The Catt Box

Cecil Sees Satan!

One day I was dusting around in the living room. Cecil was up on top of the TV.....something caught my eye and made me look in that direction...I don't know...maybe it was the burning feeling my body had from being stared I looked.


Oh, yeah....there he was.
Cecil was on the TV staring at me....he had the know the one.....
"Hey, see where I am? Can you believe it? I want you to yell at me....go ahead 'make me leave'....say something to me!"

At this moment, the game is ON.

Cecil knows which furniture items are 'forbidden'. He loves the game he plays......the game of wanting me to see where he is. He wants me to yell at him. Cecil will freeze in one position and he'll stare at me.


And as Cecil stares deep into my eyes, he will suddenly dart his eyes just past me....and his eyes will widen.
He seems surprised, shocked.....and it's as though he's saying, "Oh, my GOD!....look!, Satan has just appeared right behind you! Turn around and look, no really!....he's there....turn around and look."

He doesn't move a muscle. He just stares right past me.
I don't want to look behind me. I KNOW nothing is there.......but he's persistent. He's so convincing.
Maybe Satan IS standing behind me.
What if Cecil is psychic or something?....what if cats are able to see and sense things that we CAN'T?.........what if it's a warning?
What if I'm in some sort of demonic danger and this is my only chance to save myself?....

So, against my better judgment, I turn around and give a quick look.
I KNEW it.
I KNEW Satan wasn't standing there behind me. Cecil is such a liar!

Just then, I'll turn back around and Cecil will be staring straight at me.........his eyes will be dimmed, and he'll have that smirk on his face.....and I know what he's thinking.......he's thinking, "You're an idiot. I made you look. I totally won."


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