy GothMother warned CinderHella that she had to leave the Ball before midnight or she'd be stuck looking like she did when the stepbitches gave her a make-over.
CinderHella shuddered at the thought.

CinderHella was finally completely dressed and ready to face the magic of the night. She stood a proud 32 inches tall from her feet to the top of her hat netting.
She was so Goth.

Once she went outside, CinderHella looked around and realized she had no way to the Ball. The stepbitches had taken the only means for transportation for themselves.
The Fairy GothMother told her not to worry. It was then that CinderHella saw her emasculated father coming up from the garden. But before he could cast his eyes upon his beautiful Princess Of Darkness daughter, he was suddenly turned into a huge round glossy black-lacquered carriage. It was stunning. It was heavily trimmed with golden fixtures and lanterns and the crystal glass windows were beautifully etched with scenes of castles in wintertime.
It was so Goth.

Just then, right on cue, those five yapping Apricot Miniature Poodles rounded the corner and began barking their fool heads off.
With a wave of the Fairy GothMother's hand, the Poodles were turned into five huge black Clydesdale horses that were hitched to the carriage. They were majestic in size and their long mane and also the hair down near their feet were as shiny as black corn silk.
They snorted and stomped their feet as though they were just as eager to go to the Ball as CinderHella.
They were so Goth.

The finishing touches were made by creating a driver for the carriage. The Fairy GothMother spied a black cat on the steps of the house and turned him into a carrige driver. She didn't even change his shape or change him into a human. She merely made him into a huge black cat with orange eyes wearing a fancy French-inspired costume.
Yep, totally Goth... in theory.

At long last CinderHella was on her way. The ride was scenic and relaxing as the last glimmer of daylight slipped behind the hills. The carriage drew closer to the tall Granite stone castle.
The massive castle reached up to the clouds to the point of partially disappearing, and it was quite ominous. There were huge Gargoyles and battlements and statues everywhere.
I don't even have to say it, you KNOW it.

CinderHella knew she had finally arrived when she heard the horse's hooves on the cobblestone path that led up to the castle entrance. As she stepped from the carriage she could see the enormous full moon, and it was the perfect backdrop for the castle. She could see the breath of the snorting horses as it met with the chilled air.
This was her moment.

As she stood at the entrance of the Ball-room, she could hear the collective gasp from the guests. They were all dressed in brightly colored pastel gowns and flowers, and some of the women were holding small dogs with bows tied in the hair on their little heads.
Not Goth.
No one else in the entire room looked anything like CinderHella. She heard the the murmurs among the throngs of perfect 'peach-people'.
At this point it became evident that the Prince Of Darkness had not yet been publicly introduced. He was not seated with his parents in the royal section of the Ballroom. She had arrived with perfect timing.

But, before CinderHella could walk down the elaborate staircase and into the Ballroom itself, the trumpets sounded out and the introduction of the Prince Of Darkness was about to be announced.

And there he was. When CinderHella first laid eyes on him her heart skipped a beat. He hadn't seen her yet, but when CinderHella saw him, he actually looked bored. He yawned and she smiled to herself. He was led to the royal section of the Ballroom to be seated with his parents.
He was tall, VERY dark, and VERY handsome. He was completely dressed in black and he, too, wore an inverted cross around his neck and dark shadow around his eyes.
Handsome Goth.
Just then, the Prince Of Darkness did a double-take and locked eyes with CinderHella. They were a perfect match by anyone's assumptions.

Their eyes stayed locked as they slowly made their way to each other. The stepbitches looked up and saw CinderHella descending the grand staircase. They looked across the room at the Prince Of Darkness and saw that it was HIM that CinderHella was gazing upon.
They were deeply offended by the entire situation.

At last CinderHella was in the arms of the Prince Of Darkness. The music played. They didn't dance. Neither one of them needed to look at another soul in the room. They found what they were looking for.
They both yawned a lot , pointed, and whispered various things about the 'peach-people' into each other's ears and giggled.

CinderHella noticed the time on the clock and knew they needed to leave or she'd turn into a 'peach-person' at the stroke of midnight. The Prince and Princess Of Darkness left the fancy Ball together, leaving behind all the Gothless people.

There was no need to do the 'leaving behind of the Mary Jane shoe' scene. There was no need to do a search throughout the land for the rightful owner of said shoe and get the ugly stepbitches involved. There was no reason for them to ever be apart again.
Sometimes you just know when things are right.

And, just as with all fairy tales, the Goth Prince And Princess Of Darkness lived their life of happiness by their OWN standards..... by being dark, sullen, withdrawn from mainstream society, and staying up late at night and sleeping most of the day. They wrote dark stories and poetry together and played musical instruments all night.
They also inherited the huge Granite stone castle, had tons of money, and the ugly stepbitches lived their life as spinsters with their pretty widow mother.
The brightness of all the sun streaming into their small home made the stepbitches old before their time. Their skin dried and they wrinkled prematurely.

The 'neutered-one' apologized to his daughter for letting his new family treat her so badly. She forgave him and moved him to a small cottage in the castle garden and he lived out his days where he was the happiest.... among the slugs and toads.
Back in those days Depo Testosterone and Thyroid medication hadn't been invented yet, so garden-therapy was the only way to treat people with low-motivation.

All's Hell that ends well.

Copyright December 18, 2003 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


Special thanks to Ravenhawk, to Mal, Connie, Mazy Jo, and an extra special thanks to Heidi for a little 'inspiration'.

Another super special thanks to eBay seller imosh for the pentagram charm and the inverted cross pendant and black chain and the chain on the invitation card.


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