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'Catt's Wish List'


Welcome to this strand of my website. This is a list of some of the things that I REALLY want. I will be adding to this list....these things take time to think about. 


   I really want to see O.J. get what's coming to him. You know he did it. 

As we all know, O.J. is in jail, probably for the rest of his life. I'm thrilled. At least his smug ass is off the streets, off the golf courses, and he didn't get away with THIS crime. 

You know what else I like about this? The black community didn't rally around him. There were no riots, no protests. I guess they finally woke up and had to admit that he DID kill Nicole and Ron, and that he really IS a bad, evil person. 


B31.JPG (10655 bytes) Les122.jpg (6983 bytes) 

  I would LOVE to have a Hammond B-3 organ with a Leslie speaker.....please, please, please......I used to have one of these years ago, but I had to sell it when we moved here. I knew I wasn't going to be in another band and didn't think I'd want to have it around.....BIG I want another one....very desperately. I miss playing it. 

I got one...I got one!! On Thursday, November 23, 2000, I bought a Hammond organ from eBay

On Saturday, November 25th, my now 'ex-husband' and I drove to Flint, Michigan and picked it up ourselves in a rented U-Haul. 

 Here are the pictures of the actual organ I bought. They were taken at the previous owner's house. And it's even bigger and better than the one I originally wanted. I am thrilled with this wish coming true!!

my_hammond.jpg (13527 bytes) catts_organ4.jpg (6410 bytes) catts_organ3.jpg (13059 bytes) 


   I would love to meet Whisper in person... one day...have coffee and gossip. 

  I finally got to whisper_and_the_catt_.jpg (15777 bytes) meet Whisper on August 25th, 2001...what a thrill that was. We had been internet buddies for almost two years and we finally got to meet! We had a wonderful time together and want to meet again as soon as we can!


  stevie1997.jpg (17845 bytes) I would love to work for Stevie Nicks as a seamstress and designer. And, just for fun, once in a while, I'd love to sing with her and talk. But I really would love to make clothes for her. I design clothes a lot like she wears. And if I can't do any of that, I'd love to at least meet her. I think she'd be a wonderful friend to have.


   I want to pet a tiger.

  I did it, I did it! While on vacation in September 2000 on Our Big Adventure my ex-husband and I went to catt_and_tiger_1.jpg (24259 bytes)a truck stop that had a road side Bengal tiger cubs. And I paid a $10 donation and was allowed to get into the pen with it and play with it while they took my picture.

 Les took pictures, too. I had the greatest time. It bit me on the butt...something I was not expecting...and it didn't hurt at all. Of course, this was a baby. I will always treasure this moment. 


   I want the dogs in my neighborhood to stop barking. I want the owners of the barking dogs to be tied to the dog houses and neglected. The first thing that the people do, when they move into their new trailer / pre-fab home, is get a dog and chain it up in the back yard, neglect it, and then it never shuts up. I've had enough of the 'Blab-a-dors' and the folks who own them.

    All the noisy, annoying dogs are gone from the neighborhood. I can open my windows now and enjoy the peace and quiet. I can enjoy my deck again. 


  I want to go on another cruise, and this time, not take anyone with Tom and I.


My ex-husband and I have been on two cruises and both times we took friends and family. I just want to go, relax, and not worry about anyone else.


  I would absolutely love to have a Chenille bathrobe, any color, with a 'peacock' on the back of it. I know, I know....they're tacky, but I have wanted one for so long. I remember seeing them all the time when I was little and growing up in Maryland, and now I can't find one. But it has to be a peacock on the back. And I am REALLY  begging for this......if anyone knows where I can get one...please let me know...

I got one, I got one!!!!  

My good friend Chris in Massachusetts sent me a beautiful red Chenille Peacock bathrobe in March 2003 for my anniversary. I was sooooo thrilled! It's perfect and I couldn't ask for more. Thank you, all I need is the 20 cats and I'm all set.


  I want to one day have my own home again. I lost my house in the divorce and I really miss having walls that I can call my own. I had my home for 15 years. So, going back to 'renting' again was not fun.


  I want to go back to New England one day to visit. Of course, I'd love nothing better than to LIVE there, but right now it's way too expensive to think about moving up there. But I want to go back. I have several friends up there that I want to meet and see again.


   For starters, I'd like to know that Osama Bin Laden has been destroyed. I'd also like to see Saddam gone, too.

Things are coming along in this area. At least Saddam's sons are gone and Saddam himself is now dead and buried.

I want to go to Paris, France again before I die. I was there in the spring of 1972 and I have always wanted to go back. I also wanted to go there with someone I'm in love with. I can't think of anything more romantic.

When I found myself single again after 20 years of marriage I swore that THIS time I'd meet someone who would take me. This was almost five years ago.

Every man I met and talked to on the phone promised to take me. This is now February 2011 and no one has taken me to Paris, France. 


   I really would love to meet my girlfriend from South Africa.....Susan Venter. I really treasure our friendship and hope we get to meet one day. If I ever come into some good money, I'll fly her over and show her my country.


  I would really love to make the following things...eventually....

Every year I used make a sewing project to enter into the Piedmont Interstate Fair....and I think I have finally decided what next year's entry will's a 27 inch tall Victorian doll. It is a very detailed doll, .which I love, and I have already begun work on it....cutting it out. I'll provide up-dates on this project, maybe even raising a page on it....we'll see. Anyway, here are the pattern envelopes of what I need to make...the doll and the clothing.

material_girl.jpg (26378 bytes) walking_suit.jpg (38581 bytes) 

I am very excited about making this doll, been wanting to do it for years. It's going to take a lot of time...tons of details go into this thing...and you wouldn't believe how much the patterns cost! But it'll be worth it.

Let's drool together on this one.....

These are my dream projects...and I might leave them on this page for inspiration....they will be expensive to make, but one day I will do it.... I will make these 'Scarlet O'Hara' dresses. However, I won't be able to wear them, I decided to make a cloth doll...a huge doll that is 5' 4" tall and wears a size 6 dress. When I make the doll, I will make one of these dresses in a size 6 to fit it and keep it on display. 

Then, I will make a huge glass showcase for it to be displayed in. Of course, it goes without saying that I will enter this project in the day, one day, indeed.


burgundy_dress.jpg (17784 bytes) green_velveteen_dress.jpg (24924 bytes) woven_woman.jpg (44161 bytes) alter_years_book.jpg (25771 bytes)

For these and other patterns go to