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Primitive Christmas White Lamb Shelf Sitter doll!

Wow, look at this sweet, sweet Christmas Lamb.
She is a white lamb shelf sitter made for the holidays and she can't wait to show up at your house to help you celebrate this year.
And she will arrive with a surprise treat bag. Those of you who have done business with me KNOWS how I go all out for my customers. And my holiday treat bags for this Christmas is the best I've ever done.
I thought about taking a picture of the treat bag, but there are a LOT of copyCATTS out there and I don't want them to turn around and copy what I give to my customers. I have spent weeks shopping for little trinkets and special surprises. I don't want to make it easy for the copyCATTS to copy me.
So, trust me, you won't be disappointed with your extra gift.

This pretty Christmas girl measures about 9 inches tall. She's made of faux 'sheep skin', stained muslin, and dressed in holiday ribbons.
She wears a triple set of holiday ribbons around her neck, and a big red bell.

And look what this sweet lamb sits on....a pair of 'aged' wooden spools. She also has a piece of twine and another 'aged' wooden spool.

She also has a little red ribbon tied around her cute puffy tail.

Wouldn't she look great on your holiday table? Or how about your mantle over your fireplace...or perhaps in a little doll or child's chair or a small wicker basket.
She might even make a delightful gift for someone you know who loves lambs. They'll be able to take her out every Christmas and they'll think of you.
The gift that keeps on giving!

This little lamb's tag is made of rusted metal.


Copyright November 5, 2007 Catt Alexander


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