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At the dark end of Old Furnace Road dwells a very mysterious old woman.......the Crow Crone. Stories about her have circulated through the town for as long as I can remember.
And you don't even have to be around her in order to implore her to use her powers. If you have ever wanted someone to eat Crow, you can be sure that Caylee Atwood knows it, and she'll arrange it for you.

Trust me, I can think of ONE person right NOW that I'd LOVE to see eating Crow!

Her house is merely a gigantic old hollow tree, but then again, she's a woman of very few material needs. She draws all her needs from nature.

Her 'house' is surrounded by birds, mostly Crows, Ravens, Black Birds, and Owls. It is said that a few of those birds are her 'familiars'. And it just seems to put a whole new meaning to the phrase 'a murder of Crows' when you see a gathering of Crows in any one place.

Legend has it that on every Friday the 13th, just like the one we'll be having on May 13th, 2005, Caylee Atwood will settle a score with all those who need to eat some Crow.

It is not by accident that her name has significant meaning. The name Caylee is Gaelic for 'From The Forest'.
And the name Atwood is English, meaning 'Lives In The Forest'.


Caylee Atwood takes note of all of those people who should have a dose of retribution. Then, at the very stroke of midnight, under the Grimalkin's Moon, while humming the song Circle Of Hands by Uriah Heep, she'll take her broom, unwrap the black Raffia, she'll loosen the binds, and sweep a clean circle onto the ground.
This is the beginning of her night-long ritual.

She'll take her long, slender fingers and gather some of the corn from a nearby container and spread some of it on the swept ground.
She invites the Crows to come feed on the corn. When she snaps her fingers, the Crows will stop coming into the swept circle. It is then that she counts the Crows.
The number of Crows that are in the swept circle at that time, is the number of people that will be dealt with in that hour.
At the end of that hour, she begins the ritual again.

Last year I wanted to see her for myself. I walked into the forest and kept walking until I found the infamous giant hollowed-out tree. I waited in the bushes until I saw her.


There stood Caylee Atwood.
She was about 32 inches tall, from her hat to the base of her wooden stand. She was completely dressed in black, just as I had been told, except for her black and gray cheesecloth wraps.
She was also bare-foot.
I had heard that she can tell by the feel of the earth beneath her feet if she is in the right spot for her rituals.
This is why she never wears shoes. The earth 'speaks' to her.

She was also wearing an aged black pointed hat with a wide floppy brim that seemed to hide her face in it's shadow.

She also had Pentagram with a blue glass orb on her chest. It was given to her by her sister, Brenna Remshaw. The never-ending circle of the glass orb denotes the never ending power of the sisters.


I watched Caylee Atwood build a fire, and it was only then that I could see a few more details. She had long graying wool hair. It was a reminder of when she was younger and more beautiful.
And from just beneath the brim of her hat I could barely see her face. It was hideous

She had deep yellow eyes. But I couldn't see her eyes real well, as her eyelids were half covering them. And she had bushy eyebrows, too.
She had a very pointy, long nose and a pointy chin....and in-between them was her potpourri flower mouth........I do believe she was toothless! She had no lips to speak of, either....just thin ridges.

I also couldn't help but notice the black moles on her face. They were very large. And her deep wrinkles........oh, my......
Let's put it this way, wrinkle cream wouldn't do her any good......she'd need Crack-Filler.

I quickly stopped looking at her scary face and my eyes focused lower towards the end of her black dress. The first thing that caught my eye was her Book Of Shadows.
It was hand-made of leather and the pages were aged.
And hanging from her Book Of Shadows were two real bone skulls.

The next thing I noticed was a brown hand-made leather bag. I saw Caylee take out a real Crystal stone and kiss it gently. She returned the Crystal to it's bag.

Sitting on Caylee's left shoulder was a small black Owl. He had huge yellow eyes.
Caylee Atwood sends the Owl to different places as a spy to see what's going on. He's one of her familiars.
I made sure I was well hidden so he couldn't see me.

I watched Caylee Atwood as she swept her circle and lured her Crows to it's center. I watched her as she took her broom, with her left hand, and started etching strange symbols into the swept earth.
Just then a small black Crow landed on the broom.

I also noticed, tucked into the folds of her dress, a beautiful jeweled knife. She probably uses her knife for rituals and perhaps to clip the wings of a few of her familiars.


When the rituals were finally finished, I observed Caylee sitting down and presenting a small Tea Chest. She was going to enjoy some wonderful Blueberry Tea.

I watched her open the 5 1/4 inch X 4 inch tall Tea Chest. Inside the chest was a small wooden box of loose Blueberry Tea, a bag containing more of the same kind of tea, and a small mesh tea ball.
The candle is not included.

Just then I saw a huge beautiful Crow land on Caylee Atwood's right hand. It looked right at me. I was so scared that I would be seen that I just took off running.... and I never looked back. And as I was running, I could hear Caylee Atwood's laughter echo through the forest.
I could have sworn I heard the flapping of a Crow's wings behind me, too, but I'll never know for sure. I was too frightened to turn around and look.

I don't have to tell you that I now look at Crows completely different. My punishment, I suppose, is to live with this suspense, and to constantly count Crows when I see them.......afraid of what I'd read into the number of Crows in my front yard....afraid that Caylee Atwood would get revenge on me for spying on her.


I was able to see for myself what Caylee Atwood does on a Friday 13th.....and it's very scary and mysterious.
However, she does live by the Wiccan Rede and I know she wouldn't deliberately cause evil or harm to anyone.
After the rituals on that special night, all those people who deserve to eat Crow, will do some point during the year.
Caylee Atwood sees everything and will remember it all on that one night.

So, if you look outside your window and see two black Crows in your yard, you can be sure that Caylee Atwood is one of the Crows...... and you might be eating the other one!

Copyright July 27, 2003 and November 12, 2004 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


A super special thanks to eBay seller imosh for the Pentagram pendant.



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