The Catt Box

Cecil's Foot Fetish!


Cecil loves feet. He really does...and I mean anyone's feet.


The nightly ritual was predictable. My ex-husband comes in from work. He takes his work shoes off (which are HUGE and look like two canoes) and comes into the computer room with me to watch some TV and talk.
Les props his feet upon a box that sits in front of the glass door. Cecil is usually sitting on that box at this time, having been chased from Les' chair.
He's not happy.
He now has the look.
Cecil prepares himself for the attack.

He stands up and makes a careful study of the chosen foot. His first bite must be in a position that affords him other bites.....bites that will land him in the more 'fleshy' zones of the evil foot.

The hunting dance continues for another few moments until he finally makes his move.
It is swift.
Before Les can properly scream out in pain and anguish, Cecil will grasp his 'prey' and works his death-grip, unrelenting in his attack.

His teeth will slide around until he senses the parts of the foot that will result in the loudest scream, thus reaffirming his success.


At last he finds the sweet spot.....the 'tenders', as we like to call them....the part of the foot that finally forces Les to carefully pry the feline beast from his aching flesh.

You wouldn't believe how long this game continues on into the evening.
Sometimes Cecil will wait around dark corners, lying in wait for Les to innocently enter the room. That's when he usually 'gets it' in the calves.

(shaking my head)


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