The Catt Box

'California Bound!'


We woke up early and headed out for California. It was a beautiful day, as all our days had been...except for our trip through Arkan-hell....the sun was beating down on us pretty hot....we touched our windshield and couldn't believe how hot it was...but, in the shade, it was wonderful. I never broke a sweat. 

We stopped for lunch in the Mojave, you may find this hard to believe, but the best breeze through the windows of our camper at lunch time were right in the Mojave Desert....who knew? Would you have believed that? It was wonderful. We loved our lunch times....pulling off into truck rest areas and going into the back of the camper....sitting at the table and eating turkey sandwiches....listening to the traffic....feeling the winds....relaxing. And on the road like that, we didn't get to turn on the air conditioner...but we never needed it. We only ran it until the evenings when we were settling in. We are soooo spoiled. 

At around 1:00 in the afternoon, while in route, we had to stop at a California Inspection Station....they wanted us to declare our fruits and vegetables...why? While parked and waiting for the woman to ask us the 'question'...we saw a couple hand over their apples....all four of them. Oh, yeah, California is not to be messed with....they will bust you in a minute for trying to take apples into the state. What criminals they are! smugglers! 

Yeah....they are really cracking down on the on-going problem California has with people bringing their own apples into the state. We felt quite superior, having only potatoes, tomatoes, and lettuce with us. We did not declare our fruits and vegetables. I don't know what got into us...felt a little rebellious and laughed of our deception all the way into California. Every time we saw a cop we'd think we were being caught. We made up scenarios of our 'impending arrest' and how we would explain to the folks back home.....we were on the lam....fugitives....harboring fruits and vegetables.....the nerve...You know, it's folks like us who ruin it for everyone else.

You know the lonely stretch of road you always hear about and see on TV on the way to California? They always show the 'last gas' service station and a long, barren stretch of road...seemingly in the middle of no where...for hours and hours you are to see nothing but desert....

Never experienced that. 

We were never alone on any given road. We did see endless stretches of road ahead of us.....but we did not see any 'last gas' stations....we did see some areas that had no in upper Texas and New Mexico...but we never saw the proverbial stuff we had anticipated. I had gone through the drill with Les...."If you see gas stations, top the tank off....I do not want to be stranded in the desert."....but, it was never the case. Just goes to show how far things progressed since the 'Route 66' days. Oh, and we were on and off that road many times. 

We did experience more bad head winds, but we were in no hurry, so, we weren't too upset about it. Here are some pictures of California that we took. The desert was very interesting. 

california_1.jpg (17184 bytes) california_2.jpg (19260 bytes) california_3.jpg (13991 bytes) 

california_4.jpg (16781 bytes) california_5.jpg (14752 bytes) california_6.jpg (14137 bytes) 

Yes, we are aware of the reflections of the windshield, but this is how we saw the desert. The red thing in the picture on the right is a sign...the wind was vicious. We were about 60 miles from Los Angeles and we were not sure what all the 'white stuff' was on the mountains....was it fog, smog, dust?.....So, when Les stopped at the KOA to park the camper he asked....and they laughed at him. They told us that it was just low-level clouds...that's all. Boy, did we feel stupid. Well, we didn't know. Neither one of us has ever been this far across the country and we don't know how things are here.

After parking the camper we headed for Hollywood, California. The low level clouds made it nearly impossible to get a good picture of a lot of the things we saw, but we did the best we could. The sun was setting fast and we had so much we wanted to do. But the first thing on our list was to see Hollywood!

hollywood_sign_-_postcard.jpg (33788 bytes) manns_chinese_theatre_postcard.jpg (27389 bytes) manns_chinese_theatre_postcard_2.jpg (41964 bytes) 

These three pictures are postcards.


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