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Primitive Doll Halloween Bony Ballerina!

Introducing: The Bony Ballerina.

This Bony Ballerina is about 16 inches tall, give or take.

And, it goes without saying, but I feel I must....these dolls are expensive to make. Plus, remember, I'm paying for the Priority shipping FREE! So, by the time I buy everything I need to make these dolls, pay for the listing fees, Final Value Fees, PayPal fees, and get her shipped, that doesn't leave me with much at all.

You may ask yourself why this Ballerina is so skinny...bone thin, to tell you the truth. Just look at the limbs on this poor girl.
Well, we can blame it on George Balanchine.

The mental image we all have of a ballerina — hair in a bun, legs as long as a Russian surname, bone thin, toes pointed awkwardly out: George Balanchine invented it.

Before George Balanchine, ballerinas were compact little wind-up toys, trained to spin like tops and hop like springs. They were praised for their charm and dainty proportions.

But Balanchine preferred them streamlined, like long-legged insects with superhuman strength and speed. He bred them that way at his school, demanding extreme turn-out and extension (legs lifted as high as possible), knifelike pointe work and everything fast, faster, fastest.

When choreographer George Balanchine of the New York City Ballet growled at his dancers, "I want to see bone", he was aiming for the highest artistic standards.
Choreographers and audiences expect Ballerinas to be long limbed and almost impossibly slight.
But for years, graceful movements and serene smiles have masked pain and injury to dancers' bodies.

And that brings us to OUR little Bony Ballerina....bless her little heart.
You can say she took Balanchine's desires just a little too far.

Bony Ballerina and her other Bony Ballerina Sisters usually subsist on non-fat yogurt, bread crusts, and licking candy bar wrappers in order to stay 'bone thin'.

Bony Ballerina wears a satin suit, complete with bloomers, and a full two-layered Tulle skirting. Her clothing has been 'aged' and dried in the South Carolina sun, as were her dainty pink Ballerina slippers.

And her lovely slippers have been carefully wound and tied near her knee joints.

And, at her waist she has a length of ribbon that has been tied in a bow and then topped with some delicate vintage flowers.

And at the top of Bony Ballerina's shirt is a hand-fashioned paper collar that matches her costume perfectly.
Perfection is what it's all about in the world of a dancer.

And let's not leave out the perfection of this dancer's hair. She even wears an 'aged' flower on the top of her bony head.

And here she is sitting down. .

Wouldn't you love for this Bony Ballerina to make a Grand Jeté into your heart and home?
Remember, Christmas is coming up FAST....Bony Ballerina would be a great gift to give to a dancer, or anyone who likes strange stuff.

For the love of God and all that's holy, give this poor girl a sandwich!

Copyright © September 22, 2008 Catt Alexander



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