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Bad News...

I have some sad news to share. On February 14, 2009 I had to have my favorite cat Cecil put to sleep. This is so devastating to me and my boyfriend Tom. 

Cecil was the BEST cat I ever had. 

And he was with me every day and night for 11 years. And when you spend THAT much time with a pet, you get very close. He was so strange, so comical, so ornery, so entertaining.

The mornings are so hard because he always shared my tea and buttered toast for breakfast.

I will always miss Cecil...he was THE best cat I could ever hope for.

And here's Catt Nips!

I used to have little tidbits and adventures about my cats on most of my auctions on eBay. I compiled them all into one section so I could share them with everyone. If you like cats, you'll enjoy Catt Nips!. 

My dearest friend Whisper made this graphic and even put Cecil on the carpet, which is where he would LOVE to be. She also put a picture of me over the fireplace mantle. 

Thank you so much, Whisper!


My ex-husband Les and I got this crazy cat on July 22, 1998, back when we were married, of course. Cecil was eight weeks old. We noticed , right away, that he had a huge muzzle. He never grew into it. Cecil is the most animated cat we've ever had. He keeps our lives very interesting...and that's why he deserves his own page.


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   ~Cecil Stuff ~ 


You would think that after all this time Cecil would know that fire is hot. Well, he doesn't. We burned a woodstove in the winter. While we are starting a fire or building one up, he wants to smell the flame. He burns his whiskers off all the time.

Cecil eats things that most cats do not...cashew nuts, soap, bananas, pickled eggs, lettuce, caramel candy, cotton candy, cottage cheese and pineapples, bees, pistachio nuts, raw potatoes, all spiders and bugs, marshmallow peeps, onions, green peppers, Chinese food (mushrooms, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, etc.), hair from the bathtub drain, glue, straw brooms, dried flowers, (we can't have anything) Listerine, toothpaste, black olives, Pop Rocks candy (you wouldn't believe the enthusiasm), dryer sheets, corn on the cob...drags them all over the house, grits, cucumbers, and just about anything we eat...he's a trash cat. And I'm not talking about tasting and trying food, no...I'm talking about a steady in-take of this stuff, too many to even list on this page.

And something else about this crazy cat of mine....he has to sleep in the basement at night. We put him up just before bedtime and put the hard plastic door down on his pet door. We have to. We would never get any sleep if we didn't. I have all hard wood floors, I don't like carpet...and Cecil will take things, like pine cones and whatever else he finds, and put them in the bedroom under the bed to bat them around. Do you have any idea what that sounds like at 2:00 in the morning? 


He also chooses the middle of the night to hang upside down from the mattress and pull his body along the length of it...sticking his claws in and out of the fabric.....and it's loud. He also chooses this time to explore my dressers and other furniture...tinkling the bottles and knocking the candles off everywhere. And it's not enough to yell at him to get down...oh, no...he will make you get up out of the bed and get within inches of him before leaping away, trilling and running. Why isn't he back there in the bedroom now? He could be exploring and finding out what in all I have in there...but no, it's more fun at night. So, we have to keep him in the basement at nights. And such is life with Cecil. But I love him to death!

When he was about two years old we were able to let Cecil sleep up in the house with us. He had to calm down and get a little older before we could trust that he'd sleep at least MOST of the night. 

July 10, 2001....this year I decided to have a little garden on my deck. Cecil loves to eat the herbs. Why am I not surprised? He loves Dill, Basil, Chives, and Parsley. Whata cat, huh?


More pictures and Cecil's awards ...