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Primitive Folk Art Gothic Skeletal Bony Kitty!

The other dolls and scary cat, skull, and dead Elvis are not included in the auction. They are only props.

I have GOT to tell you about yesterday. It all started like this....I finished making the last two Bony Kitty dolls for the Halloween season.
Fine, no problem.

I finished making the little black and orange paper collar, secured it with black and orange Raffia, and tied two little orange jingle bells in place.

Then I sat the 17 inch Bony Kitty into a nice wicker chair that I had spray-painted black.
The chair is 9 X 6 inches.
Everything looked great....even her Pumpkin theme dress.

And that's when it became abundantly clear that there was.....

There they were....several of my other Ugly Babies were gathered together and giving Bony Kitty The Stink Eye!

Poor little Bony Kitty. Here she was, being all sweet and smiling big for Halloween, because it's her favorite time of year, and out of no where the Ugly Clique horned in on her picture-taking and tried to ruin everything.
The nerve!

Franken Blade got right into the face of Bony Kitty and started making fun of her because she had no blood on her anywhere. She was saying things like... "How the hell can you be a Catt's Ugly Baby with NO BLOOD?"
Franken Blade continued to say, "I mean, what kind of bloodless freak ARE you?"
Bony Kitty merely kept smiling.

Just then, Angry Cat joined the fray and made sport of how un-cat-like Bony Kitty really was.
Angry Cat said, "Just look at her....The Catt's Ugly Babies don't smile. Why are you smiling?

Just then, the Dead Bride chimed in and said that SHE was THE skeletal doll of all the dolls....that she was made first.

Even Dead Elvis joined in on the taunting. He kept singing his Hound Dog song, KNOWING it would upset Bony Kitty.....being a cat an' all.

I'm telling you, it got UGLY.....excuse the pun.

So, as much as I would like to keep this Bony Kitty for myself, you can see that it'll be impossible. She needs a good home where her smile will be appreciated. After all, we're all too bitter and pinched up to appreciate such things....
I'm just saying....

Copyright August 31, 2007 Catt Alexander

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